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Link is the primary protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series. His most iconic and commonly worn outfit is a simple green tunic and cap, although there are some exceptions — many games include blue and red outfits which represent upgrades in some form; and the signature outfit of Breath of the Wild Link is the light blue Champion's Tunic.

Link is canonically left-handed in all games except for Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild. He is often depicted as the embodiment of nobility. He possesses the essence of the goddess Farore, the Triforce of Courage in every game except for The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link.


The Legend of Zelda


Link is the hero and primary protagonist of The Legend of Zelda. When Impa, Zelda's nursemaid, tells him that Princess Zelda has been captured by Ganon and that she had split the Triforce of Wisdom into eight pieces before her capture, he embarks on a quest to rescue Zelda and defeat Ganon. Throughout his quest, he has to collect Heart Containers and find new items to complete his quest. At the end, he puts together the Triforce of Wisdom, slays Ganon, collects the Triforce of Power, and saves Zelda and Hyrule.

The Adventure of Link


Link is the hero and primary protagonist of The Adventure of Link and starts off his adventure in North Castle, in front of the sleeping Zelda from the past. An older Princess Zelda would not tell her brother, the Prince, the location of the Triforce. The Prince hired a Magician to interrogate her, but after being unsuccessful, he put Zelda into a deep sleep. The Magician died shortly after. Unable to wake her, the Prince put her in a tower. Impa, the Princess's nursemaid, informs an older Link that the only way to wake this Princess is to recover the Triforce of Courage. Ganon's followers are after Link because they believe mixing his blood with Ganon's remains will resurrect him. Link is able to survive, recover the Triforce of Courage, defeat Dark Link, and awaken the Princess.

A Link to the Past

Link Artwork 1 (A Link to the Past).png

Link is a young boy who lives with his Uncle in Hyrule and is the male protagonist. He finds himself thrust into a quest to save Hyrule after one night when he begins to hear a girl's voice in his head telling him to come to the dungeon of the castle and rescue her. He wakes up to see his Uncle sitting at the table with a sword and shield in his hands. His Uncle tells him to not leave the house and that he will be back in the morning. Once his Uncle leaves, Link disobeys his Uncle's orders and goes to the castle. He finds himself unable to enter the castle due to the guards who prevent him from getting in. He hears the girl's voice again that tells him to follow the flower path that leads to a secret passageway that leads inside the castle walls. He follows the path and finds a hole underneath a bush at the end of it. He falls down the hole and is shocked to find his Uncle wounded from an apparent battle with the guards. He goes to him and his Uncle scolds him for not listening to what he said earlier about staying at home. Nonetheless, he gives Link the Fighter's Sword and Shield that he possesses and tells Link how to use the Spin Attack, a secret technique passed down their people, the Knights of Hyrule. He implores Link to save Princess Zelda and then he falls into unconsciousness. Link leaves his Uncle and enters the Castle. After fighting through many guards and obtaining the Boomerang, Link finally finds Princess Zelda at the lowest level of the castle in the dungeon. He defeats the Ball and Chain Soldier who is guarding the princess and sets her free.

After freeing her from her cell, he takes her back through the castle and they use a secret passageway located in the throne room to reach the Sanctuary. Once Princess Zelda is in the safe hands of the Sage, Link leaves and continues his quest by searching for the wise man named Sahasrahla. After getting directions from Sahasrahla's Grandson, he locates the wise man in a temple located near the Eastern Palace. Once Link obtains the Pendant of Courage from the Eastern Palace, Sahasrahla gives him the Pegasus Boots as a reward for his efforts and tells him to obtain the other two pendants and gain the Master Sword. Link goes on to obtain the two pendants, the Pendant of Wisdom and the Pendant of Power, and ventures into the Lost Woods to find the mythical sword.

Once Link has the sword in hand, he receives a frantic telepathic message from the Loyal Sage and when he arrives to see what is going on, he finds Princess Zelda gone and the Sage wounded. Link discovers that Agahnim is the reason behind these events and sets off for the castle. He goes to the upper portion of the palace that he could not enter before and uses the Master Sword to dispel the barrier that was preventing him from entering. Once inside, Link storms through the dark wizard's hideout, and after many battles, he finally reaches him. Sadly, Link finds him and Princess Zelda too late, for right as he enters, he sees the princess behind sent to the Dark World before him. Link then heads after Agahnim and battles him by turning his own magic against him using the Master Sword. Upon his defeat, Agahnim draws Link into the Dark World, where now the young hero finds himself in a quest to find the Seven Maidens and defeat the person who is truly behind all of the evil events that have been happening, Ganon.

