Bring Peace to Necluda!

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Bring Peace to Necluda!




The quest is given after Link completes Bring Peace to Hyrule Field!





Bring Peace to Necluda! is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


The quest becomes available after Link fights alongside Hoz's Squad and completes the Bring Peace to Hyrule Field! quest.


Hoz's Squad sets up base near Kakariko Bridge where Menter and Suzuna can be found. Suzuna will give Link a Tough Elixir to prepare him for the battle. The rest of Hoz's Squad can be found to the east, preparing for an assault on Fort Hateno where a monster force has setup a stronghold.

The battle with the Marauders of Necluda is a bit more difficult than in Hyrule Field. This time, Link will be fighting against stronger Blue Bokoblin, Black Bokoblin, and a Blue Moblin.

As a reward for completing the battle, Hoz presents Link with a Silver Rupee. He indicates that the fight is over for now. That is until a Blood Moon rises, at which point they will need to dispose of the monsters once again.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Hoz's squad of the monster-control crew is heading to Fort Hateno next. It's located in Necluda, which is in southeast Hyrule. They plan to hunt down more monsters there.

If you head that way, you might be able to lend Hoz and his squad a hand.
Hoz's squad is approaching a stronghold of monsters at Fort Hateno.

They plan to charge the stronghold once they get closer to it. Head for the stronghold with the monster-control crew.
The monster-control-crew squad led by Hoz is in the midst of fighting monsters of Fort Hateno.

Join the crew and help them defeat all of the monsters!
You helped Hoz's squad of the monster-control crew by defeating the monsters that had taken over the fort.

But as long as the blood moon continues to resurrect monsters, Hoz and his squad must continue to fight.