This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out the In Search of the Sky – Wii Version.

18.1 Restoring Ilia's Memory

You will appear back within the Temple of Time. Walk down the stairs but don’t leave the temple quite yet. Walk to the southeast corner of the room and use the dominion rod on the statue that is here. Walk the statue out and then head into alcove behind to find a treasure chest. Open it up to get a Piece of Heart #37.

Now walk to the southwest portion of the room and walk this statue out as well. Head into this alcove and you will see a Poe floating around. Transform into wolf Link and defeat it to get the 54th Poe Soul.

Poe Soul #54: Use the Dominion Rod to pull out the southwest statue in the Temple of Time.

With those two things out of the way, climb the steps and exit the Temple of Time. Back outside, you’ll meet up with Ooccoo once again. She mentions the dominion rod but says that it has been around for quite some time and that its magic has been exhausted. You were in a different time era while in the temple, so the dominion rod worked perfectly fine. In the outside world, the dominion rod is rendered useless since it has no magic. Ooccoo will mention statues that respond to rod and then fly away. Midna gives her two cents of information and you’ll regain control of Link.

Talk to Midna and warp over to Kakariko Village. Transform back into human Link and enter the Sanctuary. Inside you’ll notice Darbus, the giant Goron who we battled in the Goron Mines. You’ll also see Gor Coron, one of the Goron elders. Darbus is an acquaintance of Ilia, who is also present. Speak with Renado and he’ll mention Shad, one of the members of Telma’s bar. He has come to research a statue that is in the basement. The Shaman gives you Renado’s Letter and tells you to show it to Telma. This hopefully will help regain Ilia’s memory.

You can drop to the basement below and speak with Shad. He mentions the sky beings known as the Oocca. On the statue nearby there is some writing that translates to ‘awaken us with the word that breaks the seal’. After that is over with, climb out of the basement, leave the Sanctuary, and warp back to Castle Town. Transform back into a human and enter Castle Town. Walk over to the south part of town and show Renado’s letter to Telma. She will mention that the doctor was the first person to look at Ilia. Telma then gives Link the Invoice. Leave Telma’s bar and make your way to the east side of town.

The Medical Clinic is the building that is right next to the east gate. Go inside and speak with the doctor. Show him the invoice and he’ll mention something about a wooden statue that the young lady had. He mentions that he spilled medicine all over the carving so he put it outside to dry. It was then stolen.

Follow the Doctor but head to the back of this room near the box on the right side. Transform into Wolf Link and push the block to the right, revealing a green scent. Learn the Medicine Scent and climb up onto the box. Follow it up the bookshelf and outside.

Keep following the scent through Castle Town and it will take you back to the south road of town. It leads towards Telma’s bar but stops at Telma’s cat, Louise. Speak with her and she mentions Ilia’s wooden statue. Louise stole the wooden statue but it was then taken from her by dog beasts. She mentions that these dog beasts lurk just outside the south gate but only come out at night. Leave through the south gate and wait for nightfall.

The dogs are found burrowed under ground near the Goron by the south road. Just walk around and they’ll come up from underground. Use Midna’s attack as wolf Link to defeat them quickly. Once they have all been defeated, a Wooden Statue will tumble towards you. Pick it up and warp back over to Kakariko Village.

Transform back into a human and enter the Sanctuary again. Walk over to Ilia and show her the wooden statue. She mentions being confined with somebody, and that somebody saved her. That person then gave her this wooden statue. Gor Coron then jumps in and says that the statue belonged to the tribe that once protected the Hylian royal family. He mentions that there is a Hidden Village on the far side of the Bridge of Eldin. He mentions that rocks have blocked the path and then sends Darbus out to the location. The location is marked on your map, just north of the Bridge of Eldin. Leave the Sanctuary.

18.2 The Hidden Village

Warp over to the Bridge of Eldin and then run northward from there. Enter the cave area that is marked on your map and you’ll see Darbus punching at some boulders. Walk up to him and he’ll break through the final boulders. He mentions the Hidden Village is straight ahead but there are 20 enemies in the village that Link must defeat to save the girl. He tells you to destroy them before they spot you. Darbus will then roll away.

Walk forward and you’ll get a scene of the village, filled with 20 bulblin archers. A picture of a bulbin head with ’20’ will appear on your screen. This shows how many bulbins are left in the area. The 20 bulbins are scattered all throughout the village, with many of them residing on tall towers. They are all pretty easy to find and defeat. This village is probably one of the very few areas where Link can actually use the hawkeye with the bow and make it useful.