After Link frees all of the maidens from their prisons, they combine their powers together and break the barrier surrounding Ganon's Tower allowing him to enter. After fighting his way through the tower, Link finds Agahnim waiting for him and duels him once more. This time though, Link truly defeats the evil wizard and discovers that the man was actually Ganon's alter ego. A figment of Ganon comes out of the fallen wizard and changes into a bat and flies away to which Link follows to see where it is headed. The bat then crash lands into the top of the Pyramid of Power and creates a gaping hole. Link falls down through the hole and finds himself face to face with Ganon. The two engage in battle and using the Silver Arrows that Link obtained from the Cursed Fairy located inside of the Pyramid, and the Master Sword, Link is finally able to land the final blow to the monster and defeats him. After Ganon's defeat, a door opens behind the battlefield and in the next room, Link finds the Triforce. With some insistence from the Triforce, Link touches it and makes a wish which returns everything back to the way it should be.

Link's Awakening

LA Link Artwork.png

In Link's Awakening, having been on a long voyage in search of enlightenment, Link gets caught out in stormy sea on his ship during his voyage homeward. He eventually washes up on the shores of Koholint Island, where a girl named Marin finds him. She takes him back to Mabe Village, where she lives with her father, Tarin. Link mistakes Marin as Princess Zelda.

After obtaining his Shield from Tarin, Link goes to Toronbo Shores to get his Sword back. An Owl then appears and tells him that he cannot leave the island until he wakes the Wind Fish, and that he should go to the Mysterious Forest. When Link returns to the village, he finds that Tarin has already gone into the woods. He finds him transformed into a raccoon, and Link must use Magic Powder to return him to normal. After that, Link obtains the Tail Key, which allows him to enter the first dungeon, Tail Cave.

Link must defeat the Nightmare of this dungeon and the other seven dungeons and collect the Eight Instruments of the Sirens if he wants to leave the island.

In the Nintendo Switch remake of Link's Awakening, Link appears in a much different fashion, sporting a chibi look unlike anything seen in the Zelda series.

Ocarina of Time



Link is a child of destiny born during the Hyrulean Civil War. Though he is actually Hylian, he was left with the Great Deku Tree as an infant by his mortally wounded mother and thus was raised as a Kokiri in the forest. He is often picked on by the other Kokiri kids for not having a fairy companion like every other Kokiri. Mido in particular ridiculed Link often, partly also due to jealousy over Link's close friendship with Saria. He is a very courageous and noble individual who is always willing to take up a difficult challenge to help those dear to him.

At the beginning of the game, when he is nine years old[1], Link is having a nightmare. In it, the sky is pitch-black & stormy, a bridge is lowered across a moat, a woman and a young girl on a white horse ride by, and a sinister-looking man with dark skin and red hair rides on a black, armored horse appears right behind Link when he looks back. When the Great Deku Tree, the guardian of the Kokiri, is cursed by Ganondorf for not handing over the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, he sends Navi the fairy to become Link's fairy companion. After obtaining a sword and shield, Navi takes Link over to see the Great Deku Tree, who explains to Link about the curse and asks Link to break it. Link travels inside the Great Deku Tree and defeats the monster Gohma, who was sent there by Ganondorf, thus breaking the curse. However, the Great Deku Tree was going to die either way, so with his final breath, he tells Link the creation story of Hyrule and the Triforce. He gives Link the Kokiri's Emerald, the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, and sends Link out to Hyrule Field to speak with Princess Zelda. Before Link leaves the forest, he is given the Fairy Ocarina by Saria, which allows him to play the various magical songs that are key to gameplay.

Link journeys to Hyrule Castle and finds Princess Zelda, who explains Ganondorf's evil plan to obtain the Triforce and take over Hyrule. She tells Link that he must go find the other two Spiritual Stones before Ganondorf can get a hold of them. Link first travels to Goron City atop Death Mountain, where he obtains the Goron's Ruby after gaining the Goron people's trust by clearing the monsters Ganondorf unleashed in Dodongo's Cavern. He then travels to Zora's Domain, where he obtains the Zora's Sapphire after rescuing Princess Ruto from the parasites that Ganondorf cursed the deity Lord Jabu-Jabu with.

With all three Spiritual Stones in hand, Link travels back to Hyrule Castle Town, only to have his haunting dreams come to pass. Princess Zelda and her aide Impa dash by on a white horse, but Zelda manages to throw the Ocarina of Time into the moat during her escape. Ganondorf appears right behind Link and asks which way they went. Link refuses to tell, drawing his sword and shield, to which Ganondorf simply blasts him with a ball of energy. Ganondorf then proclaims that he will soon rule the world and rides off. Link finds the Ocarina of Time in the moat, and upon finding it receives a vision from Zelda, teaching him the Song of Time, the final key to opening the Door of Time. With the three stones and now the Ocarina of Time, Link is able to open the Door of Time in the Temple of Time and access the Master Sword's chamber. When he pulls the sword out, however, he is frozen in time by the Master Sword, as it did not recognize a child as young as him to be the Hero of Time.



