Guidance from Ages Past

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Guidance from Ages Past

Guidance from Ages Past is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link must retrieve the mask of Mineru, the Zonai Sage of Spirit, from Dragonhead Island in the Faron Grasslands Sky. From there, her voice & a green laser from the mask call him "Link, Zelda's Chosen Protector" and guide him through the Tobio's Hollow Chasm to the Construct Factory in the Faron Grasslands Depths. There, she has him place the mask in the head area of the mould for a huge construct, attaching to the torso already there. Next, she directs him to retrieve arms and legs for the construct from the nearby storehouses to complete it, so they can "speak face-to-face". With this done, she takes him to the Spirit Temple where her Secret Stone remains. After entering, she triggers an elevator to the basement, but they find it is covered in gloom and the Seized Construct - a vessel originally intended for Mineru's spirit, now possessed by Ganondorf's magic - blocks the way to the Secret Stone.

After they destroy the Seized Construct together, Mineru's spirit enters the secret stone. Talking to Link in astral form, from there she explains the original defeat of Ganondorf; and that, while dying in the aftermath, she was approached by Zelda with a plan for the Hylian princess to undergo draconification, sacrificing her sense of self to become the Light Dragon; with the intent to restore the Decayed Master Sword, sent back in time, so that it could be used to Destroy Ganondorf in the present day. While opposed, Mineru agreed to help. Before her body died, she used her power to separate her spirit and enter the Purah Pad, from where she guided Link to this point. She then makes the Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit and bonds the secret stone to her construct; allowing Link to call upon it for help at any time.


The only true requirement is the paraglider, as well as 10 Heart Containers to open the door to Mineru's mask, as reaching Mineru's mask without obtaining it at all will not cause the quest to progress; clearing out the thunderstorm in the Thunderhead Isles is purely optional however. However, the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest is intended if not truly required to be completed first, and the Find the Fifth Sage is also intended to be active.


  • As part of the Find the Fifth Sage, Link will begin the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest in Kakariko Village. This eventually leads Link to Dragonhead Island in the sky. Technically, Link does not need to complete the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest and can travel straight to Dragonhead Island.
  • On top of Dragonhead Island, Link can open the large door, as long as he has at least ten heart containers, which leads to Mineru's Mask. This will begin the Guidance from Ages Past quest.
  • Just down the steps from where Link finds the Mask, there is a Wing, Steering Stick, and Fan. Link can connect the three Zonai Devices and also attach the mask to it. From here, Link can glide off of Dragonhead Island down to the surface below.
  • Carry the mask to the statue that the green light is pointing at and it will open up, revealing an opening to an area down below. This leads to Tobio's Hollow Chasm. After placing the mask on the platform, the platform will begin to move, taking Link down into the Depths.
  • Grab the mask and carry it to where the green light is pointing. Use Ultrahand to place it in its place at the Construct Factory.
  • The voice of Mineru will task Link with traveling to the four storehouses in the area to find parts to construct a body.
  • After compiling all four body parts, Link will be able to take control and ride on top of Mineru's Construct. Mineru will task Link with heading southeast towards the Spirit Temple.
  • Upon arriving at the Spirit Temple, Link will need to defeat the Seized Construct. After doing so, Link can collect the secret stone of spirit atop the altar.
  • After acquiring the Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit, this will complete the quest. This will also begin the Trail of the Master Sword quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
You found a strange relic on Dragonhead Island that emitted a narrow beam of light. The beam appears to extend straight down to the surface.

When you touched the relic, a mysterious voice said to take it and "follow the light."
The relic's light guided you to a hidden path that led underground.

From there, the relic started emitting the beam again, leading you down the path.
When you placed the relic on a pedestal in the underground chamber, a path opened into the Depths. The mysterious voice spoke again, saying, "You must hurry... We must meet as soon as possible." When you arrived in a vast space within the Depths, the relic began to emit another beam to guide you toward the ruins.
Within the vast ruins was a pedestal with a hollow carved out in the shape of a person. When you placed the relic where the head would go, the voice spoke again. Calling herself Mineru, the Sage of Spirit, she asked you to visit four depots for the parts to build a body that could house her spirit, allowing you to truly meet her.
When you placed the parts collected from the four depots in the pedestal, they connected and came to life as a large construct. Mineru's voice then asked you to bring her to the secret stone of spirit using the power of the construct.

From Mineru's voice, you learned the location of the secret stone.
Alongside the construct, you headed to the Temple of Spirit, where the secret stone is housed. Another construct, animated by the Demon King's magic, awaited you there.

You must vanquish this construct to claim the secret stone of spirit.
You vanquished the construct animated by the Demon King's magic. The remains of that construct, built by Mineru long ago, vanished along with the gloom filling the temple.

The secret stone of spirit sparkles atop the altar.
At last you met the voice's owner, Mineru, the Sage of Spirit. She transferred her spirit from the Purah Pad, where it had resided, into the secret stone. She told you of a battle with the Demon King in the distant past, known as the Imprisoning War, and of Princess Zelda's resolve to restore the Master Sword. Mineru's spirit will aid you in the construct she inhabits.