Twilight Princess Walkthrough – City in the Sky

This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out the City in the Sky – Wii Version.

19.1 The Sky City

You will land in a small pool of water with Ooccoo not far behind. She introduces the place as the sky city of the Oocca. A giant dragon then flies by and another Oocca appears. The Oocca then run off to a nearby shop, which is just east of where you are.

Equip the Zora Armor and the iron boots and sink down to the bottom of the water here. There are treasure chests in the southeast and southwest corners which contain some extra bombs and rupees. Take off the boots and Zora Tunic and then climb out of the water. Walk to the east but be careful as the wind will blow. There is a deku baba near the door at the end. Just defeat it and continue forward through the door.

There is nothing of great use to purchase in the shop. Speak with Ooccoo who is on your right and like always, she will come with you. Leave the shop and return to the water in the middle. From here, head north and fight off two deku babas. Keep the iron boots handy if the wind is giving you trouble.

There is another door at the end but it is blocked by a gate. Use either the clawshot or the bow and arrow to hit the target above it. You must wait for the wind to stop blowing in order to shoot the arrows if doing so. Walk towards the door and as you get close, you should see a cinema of the entire city and it will be labeled as the City in the Sky. Go through the door.

19.2 The Dungeon Map

Be aware that the blocks on the floor that are blue will fall after a few seconds once Link stands on them. Pick up one of the Oocca that are to your left. Then walk to the right of the room and use the Oocca to float over to the lower platform. Drop the Oocca and defeat the helmasaur by first using your clawshot to remove its mask.

You can get to the higher ledge on the left by using the clawshot onto the vines that are on the pillar. Drop to the floor and you will see two Oocca on the wall to the left. Use your clawshot to pull one down from the wall. Then use it to float over to the lower platform at the north end of the room. Defeat two more helmasaurs and then use the ledge at the northwest part of the room to climb up. Go through the door to the north.

Walk forward and Link will encounter a new enemy, a Helmasaurus. You cannot pull its mask off so you must attack it from the back. Use the back slice to easily attack and defeat it. Walk to the southwest corner of the room and you’ll see a small balcony with a window. Use the clawshot to hook over to the grating. Walk through the hole in the grating to get back outside.

Drop down below and look to the right to discover a spinner slot. Pull out the spinner, and drop it in the hole. Spin it repeatedly and a bridge will appear at a nearby area, stretching to the east. Walk to the north end of the platform and use the clawshot on the ivy to get across the gap. Climb up and then cross the bridge. Be careful as there are plenty of kargaroks that are flying in the air. The wind is also gusting, so the iron boots can be helpful. There are also peahats floating around in the air, but they do not harm Link. Go through the door at the other end of the bridge.

Walk to the west end of the room, jumping across a small gap. Look towards the ceiling of the southwest portion of the room and you’ll see a target. Use the clawshot to grab onto it. Drop down and open the treasure chest to get a small key.

Use the clawshot on the grating that is near the platform you were just at. Jump back over to the door and head through it to get back to the bridge. Run across the bridge and before going through the door, you’ll see the giant dragon appear and break down the bridge. Go through the door.

You are now back in the large center room, which is the center of the city. Use the clawshot to grab onto the ivy on one of the two pillars. Crawl around to the other side and then drop down to the platform in the center of the room. Run across the blue blocks to get to the door at the east end of the room. Go through it.

Turn to your right and follow the path. Defeat the two deku babas and you’ll then notice another spinner slot. Use the spinner and spin it repeatedly to create another bridge, this one extending eastward. Be careful of the kargaroks that are flying around as well as the gusty winds. Open the locked door at the end of the bridge.

Turn to your right once you enter and defeat the helmasaur that is nearby. Walk to the end of the ledge and look to the northeast portion of the room. You’ll notice a crystal switch. You cannot hit it with an arrow because of the wind that is blowing. Stand at the corner of the ledge and use the clawshot to hit the switch. One of the wind turbines at the southeast corner of the room will shut off.

Walk to the north end of the room and begin heading east. There is a helmasaur that is in your way, so defeat it using the clawshot and a few sword strikes. Equip the iron boots so that you can walk past the gust from the first wind turbine. The second wind turbine has blue blocks, so you won’t be able to walk across with your iron boots. Use the clawshot and hook onto the ivy that is on the distant pillar. Defeat the third helmasaur in this room and then head through the door at the east end of the room.

Open the treasure chest that is directly to your east to get the Dungeon Map. We will return to this tall room much later in the dungeon. Return to the previous room.

19.3 The Double Clawshots

Earlier, we hit the crystal switch in this room to shut down the wind turbine. Now Link can run across the blue blocks and go through the door at the south end of the room.

There are a few keese that are flying around in this room. It’s a good idea to get rid of them as quick as you can because they can get annoying. Once you are close enough z-target them and quickly eliminate them with some arrows. You can also aim from a distance with some arrows.

Run to the south end of the room and jump across the small gap onto the platform to the east. Watch out for the gust of air that comes from below and quickly jump over to the east. There is another gust of air coming from below. There is also a tile worm under one of the tiles across the gap. Use the gale boomerang to bring the worm out from under the tile and defeat it. You can also just simply use the target that is on the south wall to hook your way over.

Jump across the gap and defeat another tile worm. You can walk along the wall to the north and head west. Jump down to the lower platform and open the treasure chest to get a yellow rupee. Jump back to the platform along the north wall and head to the east. There is another gust of air as well as a tile worm. Defeat the worm and then jump across the gap when it is safe. Jump onto the blue block to the south and then over to the southeast platform. Go through the door.

