This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out The Master Sword – Wii Version.

11.1 Lakebed Temple Aftermath

After completing the Lakebed Temple, Link will appear back at the Lanayru Spring where he is confronted by Zant. Zant will attack Link and Lanayru, turning the area back to Twilight. He will also attack Midna, forcing her into the world of light (where she doesn’t belong), and to really top things off, he’ll also steal the Fused Shadows you just finished collecting. After all the drama, Lanayru will warp Link and Midna and they’ll find themselves back at North Hyrule Field.

Midna is on her last breath and Lanayru recommends visiting Princess Zelda in Hyrule Castle. To make things difficult, Link will now be stuck in Wolf form, even though he is no longer in the realm of Twilight, and there are no longer any Tears of Light to collect to return to human form. Furthermore, with Midna barely hanging on, Wolf Link will have to get by without any moves which require her support.

11.2 Reaching Princess Zelda

Our next destination is back at Castle Town, so travel through Hyrule Field and then cross the bridge to enter the town. Since you are in Wolf form, many of the residents will be scared to see you, but you can interact with the animals if you’d like. Make your way to Telma’s Bar, but upon trying to enter, you will be kicked out and the door will slam behind you.

As you try to leave this area, you will be confronted by Louise, Telma’s Cat. She recognizes you as Link and will tell you that there is a shortcut above. Push the nearby crate against the wall, and then climb up. Enter Telma’s Bar through the window above.

You will now be on the rafters of Telma’s Bar. There are three tightropes that you need to cross, but be careful not to knock any of the pots down, otherwise you will make too much noise, and will be thrown out of the bar. You can listen in on what the Goron, Telma, and the group of 3 are talking about. Climb across the tightropes and at the other end of the bar, go through the passage.

Jump down and you’ll find a floating Poe Lantern. Use your senses and you will see a Poe. Target the Poe and jump at it a few times to defeat the Poe and collect the Poe Soul. You will be met by Jovani and his pet cat Gengle, who are frozen on the chair. He asks you to defeat more Poes and to bring the Poe Souls back to him, so that he can restore movement into his body. He will open up an underground waterway for you to access Hyrule Castle. Drop down into the treasure chest to reach the waterway.

At the north end of the room, jump up and pull the lever, causing the nearby gate to open. Allow the water to carry you down and then resurface. Defeat the Skulltulas ahead and then go and pickup a wooden stick. Light it on fire and then use it to burn down the spider web ahead. Carry the flaming stick to the next area and light up the trio of torches.

At the east end of the room on the higher ledge there is another spider web blocking your way. Light another stick and then climb up to burn down the spider web. Defeat the enemies and then run ahead to find a soft spot in the ground. Use your senses to dig down below and you will drop back down to the Hyrule Castle Sewers.

This is the same area we were at earlier in the game. Travel eastward to where the spiral staircase room can be found. Scale the room and this time you’ll find that there are a number of tight ropes that allow you to walk up the stairs. (Who actually put these tightropes in here since the last time we visited near the start of the game?) Along the way there are a number of Bulblins and they can be a bit pesky. Aim carefully when using the A button to attack, you want to make sure you don’t jump right off the platforms. At the top of the room, head out the doorway to get back outside.

Run ahead through this rather linear area, defeating any enemies along the way if you’d like. As you travel northward, the bridge is still broken and you cannot use Midna jump to get across. Just wait for the wind to blow and it will cause the bridge to extend. Jump across the bridge and run ahead to the tower ahead.

Once inside, climb the stairs and you’ll once again meet up with Princess Zelda. After a lengthy cut-scene, Princess Zelda will sacrifice herself to revive Midna. Midna is now solid in the light realm, where previously she had been only a shadow. Link’s next destination is to acquire the Blade of Evil’s Bane, the Master Sword. Link and Midna will then warp back out to Hyrule Field. With Zelda’s power no longer protecting it, Hyrule Castle has now been covered in an impenetrable prism of Twilight.

11.3 Sacred Grove

Talk to Midna and warp on over to the North Faron Woods. Walk northward as if you were walking to the Forest Temple. Our old monkey friend will appear, along with new enemies known as Puppets. Defeat them and then the Monkey will tell you that there are some deeper woods ahead. Climb the ramp on the left side and you can use Midna to leap over to a series of ledges.

