5.1 Get to the Tower

Our next destination is the Tower of Spirits. However, there are a ton of collectible items and extra treasure chests we can now get before heading to the Tower of Spirits. If you’d like to continue along with the main quest, travel to the Tower of Spirits at the southeast part of the Snow Realm and skip down to section 5.2 of this chapter.

Optional: Five Snow Rabbits

When leaving the Snow Temple you’ll notice that the blizzard is gone and the sun is actually out! Additionally, there are now two dark trains out to kill you in this area of the map. Since the blizzard gone, there are five new snow rabbits that we can reach as well.

Snow Rabbit #3 – East of the Snow Temple. Take the first path east and then at the next fork in the road, take a right and the rabbit is on the east side of the tracks.

Snow Rabbit #4 – Head directly south from the Snow Temple. When you cannot go south anymore, the rabbit will be on the west side of the tracks.

Snow Rabbit #5 – In the middle of where the blizzard was there are four horizontal sets of tracks. The 5th rabbit is located on the 3rd horizontal track from the top and it is located at the southern part of the tracks.

Snow Rabbit #6 – From Rabbit #3, head south just a bit and take the east path. The rabbit is on the north side of the tracks.

Snow Rabbit #7 – At the southeast corner of the blizzard area. The rabbit is located on the east side of the tracks.

Optional: Beedle's Air Shop

The next time you stop at a station with a mailbox, you’ll be getting a letter from Beedle telling you to stop by his Air Shop. When traveling the overworld on the train, Beedle’s icon will appear on the map near some tracks. Ride on over near the air balloon and pull the train whistle. This will cause Beedle to land his shop near the train tracks. At this point, we want to stop at the air shop just as if it was a station.

Beedle has several items for sale, with the most notable being the Bomb Bag! This will allow Link to carry up to 10 bombs himself. It costs a reasonable 500 rupees. If you’ve been following along the walkthrough and have gathered all the treasures thus far, you should easily have enough rupees. Beedle also sells some treasure, some bombs, and a red potion.

Once you have purchased an item from Beedle, he’ll mention a membership program that he has. Tell him that you are interested and he will mail you the Beedle Club Card. Next time you reach a station with a mailbox you’ll get a letter from Beedle. For every 10 rupees that you spend at Beedle’s shop, you will earn 1 membership point. Earning lots of points will upgrade your membership status and will earn you some discounts at the store. The grand prize is after you accumulate 500 points where Beedle will give you a Heart Container! This is a long ways away though.

As you continue to buy more from Beedle, the savings will increase. After obtaining 200 points he will award you with the Silver Card, which will reduce the cost of items by 10%. After obtaining 500 points he will award you with the Gold Card, which will reduce the cost of items by 20%. After earning 1,000 points he will award you with the Platinum Card, which will reduce the cost of items by 30%. Finally, after earning 2,000 points, he will award you with the Diamond Card. This will net you a Regal Ring, as well as a 50% discount on items.

Optional: Wellspring Station Stamp Station

We want to make a quick stop over at the Wellspring Station where we can now reach a Stamp Station. Walk to the north of the house here and stand near the small lake. Use the boomerang on the ice torch and create a bridge of ice on the lake. Use this bridge in order to get to the stamp station that is just to the left of the ice torch. Stamp your notebook, which should bring your stamp total up to eight! Head back to the train and leave Wellspring Station.

Optional: Secret Rupees at Anouki Village

With our newly acquired bombs there is a secret cave we can now access within Anouki Village. Just east of Honcho’s hut you’ll notice a crack against the north wall. Use a bomb to blast open an entrance to a cave. There is a tricky block puzzle here that Link must solve in order to reach the treasure chest. Push the block across the ice in the following directions: West, North, East, North, East, North, East, South, East, South, West, and North. With the block now in place, we can jump on top of it and reach a treasure chest to the right. Open it up to get a big red rupee which is worth 200 rupees! Exit the cave.