The door will seal shut behind you and you’ll see two dynalfos in this room. Jump over to the platform straight ahead and both enemies will jump over as well. Link can use the shield attack followed by the helm splitter to defeat these creatures. Knocking them off the platform with the shield attack will do the trick as well.

Once both are defeated, the door will open up and a gate will open. Face the south of the room and use the clawshot on the ivy. Climb up and use the clawshot on the chandelier that hangs above. This is actually a switch which triggers wind to periodically blow from the center of the room. Lift one of the nearby Oocca and then wait until the wind gust just begins in the center of the room. Quickly jump towards it with the Oocca in hand and the wind will glide you upwards, allowing Link to reach the higher ledge to the north. Go through the door.

Look above and you’ll see a chandelier hanging. Use the clawshot to grab onto it and a gate will open on the side of the room. Behind the gate you’ll notice that there is a treasure chest. Grab the nearby Oocca and jump down to the area below. Use the Oocca and walk into the wind gust and float towards the treasure chest. Open the treasure chest to get a red rupee.

Jump down to the area below and use the clawshot on the target to get back to the platform on the east. Use the clawshot to grab the Oocca you were just using and use it the wind tunnel to fly over to the far right side of the room where you will find another treasure chest. Open it up to get the purple rupee.

Use the clawshot on the target that is on the south wall to get over to the nearby platform. Then use the clawshot to bring over the Oocca you just used. Using the Oocca and the wind tunnel, fly through the passage in the wall and turn to the west.

Drop down at the higher ledge here and then like before, use your clawshot on the chandelier. This will activate a wind tunnel at the other end of the room. Lift up the Oocca and use the center wind tunnel to get to the east side of the room. Now use the newly created wind tunnel to get through a crack in the wall. Let go of the Oocca and head through the door to the north.

We are now back in this tall spirally room where we got the dungeon map, but in a different area. Grab the nearby Oocca and fly to the northeast corner of the room and drop down to a lower platform. There are horizontal wind tunnels that can blow you out of the tower, so be careful. The end goal is to reach the east room at the bottom. Use several Oocca as you float to the floors below, eventually reaching the bottom floor. Go through the door to the east.

The door will lock behind you once you enter this room. There is a rather strong fan with a chandelier located right above it. Use the clawshot to get to the chandelier, but because of the gusty wind, you won’t be able to pull it down. Equip the iron boots and the chandelier will drop down. The wind from below will stop, so release the chandelier. Link will fall to the floor below where he will encounter a new creature known as an Aeralfos.

These creatures are part of the same family as the lizalfos and dynalfos, except, they can fly. While fighting this creature, watch out for the blue blocks that are around the perimeter of the room. Look closely at the aeralfos and you’ll notice that his shield is actually a clawshot target. Run around the room as you Z-target the aeralfos. Once he is ready to attack, he’ll hold his sword back and shield forward. Use the clawshot and Link will pull the aeralfos closer. Strike at him with several sword slashes and he’ll regain his footing. After a short while, he’ll return to the air. Repeat the same process again until you’ve struck him 7 times with the master sword.

After this, the aeralfos will fly around and leave through one of the windows in the room. This phase is nearly identical to the first phase, except the aeralfos will fly in and out through the four windows in the room. He also floats a bit higher, which means Link cannot always Z-target him, so you’ll have to manually aim a bit if he is too high.

Once he appears from a window he’ll immediately be ready to attack you, so use your clawshot to pull him forward. After several sword slashes he will regain his footing and battle you on the ground. Use the shield attack and helm splitter to attack the aeralfos. After which, he’ll once again fly in the room. After several hits, the aeralfos will finally be defeated.

A gate opens up at the west end of the room and the door from the above room will also open. Run to the west end of the room and use the clawshot on the target at the ceiling. Run over and open the treasure chest to get another clawshot. Link now has two clawshots, making the Double Clawshots. This will allow Link to hang onto one target, while hooking over to a second target.

Walk over to the east, but don’t fall to the bottom floor. If you look at the ceiling, you’ll notice four targets in the four corners. If you look carefully, you’ll also notice some ivy hanging from the ceiling fan. Use the clawshot on the ceiling target that is just to your right. Now suspend from the clawshot and pull yourself down a bit. Still hanging on the target, use your second clawshot and grab onto the target at the northeast portion of the ceiling. From here, look at the hole in the center of the room and grab onto the ivy with the clawshot. Climb up the ivy and leave through the door to the east.

19.4 The Compass

You will appear back in this tall spirally tower, which you now must climb using your double clawshots. Begin using your clawshot on the targets along the wall as you climb the room going counter clockwise. Remember, don’t let go after you grab onto a target. Just hang on and use your second clawshot to get to the next one. Once you pass one of the horizontal wind tunnels, you’ll then have to turn back clockwise to keep climbing upwards. From the next target, you can now hook over to a chandelier. Pulling it down will open up a gate at a lower level.

Once you release from the chandelier, the gate will close, and Link doesn’t want that to happen. Remain hooked onto the chandelier and suspend yourself down. Look to the right and you’ll see a door with a target on both sides. Use the clawshot on either of the targets and you’ll get through the passage before the gate closes. Open the door and head east.

This room is actually pretty simple to get through. There are several pillars that are hanging, with many of them having clawshot targets. Just hook from target to target as you make your eastwards. At the end far right, open the treasure chest to get the Compass. Go through the door to get back outside.

