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The Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence is the trading quest in Oracle of Seasons. It features 12 items, which must be traded with people from around Holodrum, and even in Subrosia. The reward for this quest is the Noble Sword, which is more powerful than the Wooden Sword. However, in a Linked Game, the reward may be the Master Sword, depending on whether Link has used the King Zora Secret to acquire the Noble Sword early. This quest is completely optional; no items in the quest need to be acquired for plot reasons.

For map screen locations of each trade, see the Gallery at the base of the page.




The first item in the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence is the Cuccodex. It can be acquired after Link has completed the first dungeon of the game, Gnarled Root Dungeon. With the Ember Seeds that Link acquired inside the dungeon, he can light two torches inside of Dr. Left's house. This house can be found in the southwestern portion of Horon Village. This act is done so that Dr. Left can read, as before it was too dim.[1] Happy that he can now see, Dr. Left gives Link the Cuccodex.[2]

Lon Lon Egg


The second item is the Lon Lon Egg, which can be acquired by trading with Malon. Malon wants the Cuccodex as her father, Talon, left to climb Mt. Cucco, leaving her in charge of the hens.[3] However, she has limited knowledge to care for the hens, so she asks Link to have the Cuccodex.[4] As a reward, she gives Link the Lon Lon Egg.[5]

Ghastly Doll


The Ghastly Doll is the third item in the trading sequence. It can be acquired from Maple, who offers to trade it in exchange for the Lon Lon Egg, claiming they are all the rage with girls, and since Link is a boy, he doesn't need it.[6] Maple can be found at certain trigger points across Holodrum, but only after Link has defeated 30 enemies.

Iron Pot


The fourth item in the trading sequence is the Iron Pot. This well-seasoned pot[7] can be acquired from Mrs. Ruul, the wife of Mayor Ruul, the mayor of Horon Village.[8] Mrs. Ruul gives Link the Iron pot in exchange for the Ghastly Doll,[9] as it is so hot in her home that she needs something creepy to send chills down her spine.[10] The Ghaslty Doll is exactly what she needs, and she gladly trades for it.[11]

Lava Soup


The Lava Soup is the fifth item in the sequence, and is the only one that is found in Subrosia, not Holodrum. It can be acquired from the Subrosian Chef, who can be found in his kitchen on the west side of Subrosia. Furthermore, the Lava Soup is not actually traded for; instead, the Subrosian Chef takes the Iron Pot and makes Lava Soup in it.[12]

Goron Vase


The sixth item in the trading sequence is the Goron Vase. This vase can be acquired from Biggoron who can be found on the summit of Goron Mountain. Biggoron is feeling a little sick, as it is so cold.[13] He asks Link for something to warm him up, and the Lava Soup is a perfect fit.[14] After drinking the soup, Biggoron is warmed up. Overjoyed with happiness, he gives Link the Goron Vase "as a symbol of my gratitude!"[15]



A Fish is the seventh item in the trading sequence. It can be acquired from Ingo, a vase collector who lives in Sunken City.[16] As a vase collector, Ingo is very eager to get his hands on Biggoron's vase, even offering to trade his dinner for it.[17] Once Ingo sees Link with the Goron Vase, he begs Link to give it to him.[18] Ingo thanks Link by giving him his dinner, a Fish.[19]


OoS Megaphone Sprite.png

The eighth item in the trading sequence is the Megaphone. The Megaphone can be acquired from Mittens' Owner, a man found in North Horon. Mittens, Mittens' Owner's cat, is stuck at the top of a tree and won't come down, no matter how hard her owner tries.[20] Mittens' Owner remarks how the only way to get her down would be to have her favourite treat: Fish.[20] Luckily, Link acquired a Fish from Ingo, so he can give it to Mittens' Owner to use to get Mittens down.[21] As thanks, Mittens' Owner gives Link the Megaphone.[22]



The ninth item in the trading sequence is the Mushroom. The Mushroom can be acquired from Talon. Talon is found in a cave on Mt. Cucco, but is asleep, muttering something about snow.[23] Link can wake him up with the Megaphone, at which point Talon realizes he slept through winter and bustling out the door. Before leaving, he takes the Megaphone from Link and gives him the Mushroom.[24]

Wooden Bird


The Wooden Bird is the tenth item in the trading sequence. It can be acquired from Syrup, a witch who lives in Sunken City. If Link visits her in her shop, she exclaims how if Maple, her apprentice,[25] was there, she would send Maple to Mt. Cucco to look for Mushrooms, as they are needed to make her Magic Potion.[26] However, if Link goes to her with the Mushroom in hand, she smells it off him, and offers to trade for it in exchange for the Wooden Bird.[27] With the Mushroom, Syrup can finally make the Magic Potion,[28] which she later sells for 300 Rupees.[29]

Engine Grease


The Engine Grease is the eleventh item in the trading sequence. It can be acquired from Tick Tock, who can be found in the Clock Shop in Horon Village. Tick Tock wants to make a Cuckoo Clock, but he can't find a wooden bird that he likes.[30] However, when Link brings him the Wooden Bird he got from Syrup, Tick Tock exclaims it's a fine bird, and asks to have it.[31] Overjoyed, he thanks Link with the Engine Grease.[32]



The Phonograph is the twelfth and final item in the trading sequence. It can be acquired from Guru-Guru, who can be found near the Windmill in the Eastern Suburbs. He stands by the windmill, watching it go around and around. He wants some oil to make it go faster,[33] Once he sees Link's Engine Grease, he asks to use it to make the windmill go faster.[34] As thanks, he gives Link the Phonograph.[35]


Noble Sword

Main article: Noble Sword
Noble Sword.png

The reward of completing the Oracle of Seasons trading sequence is the Noble Sword, which is a sword that is much more powerful than the Wooden Sword. It is not required to complete the game, but makes fighting bosses much easier. It can be acquired by taking the Phonograph and playing it in front of a certain Deku Scrub found in Tarm Ruins. The Deku Scrub loves the tune, and offers to give Link directions to his "Secret Spot".[36] By following these directions, Link is lead directly to the location of the Noble Sword.

Master Sword

Main article: Master Sword#Oracle of Seasons
Master Sword OOX.png

In a Linked Game, if Link already has the Noble Sword when he completes the trading sequence, he will receive the Master Sword instead.



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