Follow the linear pathway until you come across a pair of bridges. Wait for the wind to kick in and the bridges will turn. Run to the second bridge and once again wait for the bridge to turn. This next area has a pair of tightropes. Walk across, while avoiding the swinging logs that can knock you down.

On the other side of the tightropes, you will find a Howling Stone. Walk up to it and examine the stone to hear a possibly familiar tune. Just as before, howl the tune back and Wolf Link will be taken to a strange alternate realm with the Golden Wolf. After howling the tune again a Golden Wolf location will appear just outside the south gate of Castle Town.

Run ahead to reach the Sacred Grove. Once you arrive there is another Howling Stone nearby. This isn’t a true Howling Stone like the one we just passed, so you won’t see the Golden Wolf this time, though again the melody may be hauntingly familiar. Go ahead and howl the tune here and it will cause the Skull Kid to appear, along with a number of Puppets. You can defeat these puppets, but more of them will spawn continuously throughout the Sacred Grove. The best bet is to used a charged attack to defeat them all at once, so that you at least have a few moments without having to deal with the puppets.

Your journey through the Sacred Grove is basically a game of Hide n’ Seek with the Skull Kid. If you get stuck, just listen for the Skull Kid as the closer you are, the louder he is. The game also provides subtle lighting and sound clues when you are close to passing through a passageway to indicate whether you are going the right way or not. This area gets a bit confusing as after each time you see or hit the Skull Kid, certain paths will open up, while other paths will close.

You will have to find the Skull Kid three times throughout the Sacred Grove to progress through this area. From the start area, head through the tunnel and then take a left turn. The Skull Kid is found this area on the higher ledge. Leap up and attack him. Afterwards, he will run ahead to the next area.

Follow him and it actually takes you back to the previous area, where there is some shallow water. Turn to the left and the passage here is now clear. It is the passage that has water falling down on each side. Continue to the next area and straight ahead there is a spot where you could potentially climb up, but don’t worry about this for now and instead, take a left and head through a passage to get to another water-filled area. Turn to the right and follow the pathway, swimming through the waterfall. Scale the area and you’ll find the Skull Kid. Hit him once again and he’ll run off.

Follow the Skull Kid to the next area, which is actually where his first hiding spot was. Keep running ahead to get back to the area with the shallow water. The pathway between the waterfalls is now closed, but a new opening is now available, so head through. In this area if you look above, you can see the Skull Kid dancing around, but we can’t reach him from here. Just below him, there is a pathway, so take it. Back at this room, climb the ledges we didn’t climb earlier to reach the top of the area. Now on the higher platform, run across to the next area and you’ll find the Skull Kid. Attack him and he’ll create a new passage.

Jump down and head through the archway that is now open. Continue to the next area and then jump down to find the Skull Kid once again. This part serves more like an Overworld mini-boss battle. The Skull Kid will summon puppets and when you draw near, he will warp to another location. The trick here is to defeat some puppets, and then when he is summoning more puppets he will play his horn, leaving him vulnerable for a few moments. If all four puppets are still around, he won’t summon new ones, and instead, will just warp around making it impossible for Wolf Link to attack him. The fewer puppets remaining, the faster he will react and summon more.

After hitting him once, he will then summon up to six puppets, but the process is the same. After hitting him a second time, he will then summon up to eight puppets. Hit him a final time and he will leave the area, revealing a passage ahead.

Run onward to the next area, and you’ll see an emblem of the Triforce on the ground. Stand above it and howl the tune that appears. This will cause the two giant statues to activate and it creates a puzzle where you must move them so they are at their original location. This can be quite tricky and there are a number of ways to do this, but this is my suggested order.

– Jump Left
– Jump Down
– Jump Right Twice
– Jump Up
– Jump Left (to get back to where you started)
– Jump Up Twice
– Jump Left
– Jump Down Twice
– Jump Right
– Jump Up

With the guardians now on their proper locations, the door ahead will open up. Run up the staircase here and deep within the woods you will find the legendary Master Sword. Walk up to it and examine it and it will trigger a cut-scene with Link now acquiring the Master Sword.

Furthermore, Link also gets the Shadow Crystal. This is the item Zant cursed you with, but now you can use it to your advantage. The Shadow Crystal allows Link to transform back and forth between Human and Wolf Link form whenever he chooses, although Midna will prevent you from doing so when you’re too close to witnesses. Since we can become a Wolf at any point, this also means we can now warp to any warp location at almost any time. This will significantly cut back on travel time.

