Breath of the Wild Walkthrough – Vah Naboris Dungeon

9.1 Dungeon Map

Right from the start, run ahead and defeat the guardian. Run to the other end of the room and then climb the steps. You’ll see some malice in the way, so defeat the eye located at the right.

Walk into the massive open room. This will be referred to as the main room for the duration of this chapter. We want to walk back to the other side of the dungeon, but on the second floor. If you glance just to the right, there is a ledge you can climb up. Do so and then make your way over to the pedestal. Place your Sheikah Slate on top to get the Dungeon Map.

Look at the dungeon map and you’ll find that there are three parts of the center room that can be turned. Each of them can be turned 90 degrees. This makes for a lot of different combinations, but fortunately, we actually don’t need to turn the map that often.

Also, while looking at the map, note that the animal pictured is a camel. I will refer to the front of the camel as the side with the long neck, so make a mental note of that.

9.2 1st Terminal

The first terminal is right here in the main room. Of the three movable cylinders within the dungeon, the terminal is located on cylinder one that is closer to the camels back. However, it is stuck within a large cage. If you closely examine the cage, you’ll see that it appears like it is closed off on all sides. However, the bottom is actually open. We just need to rotate the cylinder so that the bottom faces an opening.

If you look around the room, you’ll notice that there are a few large circular windows that lead to the exterior of the dungeon. On the cylinder related to this first terminal, there is a window that is open. Rotate the back cylinder, until the bottom of the cube is facing that hole in the wall.

We now need to reach that hole from the outside. Just rotate the middle cylinder so that you can exit the room through the hole on that same side of the room. From there, run around and enter the cube from the outside. You will need to rotate the back cylinder until the terminal is right side up. Place your Sheikah Slate inside to activate the terminal.

9.3 2nd Terminal

When looking at the map, you’ll see that on each side of the cylinders, there is a circuit line. This is associated with an electricity path. We want rotate all three of the cylinders so that the circuit line for all of them is at the top of the map. This will turn them green, indicating electricity is flowing through that circuit. This will also spin the large wall that is at the front of the camels body.

There are two holes within this spinning platform, one of them has a platform associated with it, while the other does it. We want to ride the hole that does NOT have a platform associated with. Step into it and let it ride its way to the top of the room. From there, you want to drop immediately down, landing on the platform that I just mentioned. This will briefly give you an opportunity to sneak through a hole in the middle of the spinning wheel.

Run down this corridor and avoid the malice and the lasers that are shooting at you. At the end of the path, jump over and open the treasure chest to get a Knight’s Shield. Then use an arrow or a remote bomb to destroy the glowing eye. Return back to the central room.

This time step into either of the two holes on the large moving wall and allow it to take you up to the top of the room. Once there is an opening, jump through to get to the front of the camel.

You will notice a cross handle on the ground that can be turned. You will also see that the lines are solid green, indicating that there is power flowing to this part of the dungeon. As you turn the cross handle clockwise, a gear right next to the cross handle is also rotating. This gear has a bulb on one of its sides. You want to keep turning the cross handle, until the bulb is facing upward, even with the green light. This will cause the bulb to glow blue, indicating that there is power flowing to it.

You then want to turn the cross handle counter-clockwise. This won’t effect the bulb we just put in place. There is a second gear on the other side of the platform and this one also has a bulb. Repeat the same process until the bulb is glowing blow. This will cause the neck of the camel to turn vertically, and a elevator will appear. Right the elevator up to the camel’s head and activate the second terminal.

9.4 3rd Terminal

Drop down and return to the hole that leads to the main room. Wait until one of the holes comes up and then walk through. There are two holes on this rotating wall, and one of them has a platform just beneath it. Wait until the one with the platform comes up, and then drop down onto the moving platform.

Run up to its highest point and wait until it raises you close to the ceiling. When you are at the point where you are about to slip down, leap off of the platform and use the paraglider to get over to the platform that is just off the wall. On one side you will find the terminal waiting for you. Go ahead and make your way over to activate it.