There is one other treasure chest we can reach in Anouki Village. Run to the west part of the Village and you’ll find a small pond of water. Use the boomerang on the ice torch across the water and create a bridge of ice. Walk across and open the treasure chest to get a big green rupee! That’s all there is to do in Anouki Village, so head back to the train.

~ Castle Town Goodies ~

Optional: Red Rupees and Stamp Station

You may have gotten a letter in the mail from Russell, the swordsman at Hyrule Castle. That will be our next step, so ride south back to the Forest Realm and make your way all the way to Castle Town.

Before heading north up to see Russell, there are goodies right here within the actual town. Now that we have the bombs, we can blast away the boulders located at the northeast part of town. Doing so will allow you reach the rampart of the town. Run south and around the corner to reach a treasure chest to get a red rupee.

Walk back around and make your way to the northwest corner of Castle Town. Here you will find a Stamp Station, so stamp your book to increase the number to nine! Run south and around the corner to find another treasure chest which contains a red rupee. That’s all there is here for now, so jump down and head north to Hyrule Castle.

Optional: Swordsman's Heart Container

Enter the castle and head right. Run up to where you first got your sword and speak with Russell. For just 50 rupees, you can practice your swordsman skills and earn a nice price! There are three guards that will surround you in this area. The goal is to get 60 hits in with your sword before taking three hits yourself.

The best strategy is to stand between the guard that is at the right and the one on the bottom. Just strike one of the guards over and over, but keep your eye on the other guard. Once it is gearing for an attack, quickly turn around and strike it before it can hurt you. As long as you stand between the two guards on the right and the bottom, the one on the left won’t bother you. After achieving 60 hits, Russell will reward you with a full Heart Container!

That is all we can do for now, so run back over to the train. Ride eastward and enter the Tower of Spirits for the 3rd time.

5.2 Tower of the Spirits Secrets

5.2 is an entirely optional section of the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough. Now that we have acquired both the whirlwind and the boomerang from the previous two temples, we can revisit several of the previous floors of the Tower of Spirits to reach new chests that contain some pieces of treasure! Once you arrive at the Tower of Spirits walk up the steps and enter the first door to get to the 1st floor of the Tower of Spirits.

~ First Floor ~

If you glance at the map you will notice there are gaps at the northwest part of the map which you cannot cross. However, now that you have the boomerang, you can trace a path over these gaps and you will be able to hit a switch. This will cause a treasure chest to open up at the north end of the room. Run on over and open it to get a random piece of treasure!

Before heading up to the second floor, collect the three Tears of Light once again as we will need them in the floor above. Once you have done so, use the sword on the phantom to let Zelda use it again. Afterwards, climb up the steps in the center of the room to get to the 2nd floor.

~ Second Floor ~

Walk over to the northeast corner of the room and you will notice that there is a gap that is too large to jump across. Move the phantom to the edge of the gap and then pull out the whirlwind. A gust with the whirlwind will be enough to send the massive phantom over the gap. Who would have thought that these whirlwind gusts were that powerful! With Zelda across the gap, have her step on the switch next to the treasure chest and this will create a small bridge where Link can cross. Cross the bridge and open the treasure chest to get a rare piece of treasure!

Have the phantom jump off the ledge to the left and then jump on top of the phantom’s shield with Link. Walk around the corner and then head back east. There is a treasure chest here that is on a higher platform. Since we are on top of the phantom, we can now reach this higher ledge. Jump onto it and open the treasure chest to get another piece of treasure.

Our last stop on this floor is the northwest corner of the room. Have Zelda distract the enemy phantom and run around to the northwest corner where you will find a cracked wall. Place a bomb to blow it up, but beware as this will alert the stationary phantom! Remember, Link cannot go through the passage that is revealed unless the phantom is nearby. Your best option here is to blow up the hole and then run away so the enemy phantom cannot see you. Then, once it returns to its spot, safely run over to the corner and call over Zelda. Walk through and open the treasure chest found in this small chamber to get another rare piece of treasure!