Note: While you can use the old way of pressing Left Bumper to talk to Midna, and select the ‘transform’ option, a new button has now appeared on your items/minimap screen on your Wii U gamepad, if you’re not using classic controller of course. In the top right, simply tap this button to instantly transform whenever you like, for fast transforming!

OPTIONAL: There are a few goodies for us to collect here at the Sacred Grove. Run back to where the guardian statues are and up ahead there are two openings. Take the one on the left side and then turn around and look up at the ceiling. You will find a Golden Bug, so use your Gale Boomerang to pull it over and capture the Male Snail. The Female Snail is nearby, but we won’t be able to get it for quite some time.

Now run back to the area where we just battled with the Skull Kid. In the center of this area there is a large boulder. Use a bomb to blow up the boulder and it will cause a Poe to appear. This is a rare instance where you can actually battle an outside Poe during the daytime. The rest of the time, these enemies can only be fought at night. Use your senses to defeat the enemy and collect Poe Soul #2.

While using your senses, check out the area where the boulder was and you’ll find some soft soil. Dig there to find an underground cavern. Fight off all of the Deku Baba that are encountered in this cave. This includes the Deku Baba that is hanging from the ceiling. When all of the enemies have been defeated, a treasure chest will appear. Go ahead and open it to collect Piece of Heart #21.

11.4 The Great Poe Soul Collection

This entire section is optional, and in fact the remainder of the entire chapter is completely optional. Skip ahead to chapter 12 to continue onward with the main quest.

At this point we have collected 2 Poe Souls. There are 27 more found throughout the Overworld that we can now collect, for a total of 29. If you are doing a 100% playthrough of the game and would like to collect everything, you can collect all of these right now, or at anytime later in the quest. If you just want to get all the items and not necessarily everything in the game, I would recommend getting 20 Poe Souls, as it will allow you to get the 4th bottle and the Ghost Lantern.

The annoying part of collecting Poe Souls is that for the vast majority of Poe Souls, it must be nighttime in order to see the Poe. Thus, if you collecting them all at this point, you will have to spend a lot of time waiting around. Unfortunately in Twilight Princess, unlike a few other Zelda titles that have a day-night cycle, there is no way at any point in the game to quickly change from day to night. Just make sure you’re in an area where time passes, then sit and wait for it to pass.

Lake Hylia Poe Souls

Poe Soul #3 – Inside the Lake Hylia Cavern at the south end of the Lake. We covered the Lake Hylia Cavern in an earlier chapter, but if you haven’t entered the cavern, you’ll find it blocked off by a boulder. Blow it up with a bomb and enter the cave. The Poe Soul is found in the 3rd room.

Poe Soul #4 – Inside the Lake Hylia Cavern. Found in the 8th room of the cavern.

Poe Soul #5 – Inside the Lake Hylia Cavern. Found in the 11th room of the cavern. This is the last room in the cavern where there are two torches and a Piece of Heart that you may have gotten already. While you’re here, you can dig into the ground in the middle of the circle of grass outside the cavern and defeat all the enemies in the chamber below to get the Miiverse Stamp for S, which we will mention again in section 11.6.

Poe Soul #6 – At the southwest portion of Lake Hylia on the higher ledge there is a watchtower. A Poe Soul will appear here at nighttime. Time passes in this area, so you can wait here.

Poe Soul #7 – At the south-central portion of Lake Hylia, there are a bunch of platforms that you can jump to. Climb up to the southernmost platform and the Poe Soul will be floating around.

Poe Soul #8 – The Poe is found at the east end of the Lake, on the small patch of land.

Poe Soul #9 – Speak with Fyer and use the Cannon to shoot up to the top of Lake Hylia. Talk to Falbi and play his mini-game. There is a platform tucked away just underneath where you jump off when talking to Falbi, which has the Poe on it. Jump off and curve your way around so you are flying northward. You have to carefully turn, because if you take a hard angle, Link won’t turn, but will just move in that direction. There is also an underground dig cavern on this ledge and if you defeat all the Shell Blades underwater, you will get 100 rupees.

Poe Soul #10 – Once again play Falbi’s Mini-Game. This time jump down and float straight ahead to the platform with the treasure chests. If you haven’t gotten the heart piece here, it is in the treasure chest that is second from the top. On the second lowest platform, you will see the Poe floating around.