19.5 Two Hidden Heart Pieces

You are now in an area below the bridge that you extended near the start of this dungeon. There are three deku babas hanging from the gratings that are under the bridge. Use the hawkeye and arrows to defeat them. If you don’t have the hawkeye, you can just defeat them with the clawshot as you go. Use the clawshot and grab onto the grating. Lower yourself down and then hook over to the next grating. Once you reach the last grating, look to your left and you’ll see some ivy hanging down. Hook over to the ivy and then climb up. Go through the door to return to the center of the city.

Run across the blue blocks to the center of the room. Walk over to the west end of the room and use the clawshot to hook over to the ceiling target. From there, grab onto the second target that is above the door at the west end of the room. Go through the door.

With the bridge now out of order, you must use the peahats that are floating above to get past this area. The kargarok enemies are still flying around, so watch out for them. Keep z-targeting the peahats as you hook your way across. Once you’ve made it over go through the door at the other end of the bridge.

Walk to the west end of the room and then clawshot onto the ceiling target that is further to the north of the two. Lower the chain down and you’ll see a pillar that has a second target. Quickly claw over to the next pillar and continue to get to the southeast corner of the room. Be careful as these pillars will fall once Link grabs onto the targets. Once you reach the southeast corner, allow the pillar to fall and you’ll land on a small platform.

Use the clawshot and pull yourself to the room to the north. Look at the opposite wall and you’ll see two targets. Grab onto the one to your left and you’ll see a treasure chest. Clawshot onto the nearby grating and then drop down. Defeat the deku babas that appear, and open the treasure chest for some extra arrows. Now use the clawshot to grab onto the other target that was on that wall and then grab onto the grating to land in the center of this room. Go through the small hole to the north and then jump down to the platform at the east.

Look at the ceiling and you’ll see two deku babas dangling. Use your arrows to cut them down. Now use the clawshot to hook onto the grating where one of the deku babas was hanging. Lower yourself down and use your second clawshot to hit the crystal switch to your north. This will open a gate along the south wall. Turn around and grapple at the target. From here pull yourself up to gratings and targets until you reach a safe platform.

If you turn to the center of the room you’ll see a large treasure chest. You can jump over to it and open it to get the Ooccoo Miiverse Stamp. Also, you can jump across the blocks to get to the northeast corner of the room. Be careful as there are two tile worms lurking around. Open the treasure chest to get some extra bombs. Jump back across the blocks and go through the door to the north.

A big baba waits for you in this area as well as three normal deku babas. Defeat the normal ones as usual and then slash at the big baba. Once it is defeated, toss a bomb into the deku like that appears and it will get rid of the whole base of the plant.

Use the clawshot to grab onto the target at the west end of the room. This pillar will start to fall so quickly claw over to the ivy at the north. Start climbing clockwise in this room and you’ll come to some rather narrow ledges. Use your arrows to eliminate the deku baba and the keese that are in your way. There is a small treasure nearby; open it to get some extra arrows.

Once you pass the deku baba, look around and defeat any nearby keese that are flying nearby. There is a narrow ledge against the wall that Link cannot stand on. Instead, just hang onto it and pull yourself across the gap. There is a deku baba hanging from the ceiling here. Defeat it with an arrow and some sword strikes. Open the nearby treasure chest to get Piece of Heart #41.

Go back across that narrow ledge and then look towards the wall to see a target on a pillar. Grab onto the target and then quickly Z-target a second pillar and grab onto there. From here, use the clawshot to grab onto some ivy at the north end of the room. Look to the center of the room and you’ll see a target. Grab onto it and lower yourself to a safe platform. Defeat the dynalfos that is found here and go through the door to the south to get back outside.

Defeat the few deku babas in this area and then grab onto the peahat that is floating around in the sky. It will carry you southward where Link should grab onto a second peahat. This one will also carry you southward. Once you pass over the wall, release from the peahat and drop to the ground. Walk to the west and open the treasure chest that is behind some grass to get some extra rupees.

There is another peahat that you can see moving north and south. Grab onto it when it is moving southward. From here, you’ll see another stationary peahat near a circular platform. Grab onto this peahat and then release. There is a Poe floating around here. Transform into wolf Link and defeat it to get the 56th Poe Soul.

Poe Soul #56: On the lone island on the far west side of the dungeon.

Transform back into human Link and open the nearby treasure chest to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter G. Now grab onto the stationary peahat and wait for the other peahat to come nearby. Grab onto this one and it will travel northward. You’ll be heading straight for a wall that has a very narrow space. Link cannot fit through this, but if you lower yourself, the chain will be able to pass through. Once you pass the wall, claw on over to the nearby peahat and continue traveling northward.

Lower yourself and you pass through a second hole in the wall. Drop down to the floor here and defeat two deku babas. Open the nearby treasure chest to get some extra bombs. Grab back onto the peahat when it is moving northward and let it take you to the higher platform. Go through the door.

You are now high above where the west bridge had broken apart earlier in the dungeon. If you look at the map, you are at the northwest portion of this outdoor area. Use the peahats that float above and claw your way eastward. Don’t go all the way east though, but instead turn your attention to the southwest and travel across a few peahats. Once you reach the far southwest area, go through the door to get back to this area we were just in.

You are now on a higher ledge on the other side of the room. Open the treasure chest that is nearby to get Piece of Heart #42. Now return through the door. Use the peahats to get to the east side of this outdoor area and then drop down. Go through the door to get back to an area that is just north of the center of the city.

19.6 The Big Key

You can walk around this area and defeat the two dynalfos if you’d like. At the northwest portion of the area you’ll see some ivy hanging down. Use your clawshot and climb up to the platform. Pull out your arrows and shoot the kargaroks that you see just sitting on some of the nearby platforms.