After being frozen in time and allowed to age for seven years, Link has finally become old enough to hold the title Hero of Time. He is awakened by Rauru, the Sage of Light, in the Chamber of Sages, who explains that when Link opened the Door of Time, Ganondorf was able to enter the Sacred Realm and take the Triforce of Power, since his unbalance heart prevented him from claiming the full Triforce. During Link's seven-year slumber Ganondorf used his newfound power to take over Hyrule. Rauru tells Link that he must awaken the other five sages in order to defeat the King of Evil.

Link travels through Hyrule once more to awaken the Sages. He first travels to Kokiri Forest, now infested with monsters, to defeat the evil in the Forest Temple and awaken Saria as the Sage of Forest. He then travels to Death Mountain, where the Gorons have been trapped by the dragon Volvagia, to slay the dragon in the Fire Temple and awaken Darunia as the Sage of Fire. Afterwards, Link travels to Lake Hylia, which has been drained of water, to remove the curse on the Water Temple and awaken Ruto as the Sage of Water. He then must journey to Kakariko Village and defeat the evil spirit hiding in the Shadow Temple to waken Impa as the Sage of Shadow. His last stop is Gerudo Valley, where he must free Nabooru from the evil magic of Twinrova in the Spirit Temple and awaken Nabooru as the Sage of Spirit.

With the Sages awakened, Link returns to the Temple of Time to find Princess Zelda waiting for him. She explains that he holds the Triforce of Courage and gives him the Light Arrows before being captured by Ganondorf. Link enters Ganon's Castle to save her and to face Ganondorf, first in his Gerudo form, then in his beastly Ganon form after the castle collapses. With Ganondorf defeated and sealed away, Link is sent back to his own time to relive the childhood that he missed during his seven-year slumber. After being sent back, he found he was in a time before he had ever touched the Master Sword, and went to tell the young Princess Zelda what had gone wrong to avoid it happening again.

Majora's Mask


Link is the hero and primary protagonist of Majora's Mask and starts off looking for who is inferred to be Navi in the Lost Woods. A Skull Kid wearing a mysterious mask and his fairies Tatl and Tael scare Epona and Link is knocked off, unconscious. Skull Kid steals Epona and the Ocarina of Time from Link and rides into the woods. Link follows, and learns Epona has run off, but Skull Kid still has the Ocarina of Time. The Skull Kid turns Link into a Deku Scrub and leaves him and, accidentally, Tatl, behind. Deku Link and Tatl go on to follow them into a clock tower. They meet the Happy Mask Salesman, who tells them that if they can get the Ocarina back in 3 days before he has to leave, he can turn Link back into a Hylian, as long as he gets the Skull Kid's mask he stole. Link learns the Skull Kid has caused mischief across the new world he has entered called Termina, and that he is trying to get the Moon to crash into Clock Town and destroy the world at the end of Day 3. Link gets the Ocarina of Time back and uses the Song of Time to transport him and Tatl back to the beginning of Day 1. The Happy Mask Salesman turns Link back to a Hylian, leaving a mask behind that will allow him to turn back to the Deku Scrub whenever he wants. Link now must awaken the 4 Giants in the 4 compass directions to prevent the Moon from falling, and must repeat the same 3 days over and over until he can awaken them. After saving the Deku Princess and removing the poison from the Southern Swamp, bringing Snowpeak to spring, saving the Zora eggs and clearing the fog from Great Bay, and bringing peace to souls in Ikana Canyon. Link stops the Moon from crashing into Termina, but the mask the Skull Kid was wearing, called Majora's Mask and harnessing dark evil powers, takes over the Moon itself. Link lands on the moon through the portal left from Majora's Mask dark powers, and defeats Majora in his Mask, Wrath, and Incarnate forms. Link then leaves to return to Hyrule and continue his search for Navi.

