Pride of the Gerudo

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Pride of the Gerudo is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


With Queen Gibdo defeated and the Sand Shroud dispelled, life in Gerudo Town returns to normal. With Link having aided Riju in defeating the evil queen and having single-handedly rescued Isha from a Molduga, the jeweller feels the need to repay her debt to Link. Consequently, she greatly honours Link, and offers to forge the "arms of the Seven", equipment which only her family line knows how to make, for him, provided that he brings her the necessary materials needed.


The Riju of Gerudo Town Main Quest must be completed, along with the The Missing Owner side quest.


  • With the prerequisite quests completed, go to Starlight Memories in Gerudo Town. Isha will be standing outside.
  • Speak to her. She will thank you, and offer to craft the Scimitar of the Seven and Daybreaker for you as long as you bring her "four diamonds, 10 pieces of flint... a Gerudo scimitar and a Gerudo shield" as raw materials.
  • If you do not already have these materials, you can gather them from some convenient locations:
  • Once you have gathered the materials, or already have them, you can speak to Isha again to trade the materials for a Scimitar of the Seven and a Daybreaker.
  • After she gives you the equipment, Isha adds that if your equipment breaks, you can bring her the same materials to craft new equipment[1].

Adventure Log

Step Description
Isha is prepared to craft the powerful arms of the Seven for you. To do so, she will need four diamonds, 10 pieces of flint, a Gerudo scimitar, and a Gerudo shield. Even a decayed Gerudo scimitar will do. Gather the required materials, and then speak with Isha.
You gave four diamonds, 10 pieces of flint, a Gerudo scimitar, and a Gerudo shield to Isha, and in return she crafted the arms of the Seven for you. She also told you that, should the arms ever be irrecoverable, you can bring her the materials and she can remake them.


  1. Should they ever be irretrievably lost, just bring me the materials again and I'll remake them for you. - Isha, Tears of the Kingdom