Transform into wolf Link and walk across the tight rope. Transform back into human Link and walk counter clockwise around the area. There are two walltulas crawling along the ivy here. Use your arrows or slingshot to get rid of them and then climb the ivy. Make your way to the end of the ivy and drop to the platform. Open the nearby treasure chest to get a red rupee.

Transform into wolf Link and walk across two tight ropes. Defeat the Poe that is floating around this area and grab your 57th Poe soul. Transform into human Link and open the treasure chest to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter Z.

Poe Soul #57: Walk across a few tightropes outside the tall red building to find the poe on the west side.

Jump off the ledge and return to the ivy at the northwest portion of this area. Climb the ivy and then transform into wolf Link. Walk across the tight ropes and walk clockwise around this area. Walk across three more tight ropes and then transform back into human Link. Enter the door to reach the inner portion of this area.

Look over to the ceiling at the west end of the room and use the clawshot to grab onto the chandelier. Equip the iron boots and it will turn off the wind tunnel from below. Drop down and defeat the two helmasaurus that are running around. Open the treasure chest nearby to get the Big Key.

Walk down to the southeast side of the room and drop down a small pit. Defeat the two helmasaurs that are found here and open the treasure chest to get a red rupee. First, grab onto the grating that is on the ceiling. Then, grab onto the grating near the north side and lower yourself down below the fan that has been turned off.

Once you’ve lowered yourself all the way, look at the ceiling to the north in the floor below and you’ll see a chandelier. Grab onto it and equip the iron boots. The weight of the boots will cause a fan to turn on, but it is actually blowing out of this room, not in it. Drop down to the bottom of this room and you’ll be in the center of the city once again. Go through the door to the north.

19.7 To the Top of the Sky

With the fan turned on, platforms with grating on them will be rotating around. Clawshot over to the first spinning platform and from there, just keep grabbing onto the gratings as you head across the area. Once you reach the last spinning platform don’t fall down. Grab onto the grating that is near the fan and there is a treasure chest here; open it to get a purple rupee. Now drop down and go through the door.

There are two more aeralfos found in this area. Defeat them just as before by waiting for them to stick their shield out and pulling them towards you with the clawshot. Once they are on the ground slash away with your sword until they regain their footing. Then use the shield attack and finish them off with a few more sword slashes.

Grapple onto the grating that is just above the door that you came in from. Then grapple onto the grating that is on the spinning platform. From here, use the second clawshot and hit the crystal switch against the south wall. This will make the platform you are on start to spin. There are a bunch of spinner platforms in this room, so just keep clawing your way to the very top.

The top platform with grating is not spinning. Face the north wall and hit the switch to activate the spinning platform. Grab onto the target that is against the south wall and then use the big key on the big lock. Go through the door and you will appear outside once again.

19.8 Twilit Dragon: Argorok

Once you appear outside, look at the pillar to the left and you’ll see another grating. Grab on over to it and then you’ll see some ivy on the nearby pillar. Grab on over to the ivy and then climb up to the very top of the City in the Sky. A short cinema will take place and that massive dragon that we saw earlier will once again appear. This will begin the battle with the Twilit Dragon: ARGOROK. The weather starts to turn a bit gloomy as the battle begins.

At the beginning of the battle, Argorok will fly across around and come sweeping across the platform with the intent of blowing Link off with the burst of wind. He’ll also hover over the middle of the platform and flap his wings, gusting wind towards Link. You can equip the iron boots and the gust will have no effect on Link.

Once Argorok is flapping his wings in the center of the area, you can Z-target its tail. Do so and use the clawshot to grab onto it. If you don’t have them equipped already, equip the iron boots. The weight will bring the dragon crashing to the floor and much of its armor will break. Argorok will then start flying around once again.

Argorok will eventually land on top of one of those massive pillars. Use the double clawshots and go from grating to grating on the pillars until you reach the top of the pillar. Be careful as Argorok will breathe fire out of its mouth during this phase as well. At the top of the pillars equip the iron boots and target Argorok’s tail. Doing so will bring it crashing to the ground once again. More armor will break off and a weak spot will appear on Argorok’s back. Argorok will then shutter and all of its armor will fall of its body. The rain and thunder begin to set in during this phase. The rain will cause a bunch of peahats to rise into the air, even higher than the massive pillars.

Climb to the top of the pillars and then claw onto the peahats. Argorok will continue to try to breathe fire at you while you are hanging from the peahats. Z-target the peahats and continue swinging across the peahats. Keep going in a circle until Argorok tries to breathe fire. You should be able to get behind him, at which point you can target its weak spot at the back of his body. Grab on over with the clawshot and slash repeatedly with your sword and Argorok will come crashing to the floor.

Argorok will get back up and fly around. Climb the pillars and grab on the peahats once again. After a few hits to Argorok, he will begin to adapt and change his fire breathing strategy. He will now breathe in one direction and then turn around and breathe in another. This will force Link to change directions on the peahats that he is hooking to. After he stops breathing fire and you get behind him, once again target his back and then slash away. Three times on its back slashing away should defeat Argorok.

Afterwards a heart container will fall out of Argorok’s body. The weather suddenly clears and Link is rewarded with the 4th Mirror Shard. After some small talk with Midna, grab the Heart Container and then leave the City in the Sky.

Midna will transport you to near the entrance of the City of the Sky. Walk behind the giant cannon and target the back of it. The cannon will send Link flying down back to Lake Hylia.

  • DerpyxHooves

    I’m on my 3rd playthrough of this game, and I can’t beat the boss because when I’m Z-targeting the peahats it goes to the previous one so I end up launching myself directly into the fire. I don’t remember having this issue before…. is that supposed to happen?