Our next stop is the fourth floor of the Tower of Spirits. Your best bet is to head up the stairs to the third floor, and then step into the blue portal to get back to the Tower of Spirits entrance. From here, scale the staircase and enter the 4th floor of the Tower.

~ Fourth Floor ~

There is nothing new on this floor that we can currently reach. There is an area on the east end of the map that we will soon get to, but we must first make our way to the fifth floor. In order to do so, we need to take control over a phantom. Run around and collect the three Tears of Light just as we did before. Once you have taken control of a phantom, just like before, jump onto its back and walk across the lava. Make your way to the staircase and head up to the 5th floor of the Temple.

~ Fifth Floor ~

Navigate through this room just like you did before. Jump on top of the phantom and cross the lava. Defeat the flying keese and make your way to the west side of the map. There is a lava area to the north that we previously skipped over since we had no use for it at the time. Send the phantom into the lava and then jump on top of it. While standing on the phantom stand on top of the platform in the center of the lava. From here, pull out your boomerang and trace a path around the corner to the north. You’ll find a switch on the left, so hit it with the boomerang and it will cause the door to the right to open up!

Walk to the right and cross some more lava, ignoring the door to the north for now. There are two paths with three flames blocking the way. The middle flame is higher up and will only affect you if you are on top of the phantom. Send the phantom across the top route and while it is blocking the flames, run across with Link until both have reached the northeast corner of the room.

Place a bomb against the cracked wall at the northeast part of the room. Enter the small chamber and open the treasure chest to get another nice treasure piece. Return to the main part of the floor and now head to the southeast corner of the room. Walk down the steps to get back to the 4th floor of the Temple.

~ Fourth Floor ~

There is a small gap on the right side here and we need to use the same whirlwind trick from earlier to get across. Have the phantom stand right next to the gap and then blow her across using the whirlwind. Once across, have the phantom stand on a nearby floor switch and this will cause the torch on your side of the gap to light up. Use the boomerang and trace a path from the lit torch south of the gap to the unlit torch that is north of the gap. With both torches now lit, a small bridge will appear allowing Link to cross it.

There is a large flame that is blocking the path to the north. Beyond the flame there is a set of four blocks that can be blown up with bombs. Pull out a bomb and then tap the phantom to give the bomb to Zelda. Have the phantom walk through the flames and over to the boulders. Drop the bomb next to the boulder and once it explodes, the phantom will be able to cross. Stop on the switch and this will cause the flames to disappear so Link can reunite with the phantom. Run on over with Link and open the treasure chest to get another rare treasure piece!

There is nothing left to do on this floor, so let’s backtrack to the staircase at the south end of the room and head back up it. On the fifth floor, make your way back to the northern part of the map. Jump onto the phantom and walk across the lava to get to the staircase at the north end of the room. Walk up the staircase to get to the 6th floor.

~ Sixth Floor ~

Once you arrive on the sixth floor of the Tower of Spirits, you will be greeted by not one but TWO Geozards! Use the phantom to double team each geozard. After hitting each geozard several times, they will be defeated and the door to the south will open up.

Walk through the door and you’ll see several treasure chests that are ready to be opened up! The three smaller chests each contain some pieces of treasure with the large one containing a rare piece of treasure!

That is all of the secrets that we can find in the first few floors of the Tower of Spirits. We can now carry on with the main quest. You can return all the way back to the fourth floor of the Tower and then back to the large spiral staircase. Alternatively, you can just save your game at this time and once you load it back up, you will be at the entrance of the Tower of Spirits. Climb up the spiral staircase and enter the 8th floor of the Tower of Spirits.

5.3 Tower of Spirits, Part 3

If you haven’t already, you can speak with Anjean and you’ll find out that your next destination is the next section of the Tower of Spirits. Walk up the stairs and then scale all the way to the top of the new set of spiral stairs. Enter the door to tackle the next part of the Tower of Spirits.