Oracle of Seasons

Link (OoS).png

Link ventures to Hyrule Castle and visits the Triforce in Oracle of Seasons. While there, he is knocked unconscious and falls into the world of Holodrum. He is discovered by a dancer named Din who cares for him until he awakens. He discovers Din with her troupe and talks to everyone, then Din asks him to dance. While dancing, the troupe is attacked by Onox, General of Darkness, who reveals that Din is none other than the Oracle of Seasons and controls the seasons in Holodrum. He causes a tornado that sends the members of the troupe flying and attacks Link while he tries to protect Din. He tries saving her again and ends up blown away and knocked unconscious. Onox imprisons Din and sinks the Temple of Seasons into the land of Subrosia, throwing the seasons into chaos. Impa, the troupe's cook, wakes him up and explains that she is actually the nursemaid of Princess Zelda and Link is a hero with a special fate. She tells him to go see the Maku Tree in Horon Village in order to help save Din. A weakened Maku Tree explains that Link must go find the eight Essences of Nature in order to restore him to his former state. Eventually, Link has to find the Temple of Seasons in Subrosia and obtain the Rod of Seasons which he can use to control the seasons manually in order to save Din. However, he has to visit the spirits of each season to gain their powers. Once equipped with all four seasons and all eight Essences, the Maku Tree gives Link a Maku Seed, which can be used to get rid of the darkness surrounding Onox's castle. Link fights Onox and defeats him, but it is revealed later that Onox and Veran were just pawns to Twinrova, who is trying to revive Ganon. The defeat of Onox lights the Flame of Destruction, and Twinrova kidnaps Zelda to sacrifice her. Link ventures forth into the Room of Rites and fights Twinrova, defeating her. Twinrova then sacrifices herself and Ganon is revived as a mindless beast, and defeated by Link. Afterwards, he returns with Zelda and the game ends with him on a raft heading for an unknown location.

Oracle of Ages

Link (OoA).png

Link is the Legendary Hero and the primary protagonist of Oracle of Ages. After being summoned by the power of the Triforce, he awakens within a mysterious forest. Shortly after, he saves a woman named Impa who is being attacked by a group of Octoroks. The two then journey to meet up with Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. It is revealed that Impa was, at the time, being controlled by the Dark Sorceress Veran, who, after getting passed a block that only Link could move, possess Nayru and gains the power to travel through time. After traveling 400 years in the past, Veran's evil deeds start to alter the present, causing chaos throughout the land. It then becomes the goal of Link to stop Veran and save the land of Labrynna.

Link will have to overcome obstacles in eight different dungeons, as well as meet a whole cast of characters in the past and present as he journeys through time to collect the eight Essences of Time. With the Essences in hand, Link can restore the Maku Tree's memory, gain the power needed to defeat Veran, and live up to his destiny as the Hero of the Essences.

The Wind Waker


Link is the hero and primary protagonist of The Wind Waker and starts his adventure on Outset Island. He is the same age as Link was at the start of Ocarina of Time[citation needed]. Link's sister, Aryll, is kidnapped by the Helmaroc King after it drops Tetra in the island's forest. Link rides along with Tetra and the pirates on their Pirate Ship until he is shot at the Helmaroc King's stronghold, Forsaken Fortress. Link is knocked away, but is saved by a talking boat called the King of Red Lions, who offers to help Link save his sister. After getting the 3 Goddesses Pearls, Link goes underwater to a submerged Hyrule Castle. He pulls the Master Sword out, and goes back to confront the Helmaroc King. He defeats it and frees his sister, but learns the true evil is a man named Ganondorf, who was stopped by the Hero of Time in the past, but came back and caused the Great Flood that formed the Great Sea. The Master Sword, which was supposed to be able to defeat Ganondorf, has lost its power and Link is saved before he can be killed. Tetra is revealed to be Princess Zelda in disguise, and Link awakens the Earth and Wind Sages, who restore the Master Sword's power. Link recovers the broken-up Triforce of Courage and confronts Ganondorf again, this time with Zelda. Link and Zelda defeat Ganondorf, who is impaled through the forehead by the Master Sword and is turned to stone and dropped down to the bottom of the Great Sea. Link and Zelda, now back as Tetra, go in search of a new Hyrule. He has no true relation to the true "Hero" of Hyrule, yet the Wind Waker chose him.

Four Swords

Green Link Sword - 4S.png

Link is a childhood friend of Princess Zelda and is brought with her to check the seal on the Four Sword, which Zelda thinks may be weakening. Vaati, the Wind Mage, breaks free from his imprisonment and kidnaps Zelda, intending to make her his bride. In order to save Zelda, Link draws the Four Sword and is split into four different colored copies of himself. He collects the keys from three different Great Fairies in order to go to Vaati's Palace of Winds and rescue Zelda. After a long fight with Vaati, Link seals him in the Four Sword once more, and returns with Zelda to the Sanctuary to return the blade to its resting place.

Four Swords Adventures


At the beginning of Four Swords Adventures, Link is friends with Princess Zelda. One night, Zelda is concerned that the seal keeping Vaati inside the Four Sword is failing. To combat this, Zelda and the six Shrine Maidens summon Link to Hyrule Castle to restore the seal. However, before they can reach the Four Sword Sanctuary, the maidens are captured and imprisoned by Shadow Link.

Once Link reaches the Sanctuary, he pulls the Four Sword out from its pedestal, despite the fact that it will release Vaati from his prison. Doing so also splits Link versions of himself. Before they can run after Shadow Link, Vaati appears and sends them far across Hyrule.