  • Sky

    No 12/10

  • Chris Farley

    I had this same trouble. To add to this find the broken pillar, claw shot the vine, climb to the top of the pillar. In this way you can reach the disabled fan without going through the whole level again.

  • Matthew Thomure

    I experienced a weird glitch in Twilight Princess HD. I started the final battle with the iron boots on. The dragon flew by twice, then stopped in the middle, flapping its wings…for like 10 minutes. The target on the tail was visible, but the clawshot just kept veering off to the side every time it got near. I tried front, back, side, directly underneath…nothing. He would have just kept flapping forever, i do believe. After a long list of failures in an attempt to figure out what the problem was, I finally took off my boots while standing in front of the dragon. A few moments later, I started to slide from the wind and something changed; the flapping intensified. I put the boots back on, and immediately I was able to clawshot the tail. I just thought I’d let everyone know in case someone else has the same issue!

  • Pernille

    I just have to add – the dinolfos in the circular room on the outside at the final destinastion do give 50 rupees each if you kill them.
    Also, the two aeralfos are giving one 50- rupee and one 100- rupee. Worth to kill them all – if your wallet is not full already. Mine was, and i got a bit irritated for spending a long time to fill my wallet with rupees right before this temple.

    Twilight Princess is really one of the best games of all time! I had a pretty persian- cat i called Zelda back in -99. It even said so on her pedigree 😉 she died recently, though, very sad:/ she is now on an urne in my living room 😂

    Best of luck with this temple everyone, i find this temple really creepy because of this music and sounds in the background. Second time im playing through TP, and i did not looking forward to this. I also had a hard time finish this temple up last time, but it was no issues now: )

  • Jake

    I love playing too

  • Lillie

    By the way, if you forget about activating the fan, go to the bottom left (right if you’re playing HD) pillar and climb to the top, then use the vines on the fan above to get to the room about the center room. Hope it helps!

  • Angel

    When I was in the center room on F1 I couldn’t use the claw shot on the vines. I couldn’t anywhere for that matter. If that is supposed to happen, then please tell me. If not, please help! I had to go through the whole thing because of this.😣If you could, help me please!

  • Josh

    If you are trying to latch onto the vines on the ceiling where the ball comes down, you won’t be able to until you go through the entire dungeon.

    If you are trying to latch onto any vines in the room…that’s a more significant problem.

  • Ably.Saucey

    The blue blocks don’t fall if you ride over them on the spinner, in case that helps anyone.
    You can walk past the fans in iron boots.

  • Hunter

    For those of you looking to continue on the HD version, this is still pretty much a 100% walkthrough. Just flip the directions, it’s not hard. In the end, all you’re missing is two stamps which can easily be found on a stamp location guide.

  • Thortok

    Or wait for my walkthrough which will be up shortly. =P And it’s actually 3 stamps, but if you follow the old walkthrough and get all the chests you’d collect them anyway as you go, they just hold stamps instead of rupees like the old walkthrough says.

  • Thortok


    -Dragon flies overhead-
    Ooccoo: “Hey Link, you might not believe this, but there’s a dragon hanging around!”

    ….Thanks, Ooccoo.

    There’s two chests to open underwater with the iron boots even before going anywhere else. You can also equip the Zora’s Tunic if you really want to but given how shallow the water is, taking off the boots and coming up for air is probably easier. The chests contain a red rupee and some bombs. (The type of bomb may vary depending on the current status of your bomb bags.)

    Head east into the shop, and talk to the Ooccoo you know over on the right (kinda looks like an item for sale almost.) She’ll volunteer to do what she’s done every other dungeon you found her in, which is warp you back to the start when you want it. A function I don’t think I’ve ever actually used except to see what it does. This is your last chance to experience the magic that is Ooccoo travel though, so if at any point you want to buy something that’s in the shop here, feel free to teleport here and then you can use the ‘item’ again to teleport back to the room you were in. You’ll be placed back at the door you entered that room from. (So the only time this item is actually useful is if you enter in by one way, and then fall, and would normally have to go all the way the long way around to come back in that entrance, you can teleport twice to save time.)

    Return to the starting pond and head north. Shoot the crystal to open the gate, and then head north through the door.


    The Ooccoo wandering around here work much the same as other feathered friends of a familiar size. Pick one up and float down to the next platform which has an enemy on it. Beware blue blocks, as they will drop out below you after a short time.

    Clawshot up to the vines, and then clawshot yourself an Ooccoo to float to the next platform, then head through the door.

    This next room has an enemy you can kill if you want. Now if you were to head through the door to the north here, you’d hit a dead end and have to come back to this room. If you were to go east now, you’d quickly hit a locked door; we’ll get to that later. And we can’t reach the west door with our current toolset. So let’s look around. Each of the windows you can clawshot to, but only one has a hole to pass through (the one in the southwest). Head through that hole.

    Just below you is a spinner slot. Hop in with your spinner and spin til you can’t spin no more. Head towards the bridge you made by clawshotting to the ivy across the gap.

    Make it across the bridge to the door on the other side. At this point the wind can really get annoying, so either time it and run across before it comes back, or use the iron boots. I find timing to be the faster, more consistent method. Trying to react and use the iron boots after the wind has already started usually fails and you fall off anyway, and wearing boots the whole way is just a nuisance.

    Once in the next room, clawshot to the ceiling above the chest and then drop down and open it to get a key.

    Getting back safely can be a bit of a nuisance. Don’t use the ceiling, instead use the cage-like structure on the wall where you were before. If you use the ceiling and fall down, well, now might be a good time to Ooccoo out and back, or just jump to your death and respawn at the door.