Upper Zora’s River Poe Soul

Poe Soul #11 – There is a piece of land at the south portion of the Upper Zora’s River. Swim over to it, but be careful not allow the water flow to pull you away. The Poe Soul is at the top of this small hill.

Zora’s Domain Poe Souls

Poe Soul #12 – There is a Poe Soul found just behind the waterfall. From the west side of Zora’s Domain, use Midna to jump over the gaps to find the Poe Soul.

Poe Soul #13 – Found on the east ledge of Zora’s Domain, just nearby where we caught a Golden Bug.

Kakariko Village Graveyard Poe Souls

Poe Soul #14 – Found floating around in the center of the Graveyard.

Poe Soul #15 – When you enter the Graveyard, push the first gravestone on the right, and the Poe will come out of the grave.

Kakariko Village Poe Souls

Poe Soul #16 – Go through Barnes’ Bomb Shop and exit through the second floor exit. Make your way over to where the Bomb Storage building was located. This building was lit on fire when we we were collecting the Tears of Light. There is a Poe Soul floating around up here.

Poe Soul #17 – Near the previous Poe Soul, after exiting Barnes’ Bomb Shop on the second floor, continue climbing to reach the top of the building where Talo is standing guard. The Poe Soul is found near the door of the building on the wooden ledge.

Death Mountain Poe Soul

Poe Soul #18 – Once you enter the Death Mountain Trail, have the first Goron toss you up and then run ahead to reach the second Goron. Talk to him and have him toss you up. This time, reach towards the ledge at the west side of the map. Link will grab hold of the ledge and you can find a Poe Soul hanging around this area. Note, if you didn’t already, travel northward along this higher ledge and you’ll see a small cave that you can drop down into on the left, leading to a piece of heart.

Kakariko Gorge Poe Souls

Poe Soul #19 – Just northwest of the Kakariko Gorge Bridge, found on the higher ledge near a tree.

Poe Soul #20 – Inside of the Kakariko Gorge Cavern at the south end of the Kakariko Gorge. If you haven’t already, use a bomb to blow up the boulder. You will need to use your Lantern to burn down some spiders webs in here, so be sure you have some Lantern Oil. From the entrance, go Right, Right, Left, and Left to reach the area with the Poe Soul. If you haven’t already, I would advise exploring the remainder of this cavern as there is a Piece of Heart, a Miiverse stamp, and some rupees to collect.

Faron Woods Poe Soul

Poe Soul #21 – Warp over to North Faron Woods and then head east back to the area with the Purple fog. Walk over to the bridge and use it to make a number of Midna jumps to get back to the southeast part of the map. From here, walk to the east end of the map and use Midna to make a number of jumps. The Poe Soul is found in the center of the the area, on the massive tree. It is the same location where we found some Shadow Insects earlier in the game when we were collecting Tears of Light.

Hyrule Field Poe Souls

Poe Soul #22 – Found in South Hyrule Field, in the area just outside of Faron Woods. Once you leave Faron Woods, follow the pathway directly ahead and cross the wooden bridge. Once you cross the bridge, the Poe Soul can be seen floating on the higher ledge on the right.

Poe Soul #23 – Ride over to the Great Bridge of Hylia portion of Hyrule Field. South of the main bridge is a smaller wooden bridge. Just south of the wooden bridge, if you look up there are a number of boulders. Use your Bomb Arrows to blast away the boulders and you’ll see a few Clawshot targets. Grapple over to the lowest one, and then work around the ledge, using your Clawshot on the targets to reach the Poe Soul. Additionally, there is a treasure chest here containing 50 rupees. While you’re here, you can dig into the ground in the middle of the circle of grass and defeat all the enemies in the chamber below to get the Miiverse Stamp for M, which we will mention again in section 11.6.

Poe Soul #24 – Warp over to Castle Town warp and then travel southward. There is a makeshift theater found here and in the midst of the ruins, a Poe Soul can be found floating around.

Poe Soul #25 & 26 – From the area of Hyrule Field just west of Castle Town, travel northward to North Hyrule Field. As soon as you enter this area, look to the north and you’ll see a trio of trees. Right in the middle of these trees there are some smaller bushes. Use your senses and dig in the middle of these bushes to find an underground cavern. Inside you will find a number of Deku Baba, along with two Poe Souls.

Poe Soul #27 – In North Hyrule Field, a Poe Soul can be found floating around on the bridge right in the middle of the area.

Poe Soul #28 – Exit Castle Town to the east and you’ll find a Poe Soul right in front of you on the bridge.

