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Below is a listing of all 28 Pieces of Heart located within A Link Between Worlds. The heart pieces are listed based on the order they become available, as well as a suggested order. The first 14 can be acquired while in Hyrule, while the next 14 will have to wait until Link first enters Lorule.

Number Location Requirements Details Screenshots
1 Kakariko Village None At the northwest part of Kakariko Village there is a cave with a well located just to the west. There are a pair of rocks just above the well, which prevent you from dropping in. You can use the Power Glove to lift up these rocks and then drop down into the well. Alternatively, you can grab a Cucco nearby and use it to leap off the ledge just to the right and float over to the cave. Inside you can climb the stairs to reach the heart piece. ABLW-HP-01a.png ABLW-HP-01b.png
2 South of Kakariko Village Rupees Complete the Cucco Rush mini-game on Rooster difficulty. ABLW-HP-02a.png ABLW-HP-02b.png
3 Sewers Merge Ability Re-enter the sewers from the beginning of the game found within the Graveyard. In the second room, there is a heart piece at the north-east corner. Climb to the higher ledge and merge into the wall to reach the heart piece. ABLW-HP-03a.png ABLW-HP-03b.png
4 Hyrule Field Merge Ability After completing the Eastern Palace, return to the Blacksmith's House. Merge along the side wall to reach the north end of the house. Walk up a screen to find the heart piece. ABLW-HP-04a.png ABLW-HP-04b.png
5 Lost Woods Merge Ability Enter the Lost Woods area from the northeast, just west of Rosso's house. Walk to the southwest and you'll see a broken log. There is a very narrow gap just to the south of this log. Merge into the wall and walk southward to collect the heart piece. ABLW-HP-05a.png ABLW-HP-05b.png
6 Hyrule Castle Grounds Power Glove Just east of the Hyrule Castle, Link can use the Power Glove to pick up a series of rocks that are surrounding the piece of heart. ABLW-HP-06a.png ABLW-HP-06b.png
7 Zora's Domain Zora's Flippers Just south of Zora's Domain where you met Queen Oren, hop off of the waterfall and head down a screen. If you carefully look through the waterfall you'll see a cave. The heart piece is located inside. ABLW-HP-07a.png ABLW-HP-07b.png
8 South of Kakariko Village Rupees This game becomes available after you are able to rent items from Ravio's Shop. Play the Rupee Rush game and collect at least 100 Rupees. If you finish with less than 3 seconds remaining, you get a 2x multiplier to your Rupee count. If you finish with less than 1 second remaining, you get a 3x multiplier. ABLW-HP-08a.png ABLW-HP-08b.png
9 Death Mountain Merge
Power Glove
From just outside the Tower of Hera, travel to the southwest. You'll see what appears to be a cave on the lower ledge to the west, but there is no other way to access it. Merge against the wall, stand just above the ledge, then exit the wall. Walk through what looks like a cave entrance to find a piece of heart to the north. ABLW-HP-09a.png ABLW-HP-09b.png
10 Great Swamp Bombs Just south of Link's House, there is a heart piece that is visible next to a cave, but it appears to be blocked off. Walk to the southeast and you'll see a pair of large stone pillars. Place a bomb between the pillars to reveal a cave. Make your way through this straightforward cave and head outside to find the piece of heart. ABLW-HP-10a.png ABLW-HP-10b.png
11 South of Eastern Palace Merge
Just south of the Eastern Palace, there is a cracked wall that can be blown up. The wall can be reached by merging into a wall on the level just below and then walking to the east side of the Eastern Palace. Alternatively, this area is easily accessible after acquiring the Power Glove. Blast open the cracked boulder and merge along the wall to reach the piece of heart. ABLW-HP-11a.png ABLW-HP-11b.png
12 South of Eastern Palace Hammer From the Eastern Palace, walk one screen to the south. At the southeast corner of this region you'll find a piece of heart that is surrounded by a bunch of stakes. Pound the stakes with the hammer and grab the heart piece. ABLW-HP-12a.png ABLW-HP-12b.png
13 Death Mountain Power Glove
From just outside of the Tower of Hera, head eastward until you come to a cave with a sign pointing you in the direction of Rosso's Ore Mine. Enter this cave and fall down a series of moving platforms until you reach a large central platform with a pair of Lynels. Merge along the western wall and land on the moving platform. Use the hammer to smash a series of spring pads, while timing the jumps. After a series of platforms you'll come to a large pillar that has a piece of heart on it. ABLW-HP-13a.png ABLW-HP-13b.png
14 Hyrule Field Pegasus Boots Make your way to the far southeast corner of Hyrule and head north from there. On a higher ledge you will find the Racing Bro. He challenges you to a racing game for the cost of 20 Rupees. Link will need to run to the north end of Hyrule, right near Rosso's house. Link is not able to use the Bell during this mini-game.

The first time Link plays, he has to reach the goal in 75 seconds. This is possible to do without the Pegasus Boots, but it is rather difficult. The reward is 100 Rupees.

