Manny's Beloved

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Manny's Beloved



Speak with Manny in Hateno Village


Find Out What Ivee Likes
Give 10 Hot-Footed Frogs to Manny





Manny's Beloved is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link can begin the quest as soon as he arrives at Hateno Village.


  • Manny can be found walking around Hateno Village, but in particular, he is eyeing Ivee who works as a greeter at the East Wind, the general store in Hateno Village. He wants to get something for her, but doesn't know what she likes. She asks Link to ask Ivee what kind of things she likes, which will begin the quest.
  • Ivee can be seen during the day, just outside of the East Wind and then heads upstairs in the evening to sleep. Speak with Ivee and she seems annoyed by Manny, who keeps looking at Link. Upon asking Ivee what she likes, she blurts out that she wants 100 Hot-Footed Frogs.
  • Link can then return to Manny to share the news. After hearing about it, he tasks Link with finding 10 Hot-Footed Frogs. He suggests checking out Caves or the Wells that are in the area, especially right underneath Hateno Village, as Hot-Footed Frogs are found all over the place.
  • After acquiring 10 Hot-Footed Frogs, Link can give them to Manny in exchange for 10 Rushrooms.

Adventure Log

Step Description
It seems Manny's friend's friend badly wants to catch the eye of Ivee, the greeter for the general store.

Can you muster the courage to ask Ivee what she likes the most?
It turns out that what Ivee wants the most in life is 100 hot-footed frogs.

You should break the news to Manny.
Upon learning that Ivee wants a collection of 100 hot-footed frogs, Manny enlisted your help as a frog catcher.

Start by collecting 10 hot-footed frogs, which can be found in wells and caves. One such well in the village is home to many frogs.
You delivered the 10 hot-footed frogs to Manny and received a reward.

Manny confessed that he was the one who wanted to catch Ivee's eye. His plan now is to find the remaining hot-footed frogs on his own.