9.5 4th Terminal

Now make your way to the backside of the camel, still on this highest ledge of the main room. You will see a series of objects that are on rails. You can use Magnesis to move these objects along the rails that they are on. Since we have electricity flowing to this area, we want to arrange the four moving objects so that electricity flows through all four of them and powers the back of the camel.

This will send the back of camel upward, creating a staircase to the top area of the dungeon. However, we don’t quite have enough time to run to the very back of the camel. So what you want to do is move one of the objects to break the electric circuit, and then quickly fix the circuit. The camel will go through the full motion of retracting, and then it will create the ramp again. Going through the full motion will give you ample time to run up the ramp.

At the top of the ramp, you will see a glowing eye. Shoot it with an arrow and it will destroy all the malice in the area. Run forward and kill the glowing eye in the next area as well. The large ramp will appear and it will carry you down below. Be sure to open the nearby treasure chest to get an Ancient Screw.

At the very bottom of this room destroy the glowing eye so that the enemies do not get in your way. Ride the platform back up and you’ll see an energy sphere. These objects have the ability to power nearby circuits. Lift up the energy sphere and carry it up to the top floor.

Drop the energy sphere so that it right next to the bulb, and it will power the circuit, causing a nearby platform to move. In the next area, shoot the glowing eye that is hanging below to destroy all the malice. A small guardian will appear, so be sure to take care of it. Right where the malice was located, you’ll find the terminal, so go ahead and activate it.

9.6 5th Terminal

From the previous terminal, ride the platform up to the top floor and you’ll see a second energy sphere. Grab it and then make your way to the platform that is moving back and forth in between the two humps of the camel. This time you want to just drop straight down when the moving platform is not in front of you. You will find a square hole here, so drop all the way down through it. Here you will take on a pair of small guardians. Defeat them to open up the nearby gates.

The final terminal is located right behind the gate here. Place the energy sphere on one of the circular platforms. You will now need to climb back up either of the two elevators to get back to the upper area. Grab the second energy sphere and drop down below. Place the second sphere on the circle and then run over to activate the final terminal.

9.7 Thunderblight Ganon

While you had to use your Gerudo wardrobe for the Gerudo Town region, you don’t, and shouldn’t for this battle. Wear your best armor for your best defense.

During the first phase of the battle, I recommended staying on the bottom floor where there is the most space to work with. Thunderblight Ganon has two attacks during this initial phase. The first will have him throw some green projectiles at you and these can be easily avoided by just moving to the site. His other attack involves him quickly moving around the room, warping to three spots in a matter of a second, with the third spot being right next to Link. He’ll then deliver a viscous sword slash. The best method to attack him during this phase is to hold out your shield, and just before he’s about to attack you, do a backflip. If you time it right, you can do a Flurry Attack. Equip your best two-handed weapon to do the most damage. Repeat this method until half his health is gone.

The second phase of the battle involves Thunderblight Ganon dropping several stakes into the ground and then electrifying them, along with a small area right around them. You want to use your Magnesis ability here. Right when he tosses the stakes into the ground, run away so you aren’t immediately near any of them. Then use your Magnesis to grab one to the stakes before it disappears. Lift it up and push it towards Thunderblight Ganon to cause damage. I personally find this easier to do from a higher elevation as oppose to the ground floor. This phase only lasts one attack.

During the third phase, I recommend dropping back down to the bottom area. This phase is similar to the first phase, except Thunderblight Ganon is now electrified and hyper-aggressive. If you have a metal shield, be sure to un-equip it. You will want to do a lot of running away during this phase, avoiding at all costs his electric attacks. When he does his warping attack, instead of slashing once, he will slash three times in a row. Thus, if you are perming a backflip to do a Flurry Attack, if you do not time it perfectly, he will almost certainly hit you on his second or third sword slash. When his sword and shield are electrified, I would recommend just running away. Wait until the electricity goes away, and then try to perform a perfect timed Flurry Attack.