~ Eighth Floor ~

Right off the bat you’ll notice that there is no map to this section of the Tower. The floor is pitch black, other than the torches that light up some of the areas. Begin making your way to the right and you’ll eventually see some unlit torches. Use the boomerang and target a lit torch, followed by an unlit torch, causing it to light it up. Continue to the east and the path will split, where you can either go up or down.

Optional: 8th floor Treasure

Go up first and use the boomerang to light all the torches. There are two already lit torches against the northern wall. After lighting the torch on the right you’ll see a bomb flower. Pick up the bomb flower and toss it so it explodes between the two lit torches. Walk into the hole that it creates and grab the treasure piece from the treasure chest!

Return to the room below and now head southward, lighting up all the torches along the way. You’ll eventually run into a ghost like enemy that is floating around in the dark portions of the room. These enemies are known as Nocturn and Link cannot defeat them at the moment. You’ll also see a tablet here, but since it’s dark you cannot read it. All it does say is that the wall to the right (which we also cannot see for now), can be bombed. Since we cannot do anything else on this floor at the moment, just head to the right and then up the stairs to the 9th floor.

~ Ninth Floor ~

Upon arriving you’ll see two of the three Tears of Light, as well as new Torch Phantoms! This next room can be rather frustrating as there aren’t nearly as many torches. Light the torch to your left by using the boomerang. Continue to the left and you’ll see a tablet next to several unlit torches. Light up the three torches while avoiding the nocturns and then read the tablet. It says to blow out the lonely torch in the corner where the phantoms tread. It might sound a bit confusing, but we’ll make use of this statement in just a bit.

Run northward and you’ll see a large safe zone with two torches. Use one of the torches to light up the unlit torch to the right. When the path is clear use this now lit torch to light up another torch just above it. Keep heading north and you’ll find a safe zone on the left, along with a bomb and some unlit torches. Once again, use the boomerang to light up these two torches.

Walk to your left and you’ll find several nocturn. Continue to the left and you’ll find another unlit torch so light it up! There are several nocturn down the corridor here but there is an unlit torch as well. You need to move into the darkness a bit, and then use the lit torch to light up the unlit torch. Run over to the newly lit torch and you’ll see a safe zone to your left. Walk to the bottom left corner, enter the safe zone, and collect the first Tear of Light.

Back track all the way to the safe zone that is located right next to a bomb flower. Walk out to the right and then head down just a bit. Once you reach the first torch, walk against the wall on the right side. You’ll be able to see a safe zone, but it is blocked by a wall. Walk down, right, and then up to reach the safe zone and collect the second Tear of Light.

Wait until no phantom is on the right side, and then head down and then right. Stay against the wall on the right and head up to eventually find an opening on the right side. Now run all the way to the northeast corner of the room where you will find a torch. Remember that the table said there was a lone torch in the corner by where the phantoms tread? Well, this is that torch. Pull out the whirlwind and blow out the flame. A kind of scary looking crack in the wall will appear.

Use one of your bombs or run over to the safe zone to the left and get a bomb flower to blast away the cracked wall. Walk inside to get the 3rd Tear of Light.

Leave the room and follow one of the phantoms. Strike at its back with your powered up sword and then tap on the phantom for Princess Zelda to take control of the armored beast. The phantom’s sword acts as a flame, which will light up a small area surrounding the phantom. Additionally, the phantom can now kill the nocturn that float around the halls.

Optional: 8th floor Treasure

With Princess Zelda now in phantom status, get back to the south end of the room. If you recall, there was a stone tablet on the previous floor that we could not read because it was dark. Now that we have the torch phantom we can read it. It’s optional, but if you’d like some goodies head back down to the eighth floor. Read the stone tablet and it tells you to bomb the wall to the right. Walk with the torch phantom and you’ll see the crack in the wall. Blow it open and then head inside to find a treasure chest containing a random piece of treasure! Now return to the ninth floor.