Poe Soul #29 – Exit Castle Town to the south, and once you cross the bridge, turn to the right to find a Poe floating around.

Once you have collected at least 20 souls, remember to collect your reward in south Castle Town. As Wolf Link, look for the house just north of Telma’s bar, surrounded by cats. Dig on the left side to enter, and talk to Jovani for your reward. You’ll get a bottle full of Great Fairy’s Tears (which will fill your bar and increase your damage for a short time.) You’ll also get the Ghost Lantern, a new and mostly useless item that will light up when unfound Poes are nearby.

11.5 Malo Mart

Note: You can now take part in the Malo Mart side quest, but it is a rather expensive one. If you’ve been following along with the guide, you should have enough to do most if not all of this section. If not, that’s okay, you can turn in any remaining golden bugs and you should be good. If you still don’t have enough to finish this section, jump ahead to section 11.7 where you can find tons of rupees to collect. I didn’t want to sprinkle all the rupee locations right in the middle of the Poe Soul section, or this Malo Mart section. All in all, the side quest will cost you just over 1,868 rupees to complete.

Warp over to Kakariko Village and you’ll find Gor Liggs is now sitting outside of Malo Mart. He asks about a young Goron that is in trouble in Castle Town. He is referring to the Goron that is at the East Gate, sitting by the broken bridge. He mentions that Malo Mart is raising money to repair the bridge.

Walk inside Malo Mart and speak with the other Goron Elder, Gor Ebizo. He mentions that the shops in Castle Town are gouging prices. The shop he’s referring to is the one southeast of Castle Town’s fountain, called Chudley’s Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium. If you’ve had a chance to go in there before, which you can’t even do until you pay 10 rupees to have your shoes polished by a person named Soal near the door, you would definitely agree the place is a bit snooty, with prices so high your wallet isn’t even big enough to afford even the cheapest item. Plus, the place isn’t even open most of the time. If you do make it in there before progressing with this section, though, you’ll find a nice little easter egg. One of the pictures on the wall is a picture of the as-yet-unreleased upcoming Zelda game for the Wii U, from the reveal trailer. Neat!

Malo Mart’s plan to rectify this is to first repair the broken bridge that connects Kakariko Village to Castle Town, and then to buy the Castle Town shop to sell items at a lower cost. In order to complete phase one, they will need to raise 1,000 rupees, so go ahead and donate all the rupees you have. If your wallet wasn’t full, go get some more money by turning in golden bugs or checking out section 11.7, and finish the donation of 1,000 rupees.

If you head over to Castle Town near the East Gate, you will find the Goron lying on the ground right next to the rebuilt bridge. While the bridge is now built, he is a bit tired and asks for some Hot Spring Water to wake him up.

If you return to Malo Mart, donations are now being taken to move Malo Mart to Castle Town. However, at the moment it costs 2,000 rupees to do that, but we can reduce that amount by helping out the East Gate Goron.

Just outside Malo Mart, speak with Gor Liggs once again. Agree to take some Hot Spring Water to the young Goron and you will then appear back in the Bridge of Eldin portion of Hyrule Field. You need to walk a barrel of Hot Spring Water over to Castle Town. I recommend just walking along the southern perimeter. There are some bulblin archers that will shoot at you, but as long as you keep your distance and keep moving, you should be fine.

Once you arrive at the bridge, the Goron will speak to you. Target him and toss the barrel of Hot Spring Water at him. He will be rejuvenated and ready to work. He will roll across Hyrule Field towards Kakariko Village, and will then roll back with a barrel of Hot Spring Water over his head. As he rolls by, he will drop a Piece of Heart on the bridge. Walk on over and grab it to collect Piece of Heart #22.

Optional: There is no real reward for this doing, but for completion’s sake, we can finally open up the path connecting Castle Town with South Hyrule Field. Re-enter Castle Town and make your way towards the southern gate. The Goron we just saved has now set up shop and if you talk to him, he will sell you Hot Spring Water for 20 rupees. Exit through the south gate and run to the south end of this area to find a Goron standing in front of a bunch of boulders. Talk to him and give him the Hot Spring Water. He will be powered up and will start to go to work on the boulders. It will take a full day cycle for him to finish the passage, so you can return a bit later.

