The Minish Cap Bosses

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Big-Green-Chuchu-Sprite.png Big Green ChuChuThis Green ChuChu appears as a giant but in reality it is the same enemy that you have been battling in the Minish Woods. There is an obvious twist to it. You are in Minish form during this battle so this usually simple enemy is now the guardian of the Earth Element.
Gleerok.gif GleerokThe main boss of the Cave of Flames and the guardian of the Fire Element. Gleerok lives in his pit of Lava in the center of the room.
Mazaal.gif MazaalA classic Zelda type boss that makes some sort of appearance in many Zelda games. Mazaal consists of his main head area as well as two detached arms.
BigOctorok.gif Big OctoLike the Big Green ChuChu fight before, this battle is with a regular Octorok but you battle it as a Minish, making the battle a lot more difficult. It has the power to change the setting of the room to ice and has a variety of different attacks. The Big Octo is the guardian of the Water Element.
GyorgPair1.gif Gyorg PairThe Gyorg Pair is a very unique boss. There are two body portions of Gyorg as you would guess by the name. They have a variety of attacks and Link must also account for lack of walls. This boss battle takes place in mid-air! It gets pretty chaotic during this battle with so much stuff going on at once. The Gyorg Pair are the protectors of the Wind Element.
VaatiReborn.gif Vaati RebornVaati uses the power of the Light Force to transform his body into this evil sorcerer known as Vaati Reborn. This phase of Vaati awfully resembles Patra from The Legend of Zelda.
VaatiTransfigured.gif Vaati TransfiguredVaati Transfigured is the second form that Vaati takes. The eyes surrounding him have now become more attacked to his body.
VaatisWrath1.gif Vaati's WrathVaati's Wrath is the final boss in the game. It takes on two forms with the first being his main body with two long arms to its sides. Once those are defeated Vaati will turn to using its eyes to shoot electric orbs out at Link. Arguably the toughest boss in the game, you need to time your hits perfectly in order to defeat Vaati's Wrath.