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This is a list of enemies found in Ocarina of Time.



Armos OoT In Game.png
Main article: Armos

Armos are statue-like enemies located in Dodongo's Cavern and the Spirit Temple. They remain stationary until Link comes in contact with them. When that happens, they go crazy and chase Link, attempting to crush him. If Link does not defeat it quickly, it will return to its original position. They can be defeated with Deku Nuts, Bombs, or the Megaton Hammer. They will jump around and then explode after Link defeats it. Stationary Armos also exist, being used for puzzle solving.


Beamos (Ocarina of Time).png
Main article: Beamos

Beamos are enemies that appear in the Bottom of the Well, the Shadow Temple, Dodongo's Cavern, the Gerudo Training Ground, the Spirit Temple, and Ganon's Castle. Their only attack is to shoot a laser at Link when he comes into their view. They are not very difficult enemies, as they can be easily defeated with a Bomb, a Bomb Flower, or a Bombchu.

Big Skulltula

Main article: Big Skulltula

Big Skulltulas are larger variants of the smaller Skulltula. They are large and awkward to beat. Their only weakness is the soft flesh on their underside, and Link must slash at it when it turns around. If Link attempts to damage it while it is facing him, it will swing around, potentially damaging Link. Later in the game, Link can use the Bow and Arrow, the Hookshot, or the Longshot to damage them in the same way.

Fire Keese

Fire Keese OoT.png
Main article: Fire Keese

Fire Keese are enemies found in Dodongo's Cavern. They are essentially Keese engulfed with fire, damaging Link on contact. They are more dangerous than regular Keese and will dive into Link, setting him on fire and damaging him. They then transform into regular Keese until they swoop down into a torch. If Link has the Deku Shield equipped while being torched by the Fire Keese, the wooden shield will be encased with flame, being destroyed. Fire Keese are best defeated with projectiles, the Slingshot being the best choice.

Gold Skulltula

Main article: Gold Skulltula

Gold Skulltulas, also known as Spiders of the Curse are variants of Skulltulas, and are hidden throughout the game. After being defeated, they will drop a Skulltula Token. As you collect Skulltula Tokens, the Cursed Rich Family, a family transformed into arachnids, will slowly be cured. After collecting 10 tokens, Link is given the Adult's Wallet. When 20 spiders are defeated, the family will give Link the Stone of Agony. When Link collects 30 tokens, he gets the Giant's Wallet. When Link has defeated 40 Skulltulas, Link will be rewarded with Bombchus. At 50, Link will get a Piece of Heart, and at 100, Link will get unlimited Rupees. Golden Skulltulas remain in one place, and it takes double the amount of strikes it takes to kill a Skulltula to kill a Golden Skulltula.


Main article: Keese

Keese are bat-like enemies that appear in almost every dungeon in Ocarina of Time. They dive toward Link if he gets close enough, and they will attempt to damage him. Every weapon in the game will kill the Keese in one strike except for the Deku Nuts, which stun it. Keese are weak and are easy to defeat. Recommended weapons include the Slingshot, Fairy Bow, and the Hookshot. More formidable versions of the enemy include Fire Keese and Ice Keese.

Like Like

Main article: Like Like

Like Likes are enemies in Ocarina of Time that are always hungry and try to eat exotic items such as Shields and any special Tunics. They will not eat the Mirror Shield or the Kokiri Tunic. When Link approaches one, it will tilt forward, sucking up Link's items. If not defeated quickly, the stolen items will be digested. Link must attack it between its strikes to defeat it.

Mad Scrub

Main article: Mad Scrub

The Mad Scrub is a relative to the Deku Scrub, and it is virtually the same except for differences in behavior and combat. The Mad Scrub is frenzied, and will shoot three Deku Seeds at Link. The Scrub will not back down to tell secrets or sell items. Instead, it will battle to the death against Link. Like its cousins, it will try to hide back in its hole if Link gets too close. The scrub is fought by bouncing the Deku Seeds back to the Scrub to get it out of its hole, stunning it with Deku Nuts, and slashing it with a Sword.


Main article: Stalfos

Stalfos are skeletal characters similar to the Stalchildren that appear at night in Hyrule Field. They are found in the Forest Temple, the Water Temple, the Shadow Temple, the Spirit Temple, and Ganon's Castle. They are difficult to defeat, and have attacks that emulate Use Z-Targeting and raise your Shield, waiting for the Stalfos to let his guard down. Circle around them when they try to make a Jump Attack. You can run up to them quickly to make them attack, letting their guard down. If fought right, Link should be able to defeat them quickly.


Skulltula OoT.png
Main article: Skulltula

Skulltulas are some of the first enemies that Link faces in Ocarina of Time, located within the Great Deku Tree. They are an obstacle, but not a danger. Wait for it to flip around, and slash it with your Kokiri Sword. They should be easy to defeat. If Link slices at its front, the creature will swing like a pendulum, potentially damaging Link.


Main article: Skullwalltula

Skullwalltulas are a variant of Skulltulas that cling to vertical surfaces. They are easily defeated with a ranged weapon. They are not much of a threat unless Link climbs up a wall that it is guarding. They will charge at him, knocking him off the wall. They can be defeated with a Sword if the Skullwalltula is within reach, but they are often higher on a wall.


Main article: Wallmaster

Wallmasters are found in the Forest Temple, the Shadow Temple, the Spirit Temple, and in Ganon's Castle. Shadows, ominous sounds, and hints by Navi can signal their approach. They hang from the ceiling and drop down on Link.


Main article: Wolfos

Wolfos are uncommon enemies that appear in the Sacred Forest Meadow, the Forest Temple, and the Gerudo Training Grounds. Link must target them, holding up his Shield, until he finds an open spot for attack. They primarily use a Jump Attack, but it is easy to avoid.