Once all 20 bulblins have been defeated, an old lady will come out of a house at the north end of the village. Link will walk over and the old woman refers to Link as the savior. Her name is Impaz and she is the last remaining resident of the village. Her name comes from the great one that created the village. She mentions how this used to be the village known as the old Kakariko Village, built by the protectors of the royal family. It has since become infested with dangerous beasts and has become an awful place. She mentions how Ilia knew Link would come and save them when she was here as well. Impaz then gives Link Ilia’s charm.

We now want to return to Kakariko Village. For some reason, you cannot warp at all while in the hidden village so you must leave first. Outside the hidden village, warp over to Kakariko Village. Transform back into human Link and enter the Sanctuary.

Show Ilia the charm that you got from Impaz and her memory will be restored a bit more. She remembers Link and then begins to cry. She remembers Link and Epona in Ordon. The kids are shown peaking through the window as Link and Ilia have their moment. She then gives back the charm and Link will receive the Horse Call. Ilia had made this just for Epona and now you can call Epona at any point. (This would have been SO MUCH more useful earlier in the game).

Ilia also tells Link some more information about the messenger to the heavens. Impaz had told Ilia about the messenger, and this is the reason that Impaz cannot leave the village. She must wait for the messenger to arrive with the rod. Leave Renado’s house and then use your newly acquired horse call to summon Epona. Ride Epona out of Kakariko Village and back towards the hidden village.

Back within the village walk over to Impaz house and speak with her once more. Pull out the dominion rod and Impaz realizes that Link is the messenger to the heavens. The rod was only to the carried by the messenger to the heavens when there needed to be communication with the Oocca who live in the sky. Impaz then gives Link the Ancient Sky Book. Leave Impaz’s house.

There is still plenty to be done within the Hidden Village. Break through the windows on the east side of town and behind the building you’ll see a Howling Stone. Transform into wolf Link and listen to the tune. This one is quite difficult to memorize, but once you got it down, howl it back at the statue. You’ll be taken to another strange area outside of a castle. Howl the tune once more and you’ll howl it together with the golden wolf. The wolf will once again tell you to take sword in hand and find him. A new location will appear on your map within the north part of Castle Town.

Near the howling stone, Link will find a cucco walking around. As wolf Link, speak to the cucco and it challenges you to speak to all 20 cats that are in the village. This game works nearly identical to the 20 bulblin archers that you had to defeat. After a short cinema of the village again, the western music will hit again and your quest will begin. Run around town and talk to each cat one by one. After talking to them, they will tell you which they are: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Once you find all 20 cats, return to the cucco at the west end of the village. The cucco will award you with a prize and says it is in front of Impaz’s house. Run on over and you’ll see a Piece of Heart #38 waiting for you.

With the cat mini-game over with, return to the northwest building and use the clawshot to get to the top. At the north end of the building on the awning, there will be a Poe floating around at night time. Defeat it and get the 55th Poe soul. Talk to Midna and warp back to Kakariko Village.

Poe Soul #55: Clawshot to the top of the northwest building in the Hidden Village.

18.3 Six Hidden Owl Statues

Upon arriving in Kakariko Village, transform back into human Link and enter the Sanctuary. Drop down to the basement and speak with Shad. Equip the Ancient Sky Book and show it to him. Shad attempts to do something with the book and a dagger, but there is no reaction at all from the statue. He will then mark all similar statues in Hyrule that he has tracked over the years and walk away.

As he walks away Link will pull out the dominion rod and will notice that power has returned to the rod. Even now that your dominion rod has been restored, this owl statue will still not move. If you take a look at your map, you’ll notice that Shad marked all the owl statue locations on your map. Talk to Midna and warp to the Bridge of Eldin once again.

Walk to the north end of the bridge and defeat the bulbin archer on the right. Then look to your left and you’ll see an owl statue. Use the dominion rod and move it out of the way. Then walk over to the where it stood and Link will find the first Sky Character. This will restore a missing part of the word in the Ancient Sky Book.

Take control of this statue again and walk it south across the bridge. Defeat the bulbin archer here as well and move to the end of the bridge. If you look to your right, (west of the bridge), you’ll see a small gap and then a ladder on the other end. Move the statue so that it falls into this gap. Now you can jump on top of it to get to the ladder. Climb the ladder and defeat another bulbin archer. Open the treasure chest that is straight ahead to get Piece of Heart #39.

Talk to Midna and warp to the Kakariko Gorge area. Transform into human Link and then use the horse call to summon Epona. Ride over to the red flag that is at the north end of this map. Climb up to the ledge and just like before, move the owl statue to the side. Walk over and step in the circle to get a second Sky Character.

There are two gaps on the sides of the walls near where the owl statue was. If you first position the owl statue in the middle of the gap on the east, you can use it to jump over the gap. Just climb up to the higher ledge and jump across the gap using the owl statue. Continuing along the wall you can use the dominion rod to move the statue in the middle of the second gap. Jump across it and you’ll come to a treasure chest that contains the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter E.