    Return to the bridge you made with the spinner, and cross it, then go through the door to get back to that first big main room again.

    Avoid the blue blocks, and clawshot to the ivy on one of the pillars. Make sure to aim towards the top of the ivy, if Link can’t get hold, you’ll treat yourself to a nice picture of the sky below you as you fall to your death.

    Run directly across the blue blocks before they fall and to the door to the east, and head through.

    Be careful with the camera angle as there is not actually a path in front of you. To your right however, is another spinner slot to make a bridge with. After crossing that bridge, we’ll use the key we got earlier to continue.

    First head to the right, and at the end of this path, looking to the left, is a crystal switch to hit. Arrows might get caught by the wind, so go ahead and use the clawshot. (The dungeon is really trying to encourage clawshot usage, I wonder why?)

    Heading back around to the left side, the first turbine you can use iron boots, but the second turbine has blue blocks that will drop you if you walk across them slowly with boots, so just clawshot past to the ivy. Before continuing, first head into the room to the east to grab the map in a treasure chest, and come back. Now head south across the blue blocks in front of the turbine you turned off earlier, and into the next room.


    Head forward and turn left. We’ve got a few platforms to cross and they have obstacles. The first jump is easy, the second time to avoid the wind gust. The third has an enemy lying in wait for you, which you can either boomerang or just avoid by clawshotting to the target instead.

    The worm up ahead is a little harder to avoid, but you can, but then the final worm you have to get the boomerang out for. And there’s a gust of air to avoid as well. Continue jumping across the blue block and then to the door to the next room.

    In here, shield bash the enemies multiple times until they fall to their death (such a fun way to kill them). Once the gate opens, look way up to spot the ivy to clawshot to. Once you’re up here, clawshot the object hanging from the ceiling to activate it as a switch, similar to some of the switches in the water temple earlier in the game. Where we first got the clawshot. (Hmm! What a coincidence!)

    At this point the goal is the door straight across from you. Grab a feathered friend, time your jump for the updraft, and head through that door.

    Clawshot another hanging switch (that’s what I’ll call them), then grab a feathered friend and use the updraft to reach the revealed chest, to get a red rupee.

    Next objective is to head to the far southwest corner, again using the floating friend and the updraft. The chest there has a purple rupee. Don’t forget you can clawshot the fellow if he’s far away.

    Next objective, go through the big crack in the north wall, and then into the northwest of the room to claw another hanging switch. And then finally, float your way over to the opening high up and to the northeast that you can now reach. Land and then head through the door to the north.

    There’s a lot going on in this room but only a couple things of importance to us right now. First, the goal is to get down to the door at the bottom shown in the cutscene. Secondly, getting blown out through the openings in the walls counts as falling to your death. Joy. Make your way down to the door and head east.

    Clawshot the hanging switch, but this one’s a big one so your weight alone isn’t enough. Magically spring iron boots into existence just like you always do, and you are suddenly heavier. Put the boots away just as magically and drop down to start a fight.

    For this battle, the moment of opportunity when he’s in the air is when the shield is facing you and he’s preparing to charge you. Clawshot, then do followup strikes. When on the ground, a simple shield bash will open him up for followup strikes.

    Once he’s down for good, clawshot up to the west and open the chest to get…another clawshot. While at first this may seem lame cause you already had one, it actually winds up being really cool. We’re about to put these puppies through their paces and if you don’t feel at least a little bit like Spiderman at the end of this, then you’re dead to me.

    So, like nearly all Zelda dungeons, to even get out of the room you have to show that you know how to use your new item. From the same ledge the chest is on, look up at the ceiling. Clawshot a nearby target, then lower yourself to get a good angle on the ceiling, and clawshot one of the targets further from the chest. Lower yourself again to get a good angle, and turn and look at the center of the room to see the ivy. Make sure to aim for the upper part of the ivy or you won’t get a good grip, and then once back up here, return through the door to the west.


    You might be afraid of getting lost in this room but really there’s only one way to go. Climb as high as you can with the double clawshots using the targets on the wall. (SpiderLink, SpiderLink, does whatever a SpiderLink does…)

    You’ll reach a point where you run out of targets on the wall and can’t go higher, but right within reach is a hanging switch, so claw over to it to open another gate.

    Once you’re hanging from the hanging switch, lower yourself down to find the gate that just opened, and then clawshot into it before the gate closes. Do you not see the awesomeness of the dual clawshots?

    And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Head through this door, and now we get even more epic awesomeness. Hold down the targeting button, clawshot, clawshot, clawshot, clawshot, clawshot, let go. (I might have an extra clawshot in there, I was having too much fun to count.) Really easy to perform and really cool to watch. Sweet! Don’t forget to open obvious chest of obviousness for the compass before you go through the door.


    Shoot the deku babas with arrows when the wind isn’t blowing. You could use the clawshots but it’s not as fun, plus you might accidentally clawshot to the enemy rather than kill it. Not to mention, once all the enemies are gone, you can swiftly cross. Clawshot, lower, clawshot, lower, repeat, over to the ivy and then climb up. Man, just imagine if they added swinging physics to this, then we’d really be Spiderman!

    Head through the nearby door and we’re back in that main room again, but this time with double clawshots. It’s like thinking with portals, it opens up a whole new variety of options to us.

    For instance, the west door is now in reach without having to go through the ‘secret’ hole. Clawshot to a target hanging from a pillar, then to above the door, and head through the west door.