After listening to the words of Kaepora Gaebora, the Links travel across Hyrule and use their combined abilities to save the Maidens and collect the Four Royal Jewels, revealing the Tower of Winds. Upon climbing to the top of the Tower the Links reach the Realm of the Heavens where they defeat Shadow Link and reclaim the Dark Mirror from which they were created. After another battle with Vaati, the Links defeat the Wind Mage for good.

Before the Links can escape with Princess Zelda, the Tower of Winds collapses and Ganon attacks the group. The Links manage to defeat Ganon, and the Maidens seal him within in the Four Sword. The sword is then returned to the Sanctuary, and Link is returned to normal.

The Minish Cap

Minish Cap Link 2.png

In The Minish Cap, Link is the grandson of Smith and a childhood friend of Princess Zelda. One notable trait is that he starts his quest without a cap.

The Picori Festival has begun, and Zelda snuck out of the castle in order to go to the festival with Link. Grandfather Smith, the finest Smith in all of Hyrule, gives Link the task to give Smith's Sword to the winner of a Swordsman competition. At the Festival, after winning the first prize in a lottery, Zelda chooses a shield and gives it to Link. This soon comes to use when Link protects Zelda from a Business Scrub. However, at the award ceremony, the winner Vaati breaks open the ceremonial chest with the legendary Picori Blade stuck in it in search for the legendary Light Force. Angered when it turns out that the chest contained nothing but monsters, Vaati casts a spell on Zelda. Link tries to block it but is pushed away, and Zelda turns into stone. After a talk with the King of Hyrule, Link is given Smith's Sword and sets out to the Minish Wood. And thus Link's quest to save Zelda and defeat Vaati begins.

Minish Cap Link.png

The Minish Wood is where the legendary Picori are said to reside. On the way, he encounters the strange talking cap Ezlo. After saving the cap from some Octoroks, Ezlo declares that the two can help each other and jump up on Link's head. And thus, with his trademark cap on his head (although a living one) Link's quest starts for real. With Ezlo's help, Link can switch from normal size to Picori size. The two venture out to reforge the broken Picori Blade and infuse it with the four elements. After this is done and the Four Sword has been created from the Picori Blade, Link enters the final dungeon, Dark Hyrule Castle. At last, he saves Princess Zelda. However, Vaati has absorbed a good deal of the legendary Light Force that was residing in none other than Zelda, and transforms into the Wind Mage Vaati. Link manages to seal Vaati away.

It so happens that the cap Vaati was wearing was Ezlo's invention, a cap able to grant wishes. The cap is purified by Zelda and she uses it to purify the lands of Hyrule. Ezlo, who was cursed by Vaati, returned into what he really was... a Picori. This year was special, as the door between the Picori and the big world was opened. But the door would soon close, and Ezlo must hurry if he wants to return to his people. However, before he left he created a parting gift for Link, a green cap. After remarking that it looked good on Link, Ezlo left.

Twilight Princess

Link (Twilight Princess).png

Link is the hero and primary protagonist of Twilight Princess, where he is a ripe seventeen-year-old boy.[2] He works as a rancher, and lives in Ordon Woods.[2] He is dressed in a multi-colored shirt and pants, and sandals. He buys a slingshot and shows it off to the kids when a Monkey comes and Malo, Talo, and Beth run after the monkey. Talo keeps running after the monkey, while Malo and Beth get left behind. Link has to find Talo and the monkey. After he saves Talo and the monkey he returns to Ordon Village. The next day he prepares to go off for Hyrule Castle to deliver a gift, but Ilia notices a cut on his horse, Epona, and yells at him. Link must then go to Ordon Spring in order to retrieve his horse. After taking a secret passageway to get past the locked gate, Link reunites with Epona. But then the gate bursts open and a Bulblin knocks Link unconscious. Their leader then kidnaps Ilia and Colin and blows his horn, causing a portal to open. Link then wakes up and notices the children gone. Frantically, he runs after them, only to run into a huge black wall preventing him from proceeding. A monster pulls him through the wall into Faron Province, which is now covered in Twilight. This causes him to transform into a sacred wolf. He meets up with Midna in the Twilight Realm who becomes his partner for this game. Link meets Zelda and eventually returns to the light. Throughout the game, Link has to return the Tears of Light to the Light Spirits, and go through three dungeons to get three Fused Shadows. As Link progresses through Hyrule, he learns more about Midna, the Twili, and Zant and how all of the three are associated with one another. After collecting the Fused Shadows, Midna meets a terrible fate and Link becomes cursed to permanently roam as a wolf. He helps Midna visit Princess Zelda, who entrusts him to save the Kingdom of Hyrule from the tyranny of Zant, and tells Link a way to transform back into a human. He acquires the Master Sword, removing his curse, and travels to the Gerudo Desert to seek the Mirror of Twilight, which he finds has been broken by Zant. He then has to repair the Mirror of Twilight that was broken into four pieces. Once he does so, he has access to the Palace of Twilight. He goes there to defeat Zant and save Hyrule Castle from the Twilight. He eventually goes on to confront his old nemesis, Ganondorf and defeats him, bringing peace to Hyrule. In the end credits, he is seen riding away on his horse, leaving the Faron Woods to an unknown location, also leaving the Master Sword back in its pedestal. His role in Twilight Princess ranges from many things, but he ultimately strives to help Midna in reclaiming her power and helping her people.

