The Legend of Zelda Characters

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Link-LoZ-Sprite.png LinkLink is the main hero on this quest, with the goal to save Princess Zelda. Link possesses great courage, and power, and embarks on the greatest quest Hyrule has ever seen. Princess Zelda's nursemaid, Impa, approaches Link in a field appearing to have fallen ill. She told Link he must collect the Pieces of the Triforce, and save Princess Zelda from great evil. Impa died, and Link knew what he had to do, and he ventured off on his own great quest.
Ganon.png GanonGanon is known as the King of Evil, and the source of all the problems occurring in Hyrule. He has great power, and creates evil minions to ravage the lands of Hyrule. His appearance is unknown, because anyone who has seen him, didn't return alive. Ganon makes himself invisible even until the final battle, but Link will reveal the beast, and save Hyrule.
Zelda-LoZ-Sprite.png Princess ZeldaPrincess Zelda is the beautiful, and talented daughter of the King of Hyrule, and she is the heir to the throne. When Hyrule Castle was attacked, Zelda was captured by Ganon, an evil fiend in search of the Triforce. In hopes of saving Hyrule, Zelda shattered her Triforce of Wisdom into eight pieces, hiding them from Ganon. Only Link can save her...
Impa-TLoZ.png ImpaImpa is an old, but dedicated nursemaid to Princess Zelda. The two share a great relationship, and Impa almost considers Zelda her daughter, and would do anything to protect her. When Hyrule Castle is under attack, the wounded Impa escapes to find a boy with enough courage to save Hyrule. Stumbling across Link, Impa tells him he must find all the pieces of the Triforce, and save Princess Zelda. Impa then died in Link's arms. But, did she really die? She is said to be the old woman that aids Link through the game with potions and advice.
Old-Man-LoZ-Sprite.png Old ManThe Old Man can be encountered in the various caves, and dungeons around Hyrule, and he is always ready to give Link helpful tips to save Princess Zelda. The Old Man is very wise, and caring, and supposedly has great magical abilities. The Old Man gives Link his first sword, as he will need it to save Hyrule.
Old-Woman-LoZ-Sprite.png Old WomanThe Old Woman, like the Old Man, is found in various caves throughout Hyrule. She is skilled in Potions, and she will not just hand them out to Link. Link must first show her the Letter that he receives from the Old Man and then the Old Women will sell Potions. She looks very similar to Impa, but not much is known about their relationship.
Merchant-LoZ-Sprite.png MerchantThe Merchant is the man who runs all of the Item Shops all around Hyrule. Some of the shops are hidden, and only true heroes will be able to find them. He sells Link the finest items available, and always has goods in stock. This man may seem like a nice guy, but if you break something, you won't just buy it...
Moblin-Orange-LoZ-Sprite.png Secret MoblinThe Secret Moblin is a type of Moblin that instead of walking around the Overworld trying to harm Link, it will hide in caves across Hyrule with its money. Once Link stumbles upon their secret hideout, the Secret Moblin will reward Link with a certain amount of Rupees. After Link receives the Moblin's Rupees, it will utter "IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY", one of the most recognized quotes in video games history.