    The dragon we haven’t seen in awhile (don’t worry we’ll get to him) kindly did us a favor and took out the bridge here, making this area much more fun to cross. Similar to what we did before, you can hold the target button and zip your way across easily, however this time there are enemies flying around which may screw the automatic targeting of the next target. If this happens, let go of the Z-targeting, turn to the direction you want to go, and then you should be able to target again. You can also aim manually, but that’s for people with too much time on their hands and not enough zippy one-liners to be Spiderman.

    We’re now back at that room that had the one key we’ve needed so far in this dungeon. Make your way to the clawshot target on the ceiling you weren’t supposed to use earlier, and hang down from it as low as you can go. You should be able to chain-claw (I just made that word up) across a few pillars to the other side of this room, on the lower level. On the final pillar you can just drop to the ground again.

    Now at this point the path is more linear than it seems in terms of only really having one way to go, but you’re gonna have to look around three dimensionally to see it. Directions will be given from each spot. For instance this first series, you will claw to the spot in front of you, then up and to the right, and then to the cage wall to the left. The easiest way to look around for the next spot is to press and hold the clawshot button, which has the added bonus of lighting up clawable objects within reach.

    Once you make it here, jump through the crack in the wall to the platform on the other side, then to the cage wall down and to the right. You’re in the right spot if you’re near the bottom of the room and see deku babas on the ceiling. Kill them, of course.

    Claw to the mark one of them was on, lower yourself down, claw to hit the switch, and then claw the mark on the other side of the gate.

    Now climb your way upwards. First the cage up and to the right, then mark, then another cage in the wall, and then the ceiling, and then drop down to back on land.

    There’s now two chests on this level. First grab the big one to the right to get the Ooccoo stamp. Then carefully make your way to the small one defended by enemies for some bombs. Then head back to where you started and go through the door to the north.

    Been awhile since you faced one of these, so if you forget, after several sword slashes the base will open up and you throw a bomb in. Once you’ve cleared yourself some breathing room, we’ll begin climbing this room. Start off on the west side of the platform and look up for the first target, and then up and to the left for some ivy.

    Be careful as someone forgot to finish the next platform. The chest here has arrows.

    If you move forward a bit, the camera will zoom out slightly to try to indicate that the next targetable clawshot is up above you, but before you head up there, stay on this level. There’s a ledge here you can’t actually walk on but can shimmy over. On the far side is a chest with a piece of heart.

    Now head back and z-target the clawshot target and claw up to it, and chainclaw to the next one, then manually aim at the ivy to your left.

    Now that you’re here, there’s only one clawshot spot left, up in the middle of the room, and once you’re here, lower/drop to the platform below. An enemy here has been very impatient for you to get up here, which makes it really kind of sad that you can easily beat him with shield bash and followups. Head into the next room from here.

    If getting to the clawshots was phase one, and from then to now was phase two, I like to think of this next bit as phase 3 of this dungeon, as it mostly occurs outdoors for a change of scenery. And at certain angles and in certain places, you can see the dragon flying around! I love it.

    We’ll be riding peahats a lot in this phase as well. As you may recall from earlier, they can be Z-targeted for an easier time of things. Yes, you can manually aim at them, but the moment they’re in range of manual aiming they’ve already been in range of being Z-targeted, so it’s still easier to just Z-target, in my opinion. If you z-target and still can’t reach, it’s usually because you’re skipping a hat you’re supposed to use in between, first.

    Anyway, ride the first hat over the first wall and the second hat over the second wall. A chest in the corner to the right has a red rupee.

    The next moving hat will get you to the stationary one to the south near a tree with a highly visible poe waiting for you, #56. Turn into a wolf for probably the first time in this dungeon and kill it. Don’t forget the chest here for Hylian letter G.

    A random Z target is likely to get you back to the stationary one which then makes it easier to get to the moving one. Once here, ride it through the hole by lowering yourself to the right level. (This puzzle should be really, really easy to figure out.) The next peahat has a similar hole for you to ride through. Drop down in the grass here for a chest with bombs that almost isn’t even worth the time, then quickly get back on the hat and up to the ledge with the door. If you miss it, you’ll just have to wait for the hat to return. Once you’re up on that ledge, head through the door.

    In this area, there’s several peahats to get around. While the obvious path may seem to the east, we actually want to head through the door directly to the south of us, which involves swinging past the eastern door in the peahat chain. The birds flying around are really annoying so either land and shoot with arrows, or peg them with the clawshot enough times to let go of z-targeting, then manually turn to the desired hat and then hold Z-target to chain-claw to the door.

    On the other side is a chest with a piece of heart, which is all we came for, so back through the door, and now chainclaw your way over to the eastern door to the next room.


    We’ll be in this room a while. Kill all the enemies you feel like killing, and the path to continue starts with the ivy on the northwest wall. Claw your way up.

    Now we’ve come all this way without having to be Wolf Link once (not counting the Poe we killed), so I think at this point they said “let’s add some Wolf Link puzzles” all of a sudden. So for whatever reason, you can’t actually walk across these tightropes except as Wolf Link. The good news is that you snap to them pretty tightly and can go across them pretty quickly, and now with the EZ-Transform button in HD mode (touch the topright button in the inventory screen on the gamepad) wolfing it up isn’t so annoying anymore.

    Cross the rope, head to the right, kill the two spiders on the ivy, and cross the ivy to reach a small chest with a red rupee.

    Cross two more ropes, kill a poe (#57) and open the chest for Hylian Stamp Z. This means we can FINALLY spell the word ‘Zelda.’

    Now the fastest way to move forward is actually drop down and head to the northwest ivy again. Once up here, this time cross the ropes to the left, and after several ropes you’ll reach the door to the next room. Hopefully all the enemies are dead at this point so you can take your time, and the best advice I can give is make sure you’re completely off one rope before getting on the next one.

