Eastern Palace (A Link Between Worlds)

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Eastern Palace
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 東の神殿 (East Shrine)
France Française Palais de l’Est (East Palace)
Spain Español Templo del Este (Temple of the East)
Germany Deutsch Ost-Palast (East Palace)
Italy Italiana Tempio dell'Est (Temple of the East)

The Eastern Palace is the first dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. It is located along the eastern border of Hyrule, deep within the Eastern Ruins. The Bow is required in order to reach and complete the dungeon. Link must travel through the dungeon in order to obtain the Merge ability.

Gaining Entrance

The Eastern Palace is located deep within the Eastern Ruins. To reach it, Link must have spoken with Sahasrahla. He tells Link that his student, Osfala, has traveled to the Palace, but realizes he is now in danger since Osfala is one of the seven Sages. After learning this, Link can then travel to the Ruins but is soon stopped by an impenetrable wall. Link can then speak with Ravio, who gives him the Bow.

With the Bow in hand, Link can then shoot the blue orbs near the stone wall, lowering the wall. Link can then follow the path northeast to the Eastern Palace, where he meets with Osfala. The Sage soon runs inside, leaving Link to soon follow.

Dungeon Overview

From the outside, the Eastern Palace appears much like its counterpart in A Link to the Past. The Palace is shaped like a rectangular building, with the front possessing several large statues of an unknown enemy.

The inside of the dungeon possesses 3 floors, with the third floor being exclusively the boss room. The floors are characteristically gray stone, and the walls are relatively plain green. All of the walls possess masks that look exactly like the ones from the House of Gales and the Tower of Hera.

Most of the dungeon consists of large gaps that tend to hinder progress, along with few and far between enemies that act as obstacles. The dungeon is relatively easy to complete, as it is the first that Link encounters in the game.


These are enemies Link encounters in the Eastern Palace.


The Mini-Boss of this dungeon are four Armos. Once they activate and turn golden, they can easily be defeated with a couple of strikes from the sword. After they are defeated, a green portal will appear and a door opens, allowing Link to continue through the dungeon.


The Boss of this dungeon is Yuga. After sealing Osfala within a painting, he then proceeds to attack Link. Yuga can be attacked by using the Bow to shoot an arrow across the gap, stunning Yuga momentarily. The young hero can then run over and attack him briefly before Yuga merges into the wall and moves to another area of the room.

After this process is repeated a few times, Yuga ends the battle and turns Link into a painting. He then escapes from the Palace with his painting, unaware that Ravio's Bracelet saves Link from staying as a painting.