This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out the The Twilight – Wii Version.

2.1 Prison Break

Wolf Link will be locked up in a jail cell with his leg chained to the ground. Struggle to break free and you will meet a new character: Midna. She will act as Link’s sidekick throughout much of the quest, and she will use her power to break the chain.

After regaining control of Link, dash into the broken crate to break it open and then dig through the small gap to escape the prison. Midna will jump on your back and help you, as long as you promise to do everything she says. It’s not like you have much of a choice at this point anyway.

2.2 Sewers

Walk into the adjacent jail cell and jump to grab the lever that is hanging from the ceiling. This will cause a nearby gate to open up, so run ahead and you’ll find yourself in the sewers. There are spirits to be found throughout this area, and if you press X, you can use Wolf Link’s senses to see them.

Run down the pathway and turn to the right. You will see that the pathway leading northward is blocked off because of the spikes that are in the way. If you journey to the south end of the hallway, you’ll find another lever. Jump and grab it and it will cause the flood door to open, allowing water to spill in. This water will then flow across the spikes, allowing Wolf Link to swim northward.

Make your way to the northwest corner of the sewers and you’ll see another flood door. Again pull the nearby lever, and this time it will allow water to flow out of the sewers, lowering the water level. Now travel to the northeast portion of the sewers and Midna will drift across the gate.

All the way on the ground in the corner here, you’ll find a small hole where Wolf Link is able to sneak through. Navigate through the small hole and make your way back to Midna on the other side.

Run ahead and you’ll see a massive spiral staircase. Begin scaling the staircase and part of the staircase will crumble below. Try doing it again and this time Midna will help out. She will allow you to target her, which allows Wolf Link to jump further. Repeat this process several times as you scale the room. At one point you’ll need to walk across the tightrope, but it’s pretty simple to do without worrying about falling down.

Once you reach the top, defeat the three Shadow Keese. The door here cannot be opened, but if you stand on the nearby higher ledge, you can target Midna and escape through the opening at the very top of the tower.

2.3 Hyrule Castle Rooftops

You’ll now be outside on the rooftops of this massive castle. Run ahead and you’ll find a spirit that gives away the fact that you are at Hyrule Castle. Next to him, push the small crate against the wall and use it to climb up to the higher ledge. Drop down and you’ll encounter a massive flying enemy known as a Shadow Kargarok. Defeat it with a few jump attacks and then continue onward.

You’ll eventually reach a point where the bridge ahead is broken, but you can turn to the left and target Midna to get across the gap. Continue down the linear pathway and enter through the open window in the tower ahead.

Climb the steps and head through the door to trigger a lengthy cut-scene. It is here where you will get some clarity as to what is going on. You get the first glimpse of the antagonist of this story, Zant. His troops stormed Hyrule Castle, forcing Princess Zelda to surrender, and leaving the castle shrouded in Twilight. The woman in the tower reveals herself to be Princess Zelda.

After talking with Zelda, try to head back down the stairs and the guards will appear. Midna will bring you back outside of the Castle and after another scene, she will transport you back to the Ordon Spring.

2.4 Sword and Shield

Despite being back in Ordon, Link is still stuck in his wolf form. Midna states that before heading back into the Twilight, Wolf Link needs to find a sword and shield. Travel southward and head back to Ordon Village.

Along your way you will be confronted by a friendly squirrel near Link’s house. He indicates to you that you can speak with animals while in Wolf form. He suggests doing so, as it will help you along your quest. Continue onward to Ordon Village.

The residents of Ordon are scared of Wolf Link’s appearance, and they will run away or try to attack Link if he comes near. Carefully make your way to the east side of town and you’ll find Mayer Bo and Jaggle talking to each other. You can listen in on their conversation, but you need to get closer to hear the whole thing. Carefully sneak up by crawling through the grass. The conversation will give some advice on how to acquire both a sword and shield.

Run over towards the waterwheel. As you draw near, Hanch will see you and summon a hawk to attack you. You won’t be able to climb up the waterwheel as long as Hanch is up there. Instead, continue northward and stand on the rock right next to Sera’s cat. From there you can jump on top of Sera’s Sundries and sneak up behind Hanch. After scaring him, he will jump into the water, giving you access to the waterwheel. Target the waterwheel with Midna and jump inside of the house.

The Ordon Shield is on the wall on the other side of the room. Jump onto the center table and then target Midna on the higher ledge to get up there. Dash into the wall a couple of times to knock the shield down. After grabbing it, jump out of the nearby window to get back outside.

Now make your way to the southwest part of town where a wounded Rusl is walking around with a torch. Press X to use your senses and you’ll find a hole at the southwest end of Rusl’s house, allowing Wolf Link to dig inside. Do so and you’ll find the Ordon Sword on the chair. Grab the sword and then head back outside.

Return to the Ordon Spring and you will be met by a Shadow Beast. Defeat him with basic Wolf Link attacks and you will then meet the first Spirit of Light, Ordona. He will tell you some of the backstory about the four spirits of Hyrule and how twilight has covered the lands. After regaining control of Wolf Link, cross the large bridge, heading towards the massive Curtain of Twilight. As you draw near, tell Midna you are ready to enter and she will pull you in.