When Thunderblight Ganon’s health is low, he will perform a charged laser shot at you. I would avoid try to do a perfect shield deflect of this, and instead, just run away. Hide behind a pillar so that the laser does not harm you.

You’ll have to just keep at it. I find this battle to be significantly more difficult than the other forms of Ganon, but with enough trial and error, you’ll eventually get it.

  • Matthew

    If you hit thunder blight Gannon’s shield enough when he attacks you it will break it letting you get a ton of hits in and its easier but longer than doing the furry attack. But the weapon you use will wear from breaking the shield. so you have to decide do I want to do it the harder way and probably take lots of damage and die a lot or have it take longer but have it be easier and put wear on your weapons. I would recommend using a spear so you can get a WAY longer reach because when your using a shield thunder blight Gannon will rip it up when your using it. so I would use a spear with whatever method I choose. when you break his shield he will get another one after a random amount of time.

  • Matthew

    The shield will get smaller as you deal more and more damage to it but if you stop hitting it it will gain heath back and get bigger. Also if you hit his shield two times or more (without breaking his shield) when he attacks he will teleport away then attack you right after or not teleport away and just teleport to the left and right of you then back in front of you again then attack again.

  • Matthew

    I would of uploaded pics but there to big to put on this sit.

  • XLandBroZ YT

    i only have 4 knights shields lmao

  • Masso

    so at what point are men admitted into gerudo town?

  • Sato

    This fight is by far the most bullshit to a player who isn’t using a guide. The timing for getting a flurry attack seems more strict than usual.. it ends up just taking a really long time to get the dodges you need to get damage in.

  • Sato

    Also, a typo on the guide, near the bottom of the page: Thus, if you are ||perming|| a backflip to do a Flurry Attack..

  • Landon Fierro

    Use Stasis+, makes the Thunderblight Ganon encounter extremely bearable.

  • Jimmy Boy

    I hate this game, it’s the absolute worst in the series, and Nintendo fucked up when they made it.

  • Susan Van Fleet

    This is, by far, the worst dungeon in the game.

  • Cabij

    I like Breath of the Wild a lot, but it’s not really a “Zelda game”. The puzzles are great, and there are so many of them, it’s amazing, but the combat/armour/food systems are so different from everything that’s gone before. There’s so much thinking involved about which weapons you don’t want to waste on minor scraps… And the whole idea of dungeons has vanished. The Divine Beasts aren’t dungeons like what we know. (And there aren’t enough of them either.)
    And climbing… repeatedly running out of stamina and falling, and having to start again…
    And having to cook loads of things before taking on a new challenge… It’s a bit tedious sometimes, until you have enough ability to take on whatever comes your way.
    It might be better if the game *was* more linear. Imagine if everything was the same (Divine Beasts, shrines, weapons, food), except: to fight Ganon, you still *have* to have the Master Sword – but the only way to get it is to go through a series of dungeons, old-skool stylee. The Divine Beasts are still optional, but the dungeons are not.
    Plus, the Dungeon Items you pick up *can’t* break. Other stuff can, but you’ve got a hard core of Boomerang, Hookshot, etc.
    That’d be more like a “Zelda game”. But with all the improvements from Breath of the Wild. Of which there are many.

    …but I still think Zelda 3 was the best. Ocarina of Time was where it all started to go wonrg… 3D Zelda? This is what you’ll end up with. 16-BIT MASSIVE INDAHOUSE

  • Brotherman Chill

    lol no, clear cut best in series by far.

  • Sammich

    But if you go back to the bazaar and climb to the top of the top heavy rock; you can get an outfit that will let you cross dress well enough to get in.
    All for the low, low, price of 900 Rupees!