Now that you helped the Goron at the East Gate, return to Malo Mart in Kakariko Village. If you speak with Gor Ebizo, it will now only take 200 rupees to move Malo Mart to Castle Town. If you don’t have enough rupees, go and and trade in the rest of your Golden Bugs, or check out section 11.7 to do some rupee hunting. Make the donation and it will start the move to the Castle Town branch of Malo Mart.

Warp over to Castle Town and as you enter, you will get a letter from the Postman, indicating that Malo Mart is now open for business. Go inside and you’ll find a rather lively shop. There are two items for sale that we want to purchase. First, we want to purchase the Malo Mart Stamp for your Miiverse Stamp collection, for 50 rupees.

The main attraction here is the Magic Armor, selling for 598 rupees. Shell out the cash to get this rather unique armor set. When using the Magic Armor, if Link takes a hit, he won’t take any damage, instead, he will lose rupees. This continues until Link has no rupees, in which point the Magic Armor will lose its value and will begin to weigh Link down, similar to walking with Iron Boots on. It’s a nice item for tough spots, but I don’t actually think it is an overly practical item.

11.6 Stamps, Hearts, and More

Castle Town Goodies

If you have been following along with the guide, you should have collected 29 Poe Souls. All your really need for these next rewards is 20 Poe Souls. Warp to Castle Town and then enter the town as Wolf Link. Make your way towards the South Gate and then take the East Alleyway. There is a niche to the north, leading to Jovani’s house. Dig through the soft spot to the left of the door to get in.

Inside, walk up to Jovani and after giving him the 20+ Poe Souls, his body will regain animation and his cat will also come back to life. As a thanks for helping him out, he will give you a bottle filled with Great Fairy’s Tears. When used, it will fill-up all your hearts, but it will also gives Link a boast in attack strength for a short while, or until he takes damage. More important though, this is the 4th bottle that you now have collected.

Jovani will ask you to catch up to 60 Poe Souls and he will give you the Ghost Lantern. This lantern doesn’t use lantern oil, and it will light up when a Poe is nearby.

Exit Castle Town and then return back as Human Link. Take the West Alley to get to the West Gate area. In the alleyway you will find a large purple tent and inside is the STAR Game. Speak with the owner Purlo and pay him 10 rupees to play his mini-game. You will be placed in the cage and you have to collect all the glowing orbs. This is actually incredibly easy to do since we have the Clawshot.

Run straight and and climb the ledge to get the first orbs. Jump to the left and then use your Clawshot across the cage to get all the orbs. Climb up again and use your Clawshot to get the remaining orbs. As long as you don’t miss any, you can finish this mini-game in just over 10 seconds. So even if you make an error or two, you should be able to finish it. As a reward for completing the game in less than 30 seconds, you will get the Big Quiver, which allows you to carry up to 60 arrows.

Make your way to the South Gate and exit Castle Town. When we were back at the Sacred Grove, we activated a Howling Stone and the Golden Wolf can be found here at the west side of the area. Run over to the Golden Wolf and you’ll once again meet up with the Hero’s Shade. After proving that you have perfected the Back Slice, the hero will teach you the new technique, the Helm Splitter. After performing a Shield Bash, you can then press the A button to deliver a jump attack to get to his backside and finish him off with a sword slash.

Lake Hylia Goodies

Warp over to Lake Hylia and make your way over to the Lanayru Spring. Once you enter, take a right and walk along the perimeter. You’ll see some vines ahead so use your Clawshot to grapple on over. At the south end of the room, head through the doorway and you’ll come across a pair of treasure chests that contain some goodies. Use your lantern to light the two torches and a large treasure chest will appear. Open it up to get Piece of Heart #23.

Back in Lake Hylia, make your way to the southwest part of Lake Hylia, right near the Lake Hylia Cavern. There is a small circle of grass and if you use your senses, you will be able to dig into an underground cavern. You will find a ton of Water Toadpoli in this area and there are a few ways you can defeat them. For one, you can time their water-rock attacks, using a Shield Bash to knock the projectile back towards them. Alternatively, you can defeat them with your bow and arrow. When they are all defeated, open the treasure chest to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter S.

In Lake Hylia, if you head to either the east end of the Lake, or the area between the bridges on the way to Fyer, you will meet up with a colorful bird named Plumm. Transform into Wolf Link and talk to Plumm to hear about the Fruit Pop Flight Challenge. Howl right near the grass and you will summon a Kargarok which will be used to fly up Lake Hylia. Along the way there are three types of Fruit – Watermelon, Oranges, and Strawberries. Watermelon are worth 1 point, Oranges are worth 3 points, and Strawberries are with 10. If you get consecutive amounts of a fruit, you get double the points, but only up until 10 in a row, at which point any subsequent fruits of the same type will be worth the same maximum value. So it would follow a chart like such.