Big Deku Baba

Main article: Big Deku Baba

The Big Deku Baba is a larger version of the Deku Baba. It is found in the Kokiri Forest and in the Forest Temple as an adult. While it is a bit stronger than its diminutive cousins, the Big Deku Baba has the same attacks. The Big Deku Baba is best defeated with a well-timed Jump Attack. Another, more risky method is to wait for the Big Deku Baba to lunge, then run forward and slice it when it draws back. Once defeated, the item it drops depends on the way it died. If struck in the head, it will drop Deku Nuts. If it was severed from the neck, it will drop a Deku Stick, similar to the Withered Deku Baba.

Big Poe

Main article: Big Poe

Big Poes are found in Hyrule Field at night in the adult timeline. They are more aggressive and stronger than traditional Poes. They are only found in an invisible ring in the field. Traditional weapons do not work on a Big Poe. They use their lanterns as weapons by dropping fire on Link. He must fire Arrows at the Poe with the Fairy Bow while riding on Epona. After that, Link may put the Big Poe in a Bottle and give it to the Poe Collector. Once all ten Big Poes are in the Poe Collector's possession, he will give Link an empty bottle.

Business Scrub

Main article: Business Scrub

Business Scrubs are variations of Deku Scrubs found in Ocarina of Time. They attack anyone who approaches with a Deku Nut. It is a tendency of theirs and they do not mean any harm. Once defeated, the Business Scrub will attempt to sell Link items at a slightly higher expense than local stores. Some items offered might be Deku Sticks, Arrows, Bombs, and Potions.

Club Moblin

Main article: Club Moblin

The Club Moblin is an enemy only found in Ocarina of Time in the Sacred Forest Meadow, outside of the Forest Temple. Only one exists within the game. Club Moblin is a variant of Moblins, and the only real difference is its attack. It swings a club toward Link as a ranged attack. Link can carefully walk up to him in a zig-zag pattern to get close and run quickly to his legs. Three slashes with any weapon will defeat it. An alternative is to shoot Arrows at him from a distance. It drops around twenty Rupees when defeated.


Cucco (Ocarina of Time).png
Main article: Cucco

Cuccos are animals used in Ocarina of Time primarily for puzzle solving, side quests, and mini-games. They are used to collect Heart Pieces and a Bottle. They are not enemies and are generally not hostile. However, if Link hits one with a Sword too many times, the Cucco will let out a cry, signaling for the help of its companions. A horde of hostile Cuccos will attack Link until he dies or enters a building. They cannot be defeated, and entering a nearby building is the best escape strategy. The simplest way to avoid them is to not attack them in the first place.

Deku Baba

Main article: Deku Baba

The Deku Baba is one of the first enemies in Ocarina of Time. They are found in the Kokiri Forest, Inside The Great Deku Tree, the Forest Temple, and the Bottom of the Well. When Link approaches a Deku Baba, it will lunge out to try to hit Link. Deku Babas are rooted in the ground, so they cannot extend past the length of their stems. Link can approach it while holding up his Shield if he is Z-Targeting the plant. Link can also throw projectiles such as Deku Nuts at it. When stunned, it is temporarily rendered immobile. If it is left alone, it will begin to rotate, damaging Link if he comes in contact, This method is very similar to the Withered Deku Baba. Deku Baba usually drop Deku Nuts or Deku Sticks.

Deku Scrub

Main article: Deku Scrub


Main article: Guay


LeeverG Large.png
Main article: Leever


Main article: Moblin


Main article: Octorok


Main article: Peahat

Peahat Larva

Main article: Peahat Larva


Poe N64.png
Main article: Poe

Skull Kid

Main article: Skull Kid


Main article: Stalchild


Main article: Tektite


Baby Dodongo

Main article: Baby Dodongo


Main article: Bari


Main article: Biri


Main article: Dodongo

Gohma Larva

OoT Gohma Larva.jpeg
Main article: Gohma Larva


Lizalfos OoT In Game.png
Main article: Lizalfos

Parasitic Tentacle

Parasitic Tentacle.png
Main article: Parasitic Tentacle


Main article: Shabom


Main article: Stinger


Main article: Tailpasaran

Withered Deku Baba

Main article: Withered Deku Baba



Main article: Anubis

Blue Bubble

Main article: Blue Bubble


DinalfosG Large.png
Main article: Dinolfos


Floormaster OoT.png
Main article: Floormaster


Main article: Freezard

Gerudo Guard

Main article: Gerudo Guard

Gerudo Thief

Main article: Gerudo Thief


Gibdo (Ocarina of Time).png
Main article: Gibdo

Green Bubble

Main article: Green Bubble

Ice Keese

Ice Keese.png
Main article: Ice Keese

Iron Knuckle

IronKnuckle OoT In Game.png
Main article: Iron Knuckle

Red Bubble

Main article: Red Bubble


Main article: ReDead

Shell Blade

Main article: Shell Blade


Main article: Spike

Torch Slug

Main article: Torch Slug

White Bubble

Main article: White Bubble

White Wolfos

Main article: White Wolfos


Blade Trap

Main article: Blade Trap


Main article: Boulder

Door Mimic

Main article: Door Mimic

Eye Switch

Main article: Eye Switch

Fire Barrier

Main article: Fire Barrier

Fire Eye

Main article: Fire Eye

Floor Spikes

Main article: Floor Spikes

Flying Jar

Main article: Flying Jar

Flying Tile

Main article: Flying Tile


Main article: Guillotine

Ice Blade

Main article: Ice Blade

Molten Rock

Main article: Molten Rock

Red Jelly

Main article: Red Jelly

Spiked Roller

Main article: Spiked Roller

Whirling Scythe

Main article: Whirling Scythe