Lorule Castle

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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ロウラル城 (Lorule Castle)
France Française Château de Lorule (Lorule Castle)
Spain Español Castillo de Lorule (Lorule Castle)
Germany Deutsch Schloss Lorule (Lorule Castle)
Italy Italiana Castello di Lorule (Lorule Castle)

Lorule Castle is the final dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. The dungeon can only be accessed after saving all seven sages and obtaining the Triforce of Courage. Link can then walk up to the Castle Entrance, where Hilda will break the barrier surrounding it, and allowing Link to enter.

Gaining Entrance

Lorule Castle can only be accessed after saving all seven sages from across Lorule. After saving them, Link will be able to obtain the Triforce of Courage. Link can then walk up to the Castle Entrance, where Hilda will break the barrier surrounding the castle, allowing Link inside.

Dungeon Overview

Lorule Castle acts as a counterpart to Inside Hyrule Castle and the two are completely different in most respects. The lower parts of the Castle is completely covered in lava, and the entire dungeon is colored a bright purple.

Most of the dungeon consists of fighting the four Mini-Bosses from previous areas in the game. This makes the dungeon largely similar to other end game dungeons in the series, such as Ganon's Tower in The Wind Waker and Ganon's Castle in Ocarina of Time.

After defeating the Mini-Bosses of the dungeon, Link will advance to Hilda's Throne Room and eventually to a fight with Yuga and the end of the game.

The Red Mail can be found in Lorule Castle and serves as the dungeon's item.


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These are the enemies encountered in Lorule Castle.


Unique to Lorule Castle, the Mini-Boss battle consists of fighting four previous Mini-Bosses or Bosses from earlier in the game. This includes fighting a Gigabari, a purple Moldorm, a Ball and Chain Soldier, and Arrghus. Along with fighting these enemies again, Link must also progress through special areas that appear much like the dungeon the enemy was originally fought in. Traveling through these areas and fighting the bosses makes up most of the dungeon, making it shorter and much more different than others.


Main article: Yuga Ganon

The Boss of Lorule Castle is Yuga Ganon - Yuga, with a form of Ganon's body from gaining the Triforce of Power - who also serves as a final boss to the entire game.

During the first phase, Yuga will attempt to use the Trident to stab Link, but this can be avoided by sidestepping. Link can then use the sword to deliver slashes before the boss teleports to another area of the room.

After completing the first phase, Yuga will attempt to swipe energy balls at Link, which can be bounced back with the sword. After a ball hits Yuga he will merge into the wall. Link can then merge into the wall as well and shoot Yuga with a Light Arrow which will temporarily stun him. He can then merge into the wall behind Yuga and shoot him with another light arrow from the back, which will push him out of the wall, where Link can attack him with the sword.

After Yuga merges back into the wall, Link can then shoot another Light Arrow at him, then quickly unmerge and merge into the wall behind Yuga. He can then shoot him with another Light Arrow which will bring the boss back out of the wall.

During the third and final phase, Yuga will merge back into the wall, where Link must shoot a Light Arrow around the wall's entire room, hitting the boss on the back again. Link can then deliver the final attacks to defeat him.