  • darkfire998

    600 rupees

  • Andrew Jarmicki

    This was by far the hardest ganon I faced. The timing of the flurry attack has to be so perfect, it is extremely frustrating. I truthfully tried this about 50 times, not even lying, until I finally got it. This guide provides the best information on how to execute the fight. I watched a few videos and read a couple forums and this was the most helpful. Now that I have completed it I am so excited to explore the rest of the game and get all the armor and weapons

  • Thortok

    Didn’t think of using Stasis+, but one thing I noticed was when he teleports towards you, he does left right center, I timed my backflip just before he went to the right, and was able to flurry rush.

    When he does a triple attack later in the fight, I just backflipped twice and was able to trigger flurry rush then as well.

    Essentially flurry rushes are about the only way you’re ever going to finish this fight. Timing is everything.

    If you really just can’t make it happen, target him and hold your shield out, he’ll hit it, and then you can return with a counter attack. This does less damage as you have to break through his shield first, but if you’ve got the patience and enough weapons, you can do it that way.

    This was my 2nd divine beast and I got it first try no game overs. =D But I had a lot of food and armor to help.

  • wreath

    i’ve seen a lot of people saying thunderblight ganon is the most difficult, but i actually had more trouble with waterblight ganon… if you get the master sword before doing this boss battle, its pretty much a piece of cake so i REALLY recommend skipping ahead to that part of the walk through. i didn’t die and i didn’t need to eat very much food – and full disclaimer, im not a pro by any means, so i would definitely put it down to having the right gear!

  • Michael McDonald

    Are you fucking high?

  • John B Fraser

    Causal gamer here and the timing of the attacks mentioned above and in the comments is something I’ve not mastered.. It took several tries but here is how I did it. Load up on Full recovery + 4 or have > 6 hearts.

    1st Round: Block with shield, hit with one handed weapon until he gets thrown back, run and switch to strong 2 handed weapon and deliver 1-2 additional hits. When he throws the eletroballs, just move side to side. when he generates his shield back, prepare to block and attack. Repeat until 2nd round. If you do this correctly you’ll have to do this 4 or 5 times.

    2nd Round: Instructions above are fine, just drag a post near him and it will electrocute him and end that round. You can also try throwing bombs which worked for me but took 3-4 times vs 1 shock.

    3rd round: No need to drop your metal or do the timed attack. Just repeat the process for round 1 but when you see him electrified, just run away, normal run is okay but I tended to use some fast running when needed. Eventually he will short out and then it’s your time to block and repeat. I like to have him facing me across the short side of the room versus the long. That way when he takes a hit and gets thrown back, his body will not go as far and slide towards you allowing 2-3 hits versus 1. I had to do this 3-4 times total and I didn’t even switch back to my 2 handed weapon for the 2nd attacks so it might be shorter with that.

    I was running low on weapons so I did end up using some level 10 throwing spears. They didn’t do a lot of damage but it did let me reach him from a distance which proved helpful.

  • Eddie Anderson

    Where do I get the daybreaker shield…? I beat him and don’t know where to get it.

  • Eddie Anderson

    Waterblight’s easier…. just do your rush moves and hit him slow motionly as usual… when on 2nd part instead of just ice wasting your ice arrows on the cubes coming at you… just freeze the middle one and the new generated ice cubes coming in will smash into that middle ice cube under statis. then let your arrows fly away to waterblight gannon which is who you need to use your arrows for otherwise once ur arrows are gone, they’re gone. jump backwards into the water (you need to be fighting him corner and him on other corner of other room) if you need to, to let the incoming ice cubes otherwise crash on the platform while you swim back and forth behind the diamond shape platform… then when his laser is on you…. just last second swim away quick… more arrows kills him. that’s all folks.

  • Thortok

    Go back to the leader of the Gerudo and open the chests there.

  • anon

    Cheesed the 3rd phase mechanics with the rubber armor set bonus. This was also my last divine beast to finish.

  • Khoa Nguyễn

    I was cussing up a storm when trying to get the 3rd terminal through this guide’s method. I stood in the middle of the room, rotated the middle section while running around the middle platform without falling, after the 2nd or 3rd rotate, one of the platforms will connect you right to the terminal.

