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This page is the location for any and all current Wiki projects. The following are what we'd like to work on. Of course, other areas of the Wiki are welcome for being worked on, but we'd prefer to get these pages done, or at least very fleshed out sooner than later. Thanks.

Hyrule Warriors

As information and media trickles out, we're trying to stay on top of keeping our Hyrule Warriors content pages and media up to date.

You can help by updating content pages citing information from official sources such as GameCity and NoA's Facebook page. We are also actively seeking out the highest quality and highest resolution versions of official artwork and screenshots.

We are also working on the following guides:

Zelda Dungeon Content Pages

We're in the process of converting content from legacy web pages to the wiki, and then presenting that as our primary content. Most pages apart from walkthroughs, some guides, and some media pages will eventually be replaced by wiki articles. We're taking this game-by-game, so every few weeks the next game will need its content updated on the wiki. Game pages whose legacy guides are still superior to their wiki articles will have a list of external links in their infobox. The goal is to improve the wiki content so that we can remove those external links.

Project Managers: Mases (talk), Locke (talk)

The Legend of Zelda

The Adventure of Link

A Link to the Past

Link's Awakening

Ocarina of Time

Oracle of Seasons and Ages

Spirit Tracks

The Wind Waker


With The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia giving us ample canon material, we're working on creating many pages related to the timeline of the Zelda universe. The organization of this project is based on that of Hyrule Historia. The main page this project deals with is Timeline, but it spreads to all pages listed in the {{Timeline}} navigation template (which should conversely appear on every timeline-related page).

Project Manager: Locke (talk)

Discussion: DGN Forums


We will also be hosting many of our resources on the wiki. It's important that these exhibit consistent format and style.

Project Manager: Locke (talk)


[[Interviews]] have their own namespace, and their titles follow the format: Interview:<publication> <date>, where <publication> is the organization interviewing a developer and <date> is formatted like: August 12th 2012.

When editing an interview, check the toolbox below the text fields for applicable templates, including the Interview Infobox and the formatting templates used to standardize questions and answers.

Part of this project is researching interviews we don't have. If there's an interview that doesn't already have its own page, create one for it. At least add the link, if not the full text of the interview. Be sure to include the IncInterview template if it isn't properly formatted. The next part of this project is formatting the interviews. This category contains interviews that haven't yet been formatted with the appropriate templates.

As a side-project, important quotes that might interest theorists can be collected on the Developer Quotes page. Look at other quotes on that page as examples of how to do this.

Game Quotes

[[Text Dumps]] have been transferred to the wiki in such a way as to allow transclusion of individual quotes. This feature has two main uses: captions and citations.


Many pages already use [[Caption Templates]] to display what certain characters have to say about the article's subject. This project involves updating these templates to include presets from text dumps, selected by the title of the article utilizing the template or by keywords. Pulling the quotes from the dumps automatically both standardizes the quotes (prevents inaccuracies, etc.) and vastly simplifies their use. This project's scope also extends to adjusting the templates' use in articles to use these presets rather than manually specifying the text to display.


Claims need to be supported by in-game evidence. See Help:References and {{Ref}} for more information.

Main Page Trivia

All Trivia sections must be updated to meet the requirements described here. This project also covers including new trivia, though there's no measure for completion of that aspect.

Project Manager: any volunteers? Contact Locke.


  • Sandbox - Use that page to test out your formatting and ideas. Don't worry if you mess up, it's cleaned up easier there.