Phantom Hourglass


This is the same exact Link from The Wind Waker. While Link, Tetra, and her gang of pirates journey through the ocean searching for new lands, a Ghost Ship appears, taking Tetra. Link, determined to save Tetra, tries to rescue her, but he falls into the water.

Link is washed up on an island called Mercay Island where he meets Oshus and a fairy named Ciela who has lost her memory and becomes Link's partner for this game. To find the Ghost Ship and rescue Tetra, Link must travel the seas on a steamboat captained by Linebeck. Link must eventually confront Bellum.

Spirit Tracks


Spirit Tracks takes place about a century from where Phantom Hourglass left off. In Spirit Tracks, Link is a young engineer who is on his way to Hyrule Castle to obtain the Engineer Certificate from Princess Zelda and become an official Royal Engineer. He lives in Aboda Village with Niko, and is first seen half-asleep as Niko relates the story of the war between the Spirits and Malladus. Alfonzo, Link's mentor, then appears and makes Link get ready to receive his certificate.

After taking a train up to Castle Town, there is a graduation ceremony in the castle where Princess Zelda grants Link his certificate. However, she also hands him a letter that asks him to visit her later on. Upon arriving to meet with Princess Zelda, Link learns that the Spirit Tracks are mysteriously disappearing. While traveling on a train themselves, the tracks disappear beneath them as Byrne and Chancellor Cole appear. Cole takes Zelda's body while Zelda becomes a spirit, even though Link tries to protect her. Link will then partner up with the spirit of Princess Zelda, who can also take control of a Phantom, as they journey across the land. With the help of the Spirit Flute and the Lokomos, Link travels to the five temples to restore the Spirit Tracks, rescue Zelda's body, and seal away the Demon King once again.

Skyward Sword


Link is the hero and primary protagonist of Skyward Sword, starting off the game as a young, seventeen and a half years old[3] man living in Skyloft. Link is dressed in boots, green pants and a sweatshirt, not unlike the rest of the citizens of Skyloft. He is a very active young lad who goes skydiving and bird riding to impress Zelda and his other classmates. Each of the citizens of Skyloft has a large bird called Loftwing that they use for transportation, but Link has a rare red breed called a Crimson Loftwing. Link is very close friends with Zelda and they seem to care greatly for each other. Early on in his quest, Link successfully wins the Wing Ceremony conducted by Instructor Horwell and this allows him to win a place in the Knight Academy. It also gives him a place in the Ceremony of the Goddess, where Zelda gives him a Sailcloth as part of the ritual.

While Link and Zelda are riding off through the clouds, a sudden tornado is summoned, causing Zelda to fall off her bird and get sucked down into the land below. Link goes after Zelda, but is blown back by the air pressure and knocked unconscious, saved only by his Loftwing bringing him home. He is awakened by Gaepora, where Link tells him of the unfortunate news about Zelda. After Gaepora leaves, Link is confronted by Fi, the spirit of the Goddess Sword, who then accompanies Link throughout his quest, serving as his spiritual guide. Gaepora finds the two together Inside the Statue of the Goddess and they begin to discuss of the war between the Goddess and the Demon King. Afterwards, Link is entrusted with a green Knight uniform and he heads off.

Link travels down to the land below in search of Zelda. Throughout his quest, he uses a standard set of inventory items that he upgrades along the way as he battles through the overworld and dungeons, attempting to save Hyrule from the evil that lurks there. Part of his quest takes him to the Silent Realm, where he must collect Sacred Tears and avoid Guardians without the aid of his sword or other items. He fights many foes along the way, but perhaps the Demon Lord Ghirahim is one of the most powerful. Ghirahim is also in search of Zelda and has no problem bringing Link within an inch of his life. He wants to resurrect his master, Demise, his ultimate foe. His goal is to defeat Ghirahim and Demise, rescue Zelda, and save the lands of Skyloft and Hyrule. He ends up traveling all throughout Hyrule, learning more about the history of both Hyrule and Skyloft, and seeking to reforge the Goddess Sword into the famous Master Sword along his journey.

A Link Between Worlds

Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
Link Artwork (A Link Between Worlds).png

Link is the hero and primary protagonist of A Link Between Worlds. Unlike The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Link has no known relatives. He is close with the Blacksmith, however, and Link originally works for him before setting out on his quest. [4]

Close to the beginning of Link's adventure, Link heads to the Sanctuary to deliver a sword to the Captain. Here, Link meets the primary antagonist of the game, Yuga, who proceeds to turn both the Captain and the Sage Seres into paintings.