Talk to Midna and warp to South Faron Woods. From here, you can walk or call Epona and make your way to Coro’s lantern shop. Walk along the path just northwest of Coro. If you haven’t done so already break up the boulder that is in your way using the ball and chain or the bombs. Walk straight ahead to the owl statue and move it out of the way. Walk into the circle and you’ll get the third Sky Character.

Move the owl statue into a small ditch that is in the middle of this area. Now turn into wolf Link and climb onto the rock. With the owl statue in place, we can use it as a platform to jump onto. Use Midna and make 7 jumps. Continue east and you’ll arrive at the foggy purple area. Open the treasure chest here and you’ll get Piece of Heart #40.

Talk to Midna and warp over to Castle Town. Use the horse call to call over Epona again, and then ride Epona southward to where the theatre that is in ruins lays. There is another owl statue waiting for you here. Move it out of the way and position it between where it was and the theatre seats. Jump onto the statue and then jump to the small circle. Link will collect the 4th Sky Character.

Move the owl statue to the other side of the theatre and you’ll see a second pillar, but this one has a treasure chest on it. Once again position the statue properly and then jump onto it. From there jump to the treasure chest and open it for an orange rupee.

Climb up the theatre and get back on top of Epona. If she isn’t there, use the horse call to call her over. Now ride her westward to the Great Bridge of Hylia. The owl statue is located just northeast of the bridge; control it and bring it down. If you look up, you’ll notice some vines hanging down. You need to position the owl statue so it is right under the vines. Use the clawshot to latch onto the vines and then fall down onto the statue. From here jump over to the circle and collect the 5th Sky Character.

There is another platform just to the east. Use the dominion rod and position the owl statue between the platforms. Now from the original spot of the statue, jump onto the owl statue and then over to the other platform. Open the treasure chest here to get an orange rupee.

Talk to Midna and warp to the Gerudo Mesa. From here, run to the east towards the red flag that appears on your map. You’ll find a small rectangular area with four pillars. Use the dominion rod and position the owl statue between the two pillars to the north. Climb up on the northeast pillar and use the owl statue to jump over to the circle. Doing with will result in the 6th Sky Character, which will fill the Ancient Sky Book with all the missing characters.

You can slowly reposition the owl statue and jump your way to the southwest platform. Open the treasure chest for yet another orange rupee. Now talk to Midna and warp to Castle Town.

18.4 Shoot for the Sky

Walk towards the town and you should get a letter from the Postman. It is Shad, saying that he is disappointed but is heading back to Kakariko Village. Enter the Castle town and make your way to the north end of a town. Walk up the steps and passed the door. Walk up to the golden wolf and you’ll be taken to a foggy area with the mighty warrior.

You must first show that you have mastered the previous skill, the jump strike. If you’ve forgotten, just Z-target the enemy and hold A. Link will charge his sword. Release the sword and you’ll slash at the warrior. The warrior will then teach Link the Great Spin. It works just as a regular spin attack, but when Link has full power, a small beam is sent out with the spin attack.

Talk to Midna and warp the Kakariko Village. Return to human form and enter the Sanctuary. Jump down to the area below and walk over to Shad. He will ask if you have read his letter. Pull out the filled sky book and show it to Shad. Shad will then repeat the same process he did before, but with the new words that Link found in the book. Doing so, the rod that was on the statue disappears and the owl statue takes the same shape as the previous statues. Still disappointed, Shad says that he needs to cool off a bit and walks away.

Use the dominion rod to activate the owl statue. Pull it away and then walk through the passage that is now open. Walk down the steps that lead to an open area. Shad will appear and be shocked to see the Sky Cannon. Walk up to the cannon and Midna will appear. Talk to her and she’ll ask what you’d like to do. Choose to warp but Midna will say that Shad is watching. Speak with Shad and he realizes he is in your way and then walks off. Now walk up to the cannon and warp it to Lake Hylia.

The sky cannon will appear right by the warp point of Lake Hylia. Walk over and speak with Fyer and he will notice the cannon. After giving him a short tour he notices that it isn’t working. He offers to fix it for a hefty 300 rupees. There have been so many extra caves and treasure chests in Hyrule that we’ve come across, so the rupees should not be much of a problem. If they are, you’ll have to go collecting for awhile. Agree to allow him to fix it. A scene will show him hammering the thing together as the sun goes up and down, signifying that it has been a few days.

Once he’s finished, the cannon should now be operational. In order to use it just equip the clawshot and hook onto the target at the back of the cannon. Ooccoo will quickly join you and you’ll be shot into the heavens.