Lanayru Mine

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Lanayru Mine

The Lanayru Mine is first landing point when Link enters the Lanayru Province. Link encounters the Ancient Robot race as well as the Timeshift Stones. This is in fact where the Ancient Robots collect Timeshift Stones. Link also encounters Yellow ChuChus, Thunder Keese, Blue Bokoblins, Electro Spume, Deku Baba, and Quadro Baba while navigating through the Lanayru Mine. The Mine leads into the Lanayru Desert.

After Link has acquired the Clawshots, he can travel directly from the Lanayru Mine to the Lanayru Caves.


  • Near the entrance to the Lanayru Mine in Lanayru Caves, there is a sign that reads "Ghost Mine" in Hylian. The translation of the sign states that the Lanayru Mine is ahead.[1]


  1. "Ahead is Lanayru Mine. It is there that I will solve the mystery of the Timeshift Stones!" — Sign, Skyward Sword.