After attempting to attack Yuga, Link later wakes up in his house after blacking out. Here, Link meets Ravio, who found him lying in the Sanctuary and brought him to the empty house.[5] Ravio later sets up a shop in Link's house[6] where he will rent[7] (and later sell)[8] his own items to use across the Overworld and in various dungeons. Ravio also gives Link a bracelet, which will allow him to become a painting after the events of the Eastern Palace.[9]

Distressed by the events in the Sanctuary, Ravio tells Link to visit Princess Zelda at the castle to inform her of what happened.[10] Zelda takes the events seriously and gives Link a charm that has been in the Royal Family for generations.[11][12] The Princess asks Link to visit the elder Sahasrahla[13][14] , who possesses great knowledge of past events and can give Link more information.[15]

When speaking with Sahasrahla, the elder realizes that he sent the Sage Osfala to the Eastern Palace, where he is under threat of attack from Yuga.[16] He sends Link to warn the Sage[17], whom he meets at the entrance to the Palace. Osfala shoves him off however,[18] forcing Link to complete the Palace and watch the Sage be transformed into a painting by Yuga. Link is soon transformed into a painting much like the Captain; however, Ravio's Bracelet saves Link and allows him to escape the wall and transform into a painting whenever he chooses to.[19]

After leaving the Palace, Sahasrahla catches up with Link. The two soon hear a large earthquake centered at Hyrule Castle[20], which they find surrounded by a large magical barrier.[21] After Link shows Princess Zelda's charm to Sahasrahla, the elder realizes that it is the Pendant of Courage[22], one of three Pendants of Virtue needed to obtain the Master Sword.[23] Sahasrahla then sends Link to the House of Gales and the Tower of Hera to obtain the other two Pendants.[24]

Once Link obtains the Pendants, he heads to the Lost Woods to obtain the legendary Master Sword.[25] With the Master Sword in hand, Link then uses it to destroy the barrier surrounding Hyrule Castle, allowing him to enter and find the cause of the panic.[26][27] After navigating his way up the Castle, Link finds Yuga once more, who proceeds to turn Princess Zelda into a painting.[28] Link then gives chase after Yuga to the top of the castle, where Link uses Ravio's Bracelet to follow Yuga into Lorule.

Yuga then uses the paintings of all seven Sages to bring forth Ganon[29], whose power Yuga absorbs to become Yuga Ganon. Before Yuga can kill Link, Hilda, the princess of Lorule, steps in and traps the beast.[30] Hilda then transports Link out Lorule Castle before Yuga Ganon breaks free.[31]

Link soon wakes up in the familiar Blacksmith's House, however it is filled with Lorule residents that are unfamiliar to Link.[32] Hilda soon tasks Link with visiting all seven dungeons in Lorule to save the Sage trapped in each one.[33] After saving all seven Sages, they use their power to bring forth the Triforce of Courage, which Link takes with him to defeat Yuga Ganon.[34]

After making his way back to Lorule Castle, Hilda removes the barrier surrounding the castle[35], allowing Link to ascend it. Link soon finds Hilda at the top of the castle, where she takes Princess Zelda's Triforce of Wisdom and reveals her partnership with Yuga to take Hyrule's Triforce for their own.[36] Hilda then sends Yuga Ganon to attack Link in an attempt to steal his Triforce of Courage. [37]

Once Link defeats Yuga Ganon, Hilda still intends to take Hyrule's Triforce for her own[38], but is soon stopped by Ravio.[39] Princess Zelda and Link then enter Hyrule's Sacred Realm[40], and use the Triforce to restore Lorule's Triforce, returning the country to normal and bringing peace to both worlds.

Breath of the Wild

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"Born into a family of knights and chosen by the Master Sword, Link attracts the attention of others. Aware of how many people look up to him, Link understand that it is his responsibility to set a good example at all times. However, as a result, he has become unable to express himself openly, remaining silent and expressionless. He is honest, serious, and sometimes overly committed to his duties. After becoming Zelda's appointed knight, he accompanies her everywhere as she prepares herself for Calamity Ganon's return, even though she often asks him not to. Initially, she was wary of Link because he seemed inscrutable, but she came to trust him after he saved her from an attack by the Yiga Clan.
While the century-long Slumber of Restoration heals Link's wounds, it also robs him of his memories.
Link was pretty much emotionless as the chosen knight 100 years ago, but he awakes to a time where he is relatively unknown. Only a few people who were around then are still alive. Freed from the attention and expectations of the people and without any memory of the past, this era's Link is more expressive and lighthearted than the stoic knight he was before.