The second time, Link must reach the goal in 65 seconds. This time he has to use the Pegasus Boots, and if he makes it successfully, he can earn a Piece of Heart.
ABLW-HP-14a.png ABLW-HP-14b.png
15 Kakariko Village Merge There is a locked house in Kakariko Village that Link cannot enter from Hyrule. After entering Lorule for the first time, head to Thieves' Town and the corresponding house is not there. However, there is a Fissure that leads back to Hyrule. Go through the crack and you'll appear inside the locked house within Kakariko Village. The Stylish Woman will blow you a kiss, giving you a heart piece. ABLW-HP-15a.png ABLW-HP-15b.png
16 South of Skull Woods Merge Directly south of Skull Woods, make your way to the house that corresponds to Sahasrahla's in Hyrule. Merge along the wall and travel to the south end of the house to find the heart piece. ABLW-HP-16a.png ABLW-HP-16b.png
17 Lorule Field None In the area just east of Skull Woods and west of Death Mountain, a piece of heart can be found on top of the roof of a crumbling building. This corresponds to Rosso's house in Hyrule.

Travel to the southeast and climb the ladder on the next screen. Lift up the cucco and make your way to the far north part of this higher ledge. Leap off the ledge and try to fly so that you land right on top of the piece of heart. Although it seems you can land on the roof, its steep slant will send you dropping to the ground.
ABLW-HP-17a.png ABLW-HP-17b.png
18 Fortune's Choice
Thieves' Town
Rupees At the east part of Thieves' Town, there is a treasure chest game. Pay the Fortune's Choice Guy 200 Rupees to play and you can open up three treasure chests. One of the treasure chests contains a piece of heart. You may need to play multiple times, and it can be quite costly. ABLW-HP-18a.png ABLW-HP-18b.png
19 South of Thieves' Town Rupees Play the Rupee Rush game in Lorule and collect at least 150 Rupees, while finishing the game with less than 3 seconds remaining. ABLW-HP-19a.png ABLW-HP-19b.png
20 Southeast of Thieves' Town Rupees Play the Octoball Derby game and score at least 100 points. ABLW-HP-20a.png ABLW-HP-20b.png
21 Graveyard Bombs
Enter Lorule through the Fissure that is in the Sanctuary. Just north of the Graveyard in Lorule, there is another fissure on the higher ledge. Return to Hyrule and enter the cave to find the heart piece. ABLW-HP-21a.png ABLW-HP-21b.png
22 Outside Dark Palace Merge While going through the maze just outside of the Dark Palace, there is a piece of heart that can be reached on a higher ledge where the guards are patrolling. You can sneak by the guards to collect the heart piece. Alternatively, the guards will disappear after completing the Dark Palace, making it significantly easier to acquire the piece of heart. ABLW-HP-22a.png ABLW-HP-22b.png
23 East of Swamp Palace Bomb Flower Grab a bomb flower from the bomb flower shop and lead it just east of the Swamp Palace. Blow up the large boulder found here, and enter the cave to get the heart piece, along with 400 Rupees. ABLW-HP-23a.png ABLW-HP-23b.png
24 Death Mountain Merge
Tornado Rod
Just east of the Tower of Hera, there is a piece of heart that can be seen on an unreachable spire. Follow the pathway to reach Rosso's Ore Mine, and then access Lorule through the fissure in the wall.

Now in Lorule, enter the cave along the right side that leads to the Ice Ruins. Follow the platforms until you reach the large platform with the giant ice gargoyle. You can travel northward to make your way to the Ice Ruins, but instead, travel to the west using the nearby platform.

You will need to use the Tornado Rod to reach the higher platform. Continue to the next stationary platform and take the northern route. You'll reach a few platforms that move at the same time. Wait until one has moved northward, and then use the Tornado to launch yourself in the air; you'll land on the next platform as it moves southward. Continue doing this and then exit the cave at the end of the pathway.

Merge onto the pillar to renter Hyrule where you will find the piece of heart.
ABLW-HP-24a.png ABLW-HP-24b.png

ABLW-HP-24c.png ABLW-HP-24d.png
25 Treacherous Tower Rupees Located in Lorule, corresponding to the location of the Tower of Hera, is the Treacherous Tower. There are three difficulty levels, each unlocked by completing the preceding one. Completing the game on the intermediate level will earn the piece of heart. ABLW-HP-25a.png ABLW-HP-25b.png
26 Turtle Rock Ice Rod While inside of Turtle Rock on the first floor, go through the door at the southwest portion of the large chamber. Use the see-saw to get to the higher platform and step into the warp tile. Step into a second warp tile to reach a lava-filled room. Use the Ice Rod to create platforms, and navigate your way to the exit. Back outside, you'll find yourself right at a piece of heart. ABLW-HP-26a.png ABLW-HP-26b.png
27 Desert Palace Bombs
Sand Rod
In Hyrule, make your way to the north end of the desert and climb the staircase that is accessible. Use the sand rod to create a pathway heading eastward to the platform. You can either time a bomb throw or make a path against the wall with the sand rod and lay a bomb, blowing up before the sand falls, so that you can crack the boulder that is hiding a Fissure along the northern wall. Merge into the wall and travel into Lorule to find the heart piece. ABLW-HP-27a.png ABLW-HP-27b.png
28 Next to Blacksmith's House Titan's Mitt Lift the large rock in front of the Blacksmith's House in Hyrule to find a cave that holds the heart piece. ABLW-HP-28a.png ABLW-HP-28b.png