Watermelon – 1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 – 128 – 256 – 512 – 512…
Orange – 3 – 6 – 12 – 24 – 48 – 96 – 192 – 384 – 768 – 1536 – 1536…
Strawberry – 10 – 20 – 40 – 80 – 160 – 320 – 640 – 1,280 – 2,560 – 5,120 – 5,120…

The goal here is to get at least 10,000 points. Obviously, the easiest way is to exclusively collect Strawberries, but you can grab some of the fruits before the first strawberry for bonus points. The strawberries themselves are not that hard to collect, and because they give so many points, you can miss several of them and still hit the goal of 10,000. The only difficulty is in NOT hitting an orange or watermelon and breaking your chain. Also, if you hit a wall and fall down, you will appear back in Lake Hylia and can try again. If you successfully make it through, you will appear at the Upper Zora’s River, but can still play again right away. For getting over 10,000 points, you will be rewarded with Piece of Heart #24.

There are a handful of Stamps for us to collect throughout the Overworld. The first of which is back all the way at Ordon Ranch. Return to Ordon and head inside the barn at Ordon Ranch. Use your Wolf Link senses and you’ll find a soft soil spot right next to the Postman. Inside you will find a bunch of rats and you should be able to get rid of them with basic sword slashes. Also in this cave is a Chu. This Chu will vary in color depending upon the playthrough, and has the potential to be a Rare Chu. This shining chu can be defeated just as usual, but your reward will be some Rare Chu Jelly, so be sure to snatch it up in a bottle. This jelly works just like the Great Fairy’s Tears and will fill up your hearts, and give you a boost in strength momentarily.

Smash all the pots for some rupees, but then use your lantern to light up the three torches. Open the treasure chest that appears to get the Happy Link Stamp.

Warp over to South Faron Woods and then exit to the north to get out to South Hyrule Field. At the southeast corner of the map, there is are two small patches of grass right up against the wall. Use your senses and you will find a Dig Cavern underneath. Open the treasure chest here to get the Wolf Link Stamp.

Ride over to the Great Bridge of Hylia portion of Hyrule Field. South of the bridge is a smaller wooden bridge, and just south of that there are some targets on the wall. Note, if you previously got the Poe Soul in this area, you will have already broke up the large boulders. If not, use some bomb arrows to reveal some Clawshot targets. Clawshot up and across a series of platforms. If you haven’t already, open the treasure chest nearby to get some rupees.

You will see a circle of grass and you can use Wolf Link to dig underneath to find a hidden cavern. There are some Ice Bubbles and Fire Bubbles and these can be deadly if you are using the Zora Armor, so be sure to switch back to your normal gear. Defeat them with your sword or with a projectile and then open the treasure chest that appears to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter M.

Make your way over to the area just west of Castle Town. We previously got a Golden Bug found on a higher ledge at the northwest part of this area. Now that you have the Clawshot, you can grapple onto the vines. There is a circle of rocks here that you can dig underneath to find an underground cavern. This room has a series of Helmasaurs and you should use your Clawshot to remove their shields, making them easier to defeat. Defeat them all and open the treasure chest to get the Angry Link Stamp.

Ride over to North Hyrule Field and there are two dig caverns to be found here. The first is right along the river, just on the west side. Walk up to the river and follow it as far northward as it goes. Just to the west of the river there is a circle of grass that Wolf Link can dig underneath. In this cavern, defeat all of the Skulltulas, and then light the torches to reveal the treasure chest. Open it up to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter P.

Also in North Hyrule Field, you’ll find another circle of grass, just southeast of the bridge. Dig underneath to find another cavern. Defeat all the Chu and open the treasure chest to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter I.

Jump back on your horse and make the journey over to the north side of the Bridge of Eldin. (You won’t be able to warp there, Midna will explain why if you try.) Just north of the broken bridge, look at the northeast wall and you’ll see a Clawshot target. Grapple up and then run around the corner to find an entrance to a cavern.