Creating a Champion, page 65
Link readying an arrow

Link, also known as the Hero of Hyrule, is the primary protagonist in Breath of the Wild.

One hundred years prior to the game's current events, Link was chosen by the Master Sword to become wielder of the sacred blade and the one who would defeat Calamity Ganon. At the same time, Link was made Princess Zelda's appointed knight, and most of Link's memories entail his journeys during this time as Princess Zelda's protector.

Link's skill as a knight came with ease, something that Princess Zelda was continually jealous of and angry about when looking at her own continued failures to discover the Goddess Hylia's power that rested within. At first, their relationship was tense, and Zelda assured Link that she did not need his protection. However, as Link continued to fearlessly protect her and with Calamity Ganon's imminent return, she began to open up to him and discovered that the two were not so different.

Upon Calamity Ganon's return, events rapidly took a turn to disaster as Ganon used its powers to take over Hyrule Castle, and to corrupt both the Guardians and the Divine Beasts. With nowhere left to run, Link and Zelda were left to fight on their own and survive in a world they could no longer combat. In an open field outside Hyrule, Link bravely stood against a Guardian with his last breath, continuing to defend Zelda and fulfill his role. While at this moment Zelda unlocked her true power after instead defending Link, the hero collapsed to the ground and died in Zelda's arms.

However, when all hope was lost, the Master Sword began to glow with a blue aura and a voice from within the sword spoke to Princess Zelda. The voice was Fi, who was still present within the blade after the events of Skyward Sword. Fi told Zelda that Link could still be saved if taken to the Shrine of Resurrection, where after a slumber he would eventually be revived, ready to face Calamity Ganon once more.

After one hundred years had passed, Link was awoken by Princess Zelda's voice. It is here that the game and Link's journey begins, as he attempts to regain his memories, strength, and the ability to defeat Calamity Ganon before he breaks free to destroy the world. After freeing all four Divine Beasts from Ganon's control, Link makes his way to the Sanctum of Hyrule Castle. After defeating Calamity Ganon, and his pure form of evil known as Dark Beast Ganon, Princess Zelda seals away Ganon and both Link and Zelda finally fulfill their roles as the protectors of Hyrule.

Link is shown to be an extremely capable swordsman before Calamity Ganon's return, managing to earn the respect of the Master Sword, as well as taking down some of Ganon's strongest enemies singlehandedly. After regaining his memories and with the help of ancient Sheikah technology, such as the Sheikah Slate, Link recovers his former abilities and reclaims the Master Sword once again.

Throughout Breath of the Wild, Link often has an uneasy relationship with many of the characters. Some, such as the Zora, blame Link for the death of the Champions and Hyrule's demise. Others, such as Revali and other Champions, never believed in Link's ability, and did not see him as the hero that would save Hyrule. After Link freed each of the Divine Beasts and their respective Champions' spirits, they changed their mind and stood behind Link when he eventually faced Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Castle.

Princess Zelda's Diary is the first text in the series to give an explanation for Link's persistent silence. The diary states that with so many people watching him, and with so much at stake, Link feels it necessary to stay strong and silently bear any burden. This, in turn, causes him to stop expressing his thoughts and feelings, and rather, work to fulfill the duty he was chosen for.

Age of Calamity

Link Soldier Set - HWAoC key art.png

"A skilled swordsman serving the royal family of Hyrule. Born to a line of imperial guards, he is renowned for his fighting skills and courage."



Non-Canon Appearances

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Zelda (Game & Watch)

Zelda G&W consolesticker.jpg

In the Zelda Game & Watch LCD game, Link is determined to destroy eight evil dragons who "refused to live in peace with man" and have kidnapped his "sweetheart", Princess Zelda.[41]

Super Smash Bros. Series

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Soulcalibur II

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Hyrule Warriors

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"The Hylian army's strongest soldier holds the Triforce of Courage, a variety of weapons, and the speed to take on an army by himself."

Cadence of Hyrule

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  • Although only child Link appears in Majora's Mask, there is concept art for adult Link in the Majora's Mask section of Hyrule Historia.[42] Adult Link's voice clips also play when the player transforms into Fierce Deity Link.
  • The developers named the protagonist Link because he connects people together.[43]
  • The Link from Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons was based on Link's design from A Link to the Past.[44]
  • Link makes a cameo in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He can be found sleeping in an inn. Talking to him causes the Zelda series' "puzzle solved" jingle to play.
  • Link has canonically spoken before in The Adventure of Link. One time in Saria Town where he says "I found a mirror under the table" and another one being in the Hidden Town of Kasuto where he says "Looks like I can get in the fireplace". He also audibly speaks in The Wind Waker, shouting "Come on!"
  • Link's design was indirectly inspired by Peter Pan.
  • Link is usually left-handed
  • Link is the only character in the whole Zelda series who is in every single game.


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