    On the far side of this room is a hanging switch which requires iron boots that you should hit, and just below it is the chest with the big key.

    Drop down to the next room, with a couple more enemies and a chest with a red rupee.

    Now be careful here as messing up involves a really long run back. The next goal is a hanging switch in the ceiling of the floor below us. Start by hooking to the ceiling above, and lowering yourself past the fan in the floor of this room. You’re now in the ‘main’ room very near the beginning of the dungeon, which should give you an idea of how far back the run would be if you fell before you hit this next switch.

    (Actually, I tease. If you did fall, there’s a way to get back up here with the clawshots; you couldn’t come this way before cause the fan was spinning, but now it’s not. But it’s just easier not to fall.)

    The hanging switch you’re looking for is to the north of your current position, and it is again one that requires iron boots to activate. Once activated, it is now safe to drop to the floor and head through the door right next to you. This is that north door that was a dead end at the beginning of the dungeon, and we’re finally back to it.


    We want to hookshot to the moving propellers to get across. It can be easy to get turned around here, so keep in mind you’re heading WITH the wind (use Link’s hat to see the wind), towards the fan that is not moving, with a broken grate. When you get there, behind the not moving fan is a chest with a purple rupee.

    Defeat the enemies in here as easily as the first time, Then the next objective is to climb this room. Start with the grating above the door, then to a platform that’s not spinning, and hit the crystal switch.

    Patiently head up until you reach another platform that’s not spinning. You will often want to shoot just a little bit before the targeting circle appears so that the clawshot will reach the platform as it approaches.

    On the platform right before the top, non-spinning platform, I find it may be easier to drop down off of it and then attach to the other side, to make it easier to reach the platform that’s not spinning. It may be hard to see, but it has a grating on the side just like all the other ones. Once you’re on it, a diamond switch will get it moving, and you can clawshot over the door and head through for the boss fight.


    First, clawshot to the grating on the pillar on the left, then the ivy, and climb up to the platform. Oh, by the way, Link, I hear there may be a dragon about. And I hope you’re not afraid of heights. Kinda the wrong time to ask, though. =P

    He flies around a lot and when you start to get blown off, put the iron boots on. When he becomes targetable, make sure the iron boots are on, and clawshot to him. You probably don’t want to keep the iron boots on the entire time, though, as someone reported that it bugs out, plus it’s slow walking around in them.

    He’ll fly around a little more, try to blow you off again, and then land on a pillar. Clawshot your way up the pillars, but you don’t need to reach the top; when he becomes targetable, claw to him, put on the boots, and score another hit.

    Now the fight begins in earnest, for more epicness, as if fighting a dragon at the top of the world while being Spiderman wasn’t enough.

    You don’t really need the boots anymore (and they can in fact hinder you as the peahats don’t enjoy it when you have the boots on). The objective at this point is to claw all the way up the pillars to the very top. If you claw close enough to the top, you can climb up to stand on the pillar. Make sure to avoid any dragonflame on the way.

    Once you’re standing on the pillar, you can reach the peahats. Once you’re on any peahat at all, wait a second and allow the dragon to begin its flame attack at you (this allows your moment of opportunity to come sooner). Once he begins the animation that he’s going to breathe fire at you, start making your way around the peahats to avoid the flame. Once he stops breathing flame, that’s your window of opportunity. Stop chainclawing, let go of Z-target, and manually aim at the dragon, which will open it up for Z-targeting once you get close enough to it manually. Then claw to him and wail away with the sword.

    After once or twice of this, he might change direction with the flame before running out and giving you the moment of opportunity. Be prepared to do a 180 and start chainclawing the peahats the other way. And that’s all there is to the fight.

    After your heart and Midna chat, you’ll still be in the dungeon, by the cannon that takes you back, so use it to get back.

  • Zack Stout


    Thanks dude! Hanging off your every guide at this point. 🙂

  • Zack Stout

    Just finished up probably the best dungeon in the game. Thanks again for this!

  • Tim Reigle

    I failed to open the bridge all the way in the City in the Sky. Now I cannot finish opening it as the spinner will not go into the slot again. I’m stuck. Please help.

  • Bruno Cicero

    thanks for the guide! 🙂

  • Donk

    This guide leaves out a treasure chest!! In the section that says:

    “Use the clawshot to grab onto the target at the west end of the room. This pillar will start to fall so quickly claw over to the ivy at the north. Start climbing clockwise in this room and you’ll come to some rather narrow ledges. Use your arrows to eliminate the deku baba and the keese that are in your way. There is a small treasure nearby; open it to get some extra arrows.”

    When you claw over to the ivy at the north, climb up to the top of the small pillar you’re on. A deku baba will attack you from a nearby platform. Kill it, and jump over to the platform he was on to collect a chest with 10 rupees.

    I know it’s not a big deal, doesn’t really matter, but it IS a chest identified on the map with the compass. Good for 100% completion. 🙂

  • TronKitten

    Just as an FYI, to kill the aeralfos quickly, shoot an arrow at them then use your clawshot. The arrow will force them to block and you can grab them right away

  • Dirty D

    God, I can’t tell if I like this or Skyward Sword better. Twilight was weak at first, but got so good. It also had a darker color palate, which put me off until I banished the Twilight. This dragon was my favorite boss yet. But Skyward was better balanced overall and had better control (Motion +!), an epic ending plot with better mini games and cleaner graphics (duh) than Twilight. I hated Wolf-Link at first, but it seriously grew on me. Same with the bird/sky setting in Skyward. Breath of the Wild looks to trump either of them, tho. Need me a SWITCH!!!