Skyward Sword Bugs

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This article is about the collectibles in Skyward Sword. For the collectibles in Twilight Princess, see Golden Bugs. For the bottled items in Ocarina of Time, see Bottle Bug.

Bugs are an item that can be found in Skyward Sword. The guide below will list the locations of all bugs, as well as their Sale Price and Infusion Recipes. Once you defeat Bilocyte and save Levias in Thunderhead, Strich will appear on Bug Rock within the Thunderhead. Here, you can sell whichever bugs you have obtained, which is what the Sale Price refers to.

Additionally, you can visit the Infusion Shop in the Bazaar on Skyloft. Here you can talk to Bertie, who will infuse bugs into your potions to make them stronger and more useful. Listed in each bug box are the Infusion Recipes each bug is used for, and how many are needed for each one.

The Bugs can be found throughout the game, all over the map. To catch almost any bug, you must have obtained at least the Bug Net from Beedle's Air Shop. This will allow you to catch and keep any bug you find.

Image Name Location Sale Price Infusion Recipes
Blessed-Butterfly-Icon.png Blessed Butterfly Various Areas 5 Rupees Heart Potion +
Heart Potion ++
Deku-Hornet-Icon.png Deku Hornet Deep Woods 1 Rupee Heart Potion ++
Eldin-Roller-Icon.png Eldin Roller Eldin Volcano 40 Rupees Heart Potion ++
Faron Grasshopper.png Faron Grasshopper Sealed Grounds
Sealed Temple
Faron Woods
Deep Woods
40 Rupees Stamina Potion +
Gerudo-Dragonfly-Icon.png Gerudo Dragonfly Lanayru Desert 30 Rupees Stamina Potion +
Lanayru-Ant-Icon.png Lanayru Ant Lanayru Mine
Lanayru Desert
Temple of Time
20 Rupees Air Potion +
Guardian Potion +
Revitalizing Potion ++
Sand-Cicada-Icon.png Sand Cicada Lanayru Desert 50 Rupees Heart Potion ++
Sky-Stag-Beetle-Icon.png Sky Stag Beetle Skyloft 20 Rupees Stamina Potion +
Skyloft-Mantis-Icon.png Skyloft Mantis Skyloft 10 Rupees Air Potion +
Guardian Potion +
Revitalizing Potion ++
Starry-Firefly-Icon.png Starry Firefly Skyloft (Night)
Waterfall Cave
Pumpkin Landing
Beedle's Island (Night)
30 Rupees Guardian Potion +
Volcanic-Ladybug-Icon.png Volcanic Ladybug Eldin Volcano 20 Rupees Heart Potion +
Stamina Potion +
Woodland-Rhino-Beetle-Icon.png Woodland Rhino Beetle Deep Woods 20 Rupees Heart Potion +