Queen Gohma

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Queen Gohma


Parasitic Armored Arachnid





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1-2 Heart.png Contact
1-4 Heart.png Gohma Larva


Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Gohma or Queen Gohma is the Boss of Inside the Deku Tree, the first Dungeon in Ocarina of Time. The strategy to defeat the boss is revealed by one of the three Deku Scrubs just prior to the confrontation.[1]



It's one of the parasitic monsters
inside the Deku Tree! Its eye is
vulnerable when it's red!

When you first enter the boss chamber, aim at the ceiling with your Fairy Slingshot or just look up to find the Queen, which will trigger her to drop down and begin the battle. Although she looks pretty intimidating, her patterns are slow and predictable, with all of her attacks being rather weak.

You'll have to be patient, waiting for Gohma to expose her large eye. This gives you the opportunity to utilize either the Slingshot to strike the arachnid with a Deku Seed or to throw a Deku Nut. Doing so leaves Queen Gohma dazed on the ground with her eyeball exposed. Run up and slash away with your Kokiri Sword. She will soon awaken and after a while, Queen Gohma begins climbing and latching on to the ceiling. The queen will attempt to lay Gohma Larva.[2][3] However, when doing so, her large eye turns red. When this happens, aim the Slingshot accordingly and strike the eye, resulting in Queen Gohma falling to the ground. This exposes the queen's weak spot once again, so lay waste with your sword.

The same phase repeats and you have to keep shooting the eye. If Gohma does lay any eggs, they will hatch, turning into Gohma Larva. These small enemies are easily defeated with some sword slashes. After dealing enough damage, Queen Gohma will be defeated.


Once Queen Gohma is defeated, her remains become a Heart Container. A portal then appears to transport Link back to the Great Deku Tree's Meadow, where the Great Deku Tree entrusts Link with the first Spiritual Stone, the Kokiri's Emerald.[4]


  • In the Nintendo 64 version of the game, If Link utilizes the Deku Stick, he can deal double the amount of damage to Queen Gohma, meaning the Boss can be defeated much more efficiently. If Link uses a jump attack with a Deku Stick, he can deal quadruple the amount of damage.[5] In the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, the base attack of the Deku Stick is still double that of the Kokiri Sword. However, a jump attack with the Deku Stick does not do any additional damage.


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