This cavern is a bit straightforward and works as an extension of a lot of the puzzles and enemies from the Goron Mines. Follow the linear pathway and jump off the ledges. Down below there are magnetic fields that you will need to use your Iron Boots to pull yourself over to. Follow the linear pathway to reach the base of the cavern. Here you will find a pair of torches. Use your lantern to light them up and open the treasure chest to get the Piece of Heart Stamp.

At the very end of the cavern, there is a treasure chest waiting for you. Open it up to get Piece of Heart #25.

Warp on over to Kakariko Village and make your way over to Barnes Bomb Shop. He now has a third type of bomb available in the form of Bomblings. These are completely optional and don’t have too many uses. However, since we have three bomb bags, I usually like filling up my third bomb bag with Bomblings. If you only have one or two bomb bags, than you certainly should just avoid getting these.

Make your way to the Bridge of Eldin portion of Hyrule Field, south of the Bridge. There are a pair of brown patches where you can dig underneath. The first is located near the west side of the area. Look at the map and find the large portion of water at the southwest part of the area. From there, walk directly northward and you’ll see the brown patch of soil. Use Wolf Link to dig underneath to reach the cavern. This cavern is filled with enemy Bomskit. I would suggest using your bow to get rid of them. Light up the torches with the lantern and open the treasure chest to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter C.

Make your way over to the Great Bridge of Eldin. Just west of the archway, there is another brown soil spot on the ground. Dig underneath and inside you will find a treasure chest with the Sad Link Stamp.

The reward for most obnoxious and out of the way Stamp goes to… the stamp in the Goron Mines. Warp over to Death Mountain and make your way all the way back into the Goron Mines. You want to make your way to the large outdoor room that had all the Bulblin Archers. Solve the familiar puzzles and keep heading north. Luckily, in the main central room, there are the magnetic cranes that make it so you don’t have to travel through all the early rooms again; ride them until you get to the northern door on the 2nd floor, and then keep heading north. Once you arrive at the large outdoor room, make your way to the northeast corner and look up to the top of the area. There is a grating that you can Clawshot over to. Climb up and open the treasure chest found here to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter U.

11.7 Rupee Collection

There are handful of locations where you can easily collect some extra rupees in the Overworld. This is particular useful if you are trying to complete the Malo Mart Quest and need some extra cash.

– Kakariko Village – Just above the Sanctuary (the building next to the Eldin Spring), there is a bell on the roof. Use a Bomb Arrow to hit the bell, causing a Silver Rupee to drop down. Transform into Wolf Link and use Midna Jumps to get up to the top of the building and collect the 200 rupees.

– South Hyrule Field – Once you enter Hyrule Field from the Faron Woods exit, walk northward straight ahead. You will come to a bridge and if you jump into the water beside the bridge, you’ll find that there is actually a hidden treasure chest underneath the bridge. Use your Clawshot to grapple up to the target and open the treasure chest to get 100 rupees.

– South Gate – Exit Castle Town to the south. At the east end of this area, there is a large pillar that you can climb up the vines to reach. Dig into the underground cavern and it leads to a treasure chest that contains some rupees.

– Lake Hylia – Play Falbi’s Flight By Fowl mini-game and grab a cucco. Fly over towards the Lanayru Spring. Just outside the spring there are two pillars that have two treasure chests on them. Carefully lower yourself so that you land on one of the pillars. You can use the Clawshot target above the Spring entrance and the targets on the pillars themselves to get both treasure chests. One contains a purple rupee and the other contains 100 rupees.

– Lanayru Spring – Enter the Lanayru Spring and jump into the water. Down below there are a pair of treasure chests that contain small amounts of rupees. Additionally though, use some bombs to blast the boulders to find a bunch of rupees.

– Castle Town – If you haven’t already, go ahead and exchange all the Golden Bugs that you’ve collected up to this point.

Rupee Guay Locations

Guays appear in batches and if you defeat them all, they will leave a bunch of rupees. The good news is you can leave and return to each of the below areas and they will continuously re-appear. If you’ve already done all of the above and are somehow still short on money, this is the best way to get some more at this point in the game.

– Kakariko Gorge – Near the center of the gorge, by the bridge. The guays can be found flying around on the higher ledge with the lone tree.

– Kakariko Graveyard – Near the back of the graveyard by the two tall trees.

– Great Bridge of Hylia – Flying around near the center of the Bridge.

– South Gate – Just outside the South Gate of Castle Town. Near the pillar at the east side of the area, a bunch of Guays can be seen floating around.