Serenade to Cotera

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Serenade to Cotera
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Speak to Mastro at Dueling Peaks Stable


Take the Stable Trotters across the Squabble River to Cotera's bud while seated in Breezer


Green-rupee.png 100
Great Fairy Cotera begins upgrading clothes again




Serenade to Cotera is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


The Great Fairy Cotera has sealed herself in her bud, and refuses to come out until she hears the sound of a drum to tell her the world is intact after the Upheaval. With Tera and Kaysa coaxed out of their buds, the Stable Trotters move to Dueling Peaks Stable to try and convince Cotera back out.

Once their drummer Beetz returns, they aim to travel across the Squabble River, but Sky Debris has destroyed the Big Twin Bridge, and an attempt to remove the wheels from their wagon Breezer didn't help - floating it across proved impossible given the strong currents. Link must use Zonai Devices and Building Materials to transform Breezer into a form which can fly over the river safely (Around the remains of the Big Twin Bridge are a wing, fans, battery and a Steering Stick; along with various building materials...)

Once they reach the bud, they play for her and she comes back out again. Mastro pays Link 100 rupees for his help, and notes that another Great Fairy is "still shut away in her flower bud", so they "must be off at once to visit the next Great Fairy."


Link must complete both Serenade to Kaysa and Honey, Bee Mine before he can complete this quest.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
The Great Fairy Cotera is hiding in her flower bud. She says she likes the sound of a drum, but the drummer Beetz is nowhere to be found. However, a traveler from Kakariko Village heard the sound of a drum near the road south of Bonooru's Stand.
You found Beetz, the drummer, as he was trying to make food to bring Mastro out of his low spirits. After receiving the ingredients, Beetz returned to the Stable Trotters. Go meet with Mastro at Dueling Peaks Stable.
The Great Fairy Cotera is hiding in her flower bud. She says she likes the sound of a drum. Mastro is eager to get their troupe to her so she can hear Beetz play. The troupe went down to the river near the stable to see if they can cross it.
The Great Fairy Cotera finally left her bud after the troupe performed for her. Now visitors to Dueling Peaks Stable can visit her nearby and receive her blessing.