4.1 Spells Galore

~ Point Bag Roundup ~

Sail to Eastern Hyrule with your newly acquired Raft. You’ll first want to go south into the isolated forest. Go on the highest part of the screen and grab the Point Bag. Next, head directly southeast into the cave. Go through while trying to dodge the Tektites. As of now, we cannot kill them, so do your best. Near the end you’ll find a Skettlar (scorpion like enemy). Grab the other Point Bag and heard north to the Town of Nabooru.

~ Town Of Nabooru ~

Talk to any elderly women or ladies when they come out of their houses to get any life and/or magic restored if needed. At the beginning of the second part of town, a lady in a red dress will come out of her house thirsty. Go a little past her house and press the button to get some water at the fountain. Talk to her again and go inside.

Another Wise Man is found here, and he gives you a rather cool Spell this time. Fire will let you shoot, well, fire from your sword when it’s enabled. This Spell isn’t only for fun, however. Tektites and Basilisks are immune to all of your weapons and other Spells except for this one. When you’re done, leave town and go in the cave to the north.

~ Maze Island ~

This cave is short with a couple of Red Aches and a Skettlar. Go east after you get through it. Before you step on the bridge, walk to the desert area that is south of the forest. Grab the Link Doll and walk on the bridge to go to Maze Island.

The palace is here, but for now we’re just grabbing two things. First we’ll get the third Magic Jar, then the Lost Child. Maze Island is full of actions scenes, so prepare yourself…

~ Maze Island Goodies ~

Go to the west side of the island and you’ll fall down a hole. Go grab the third Magic Container and leave. On the far other side of the island is another hole that leads to the Kidnapped Child. When you go down, use jumping and slashing moves to kill the Lizalfos and rescue the Kidnapped Child. Leave Maze Island….for now.

We now need to go to the Mountain Town of Darunia. Go west from Maze Island and it won’t be long before you reach it. Beware, there are two non-skippable action scenes on the way to the town. Go into the town and prepare to get two more Spells.

~ Mountain Town Of Darunia ~

At the beginning of the second part of town, there is a house with no windows and a chimney. Enable Jump and go down a few houses. Jump onto the low house and jump across the rooftops until you reach the one with no windows. Hold down on the chimney and Link will go through it. Talk to the Knight and you’ll get the Upward Thrust. Exit the house and continue through town.

When you reach the first house at the beginning of the last section of town, talk to the old lady that comes out of her house. She’ll thank you for saving her child and invite you inside…

The Wise Man will give you yet another Spell, Reflect. This can block some things that the normal shield cannot when it’s in use, and it can deflect some magical beams from Wizzrobes. Get full health and magic and leave town. Head for Maze Island once again.

Your goal at Maze Island this time is getting to the palace at the other end. There are several actions scenes and a Red Potion near the end.

~ Maze Island Revisited ~

There isn’t a single path to the Maze Island Palace, but either way you’ll do several action scenes. Near the end in the northeast portion there is a Red Potion, so make sure you grab it if needed.

Double check and make sure you have the Reflect Spell. You should have it for sure if you’ve been following this chapter. If you don’t, refer earlier in the section to get it and enter the Maze Island Palace.

4.2 Maze Palace

(Click image below to view a full-sized map of the Palace)

After going down the elevator, go right. Fight the two Armored Stalfos in this room and grab the Point Bag. Go down the elevator and go right. Fight the Red Armored Stalfos and go into the next room. Enable Jump and jump across the gap. Fight the Doomknocker and Tinsuits and proceed.

Slash at the blocks with the fire on top of them and jump over the fire. This palace has a few rooms that are like this, so don’t let your guard down. At the end, grab the Key and slash at the statue to get a Red Potion. Backtrack to the room with the big gap, but go down it this time.

~ The Boots ~

Once you go down the gap, immediately go right into the hallway. This hallway contains Tinsuits, and other hostile enemies. At the end is a Blue Iron Knuckle, and it’s guarding the palace’s treasure. Defeat it by slashing and jumping and get the Boots!

Now that we have the Boots, we can walk on surfaces such as water and lava. Also, you can easily reach this palace again if you get a game over. Simply walk on the river on Maze Island to easily reach this place. Backtrack and jump down the gap.

Quickly run to the right after landing on the disintegrating bridge. Kill the Dragon Heads as they fly by for points. This is another room full of lava and death pits. Enable Jump and get to the other side. Grab the Key and head to the far west this time.

Slash at the blocks with the fire on top of them and jump over the fire. This palace has a few rooms that are like this, so don’t let your guard down. At the end, grab the Key and slash at the statue to get a Red Potion. Backtrack to the room with the big gap, but go down it this time.

This is another room with Wolf Heads and a Key at the bottom of the blocks. Go above the Key and use the Downward Thrust to grab it. Quickly get above the blocks again before the Wolf Heads destroy you. Go east from this room and keep going up in the elevator until you can’t anymore. Go west and you’ll come across the elevator that takes you to the entrance of the palace. Take the left path this time.

Go through the locked door after you take the left path. Defeat the Red Iron Knuckle and use the Upward Thrust to destroy the blocks. Grab the Key and go through the locked door. Skip the elevator for now and head west. Get the Point Bag and Key below the blocks and return to the elevator.

~ Finding Carock ~

Head east after coming down and you’ll go into one last lava room. This time however, Dragon Heads fly around, and they’re very good at knocking you off to your death. Snag the last Key and slash the statue for a Red Potion. Return to the elevator and head west this time.

~ Iron Knuckle Brawl ~

Unlock the door and kill the Wizzrobes for experience points. It may be a little harder in this room since there are Tinsuits running around. Wait for the Myu to jump off the disintegrating bridge and go on. Use a Downward Thrust on the other one. Go down the elevator at the end.

Use Jump and get yet another Point Bag on the ledges. Fight off the Blue Armored Stalfos and go into the next room. Fight off the two Red Iron Knuckles, and prepare to fight the boss. If you have plenty of magic, you’re certain to beat this boss if you know what to do.

~ Carock ~

Out of all the battles we’ve had so far, this one is by far the easiest. Use Reflect and duck in one of the corners. Carock’s magic will not hit you and it will fly all over the place. Shortly after the magic is flying around everywhere he will die. Now was that so hard? – However, the only way he can hurt you is if he appears in the corner you’re standing in. Other than that, you will not be damaged.

Take the Key and go into the Crystal room. Put in the fourth one and get a free level up. You should have at least one Level 7 on something right now. We’re coming close to a good training area anyway, so don’t sweat it if you don’t. Keep it up, you are getting closer to the Great Palace!