Back near the beginning of this floor we lit three torches that were near each other. Return to this area and walk to the left over the southern path, where it will extend over a large bottomless pit. It’s a good idea to let the phantom lead the way and then follow right behind with Link. Lead with the phantom and carefully follow suit with Link. Another cool perk about the phantom’s sword is that it can light torches on its own since it is on fire.

Make your way all the way to the bottom left corner of the map and you’ll see there are two unlit torches and a closed door. Use the phantom and slash at the two torches to light them up. Before leaving this floor, there is an optional treasure piece that can be obtained, noted below. If you are not interested, walk up the staircase to get to the 10th floor.

Optional: 9th floor Treasure

Backtrack a bit up the thin path over the abyss. Once you reach the horizontal stretch to the north, take a left and you’ll reach a lone torch. Use Phantom Zelda to light it, and you will barely be able to see a small pathway across the gap to the north. Position Zelda so she is on the edge of the narrow platform; then move Link behind her. Take out the Whirlwind and use it to blow the Phantom across the gap as done before to reach a new area.

Move Phantom Zelda further up the path until you see a button on the floor in an alcove to the right. Once stepped on, this will create a bridge that allows Link to make it across the gap. Move Link to the same location as Zelda; then continue north to find the large chest containing another piece of treasure.

~ Tenth Floor ~

Walk to the right and you’ll see a switch here. Have Link step on it and then send the phantom to the right and up. You’ll see a second switch, so step on it. With both switches pressed down the door near Link will open up. Call the phantom over and head through the door. There is a stone tablet here that tells you to illuminate as much as you can to find the answer.

Optional: 10th floor Treasure

Walk all the way northward until you get to a wall. From here go to the left and then down until Princess Zelda gets scared of the rats running around. Kill the two rats and then head left and up. Use the phantom to light the torch and then open the treasure chest to get a random piece of treasure!

Walk on over to where you see a locked door on the map. You’ll notice there are a bunch of gold colored squares on the ground. This is what that tablet was referring to. Walk around so that you can see all of the gold colored squares and you’ll notice that it makes the shape of a ‘Z’.

With that out of the way walk on over to the southeast corner of the map, allowing the phantom to lead the way. You’ll see a red door here. Tap on it and it tells you to draw a symbol. Draw the letter ‘Z’ as was shown on the floor and this will open up the door. You’ll see the boss key here, but it has an electric shock, so Link is unable to pick it up himself. Call the phantom over and have the phantom hold the Boss Key.

Once the phantom picks up the key three key masters will appear. Their goal is to pick up the boss key and put it back to where it originally was. The phantom must carry the boss key to the locked door at the top of the screen, but Link must protect the phantom from the key masters. These key masters will re-appear even after you defeat them, so don’t bother trying to kill them all over and over again. Just clear the area and then quickly have the phantom run by. Once you are close enough, have the phantom toss the key into the key hole to open the door. Walk up the stairs to the next floor.

~ Eleventh Floor ~

Once you walk up the stairs the door will shut behind you and a mighty looking geozard will appear. This ferocious looking enemy is a Geozard Chief, but it’s really not that much harder than the normal geozard. The general idea is the same; just set the phantom after the geozard while you sneak behind him. Double team the geozard with constant sword slashing and the enemy will eventually jump away. The geozard will also spit out fire from its mouth that will harm Link, so try to avoid that. Repeat this process until the geozard has been defeated.

Once defeated a treasure chest will appear. Run on over and open it to get a rare piece of treasure. Walk up the staircase to get to the 12th floor of the temple.

This is the final floor of the area so Princess Zelda will leave the phantom’s body and Link’s sword will revert to normal. Run up the steps and pick up the Ocean Rail Map. Walk into the blue warp portal to be sent back to the entrance.

Talk to Anjean and she’ll instruct you that the Lokomo at the Ocean Realm is Carben. Jump on the train and head over to chapter 6 of the Spirit Tracks walkthrough to continue.