  • Cat Whisperer

    Go back to pong

  • Shauna-Marie Bevington

    Try using shield parry with the Master sword and the rubber armour…makes this boss significantly easier!

  • Frito

    this Gannon was hard till after 3 tries i decided to first leave the place so i could make some electrocution resist dishes and two i made my master sword recharge. then i went back into the fight and half way thru at the harder half i used one of those triple electricity resists and busted out the master sword and gannon died without much trouble or skill required on my end other than beat the crap out of em anytime i could.

  • Michael Moore

    Couldn’t beat this asshat until I got the master sword and Hylian shield. Once I had those two items, I beat him on the first attempt.

    If you are having trouble, I highly recommend bringing some cooked Mighty Durian fruits, which can be found plentiful right next to the Faron Tower. Eating 5 cooked Durians will restore full health +20 temporary hearts. Can’t beat that!

  • Isis Nether

    I couldn’t figure out how to get to that ledge since Link just starts running in place, so I used Revali’s Gale and wound up at the first terminal. So, there y’all go: a shortcut if you already have RG. >w>

    Edit: Apparently I was looking at the wrong ledge. Ah well.

    Edit #2:

    “Then use your Magnesis to grab one to the stakes before it disappears. Lift it up and push it towards Thunderblight Ganon to cause damage.”

    This did absolutely nothing for me. Also, he did the stakes thing multiple times.

  • Seth Harper

    I actually had little issue with this one as much as Waterblight, and my only power items were some Ancient Swords+ I got from a shrine fight. On that third phase I just relentlessly attacked him once he was stunned like in the first, and he died quicker than I expected.

  • poweranimals

    How do you get the treasure chest that’s dangling from a chain?

  • Thortok

    Official guide says stasis, then cut the rope with arrow, then catch it with Magnesis. I didn’t catch it so I lost it. Next time I want to try swinging it with Magnesis first, Stasis when it’s over the platform, then cut the rope, then try to catch with Magnesis.

  • Martyn Bradley-Howell

    anyone else not be able to find the first sphere on last terminal??

  • Miley

    So far this is the hardest dungeon and ganon I’ve encountered… haven’t gone to the Rito’s yet, gotta get some sleep!

  • Aaryan Tanwar

    This is my first divine beast I’m taking on,so is there any better way without the master sword

  • Zhao

    Beat Thunderblight Ganon with a lot of tries. I got Topaz Earrings will grant Electric Resistance from side quest Tools of the Trade. Not sure if it help, my weapon were still dropped.
    Just a few tips:
    1st stage you should use high damage dual-hand weapon, press B to put the weapon away, hold ZL to have you shield out so that if you fail to back filp Ganon’s attach you can still avoid the damage and you can pull out your weapon to break his shield to deal some damage to him. Or you can just use perfect dodge. AND I disabled Daruk’s Protection, it would be more helpful during 3rd stage.
    2nd stage just as the OP said, it is easy.
    3rd stage, enable your Daruk’s Protection and it will protect your from falling dodge Ganon’s attack. Just try your best to back flip and you should be ok.
    It’s a hard fight.

  • Gabriel Rojas

    This divine beast walkthrough was the hardest to follow and it doesn’t touch on a lot of things :/ I ended up piecing things together on my own.

    Having trouble with Thunderblight? Why not cook a bunch of zapshrooms so you get some hefty electric resistance. This is my third divine beast, but at this point I’ve got the master sword and the Hylian shield. These weapons make things a lot easier, I highly recommend getting them halfway through your adventure.

  • Gabriel Rojas

    Stasis, cut the rope, magnesis to ya. It’s got an ancient core!

  • Gabriel Rojas

    Yeah, it’s definitely not the best in the series, and it’s tough to swallow at first but I got to admit it grows on ya. It’s a solid 7.7, there’s so much slow down and it lacks a sense of direction.