The Adventure of Link Bosses

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This is a list of bosses found in The Adventure of Link.


Main article: Mazura

Mazura serves as the guardian of Parapa Palace and the first boss of The Adventure of Link. Heavily armored, he must be attacked in the head by jumping. Should Link mistime his jump, Mazura will strike him with a large mace, knocking the hero backwards.


Helmethead (With Helmet).png
Main article: Jermafenser

Found at the end of Midoro Palace, Jermafenser, like Horsehead, can only be damaged by attacking above the shoulders. As a twist, each of the first few times Link strikes Jermafenser, the helmet will disengage from the body, then hover over the chamber and shoot fireballs at Link.


Main article: Rebonack

After reaching the end of the Island Palace, Link is confronted by Rebonack, a mounted Blue Iron Knuckle. Link must first dismount Rebonack from his horse by leaping and performing Downward Thrust on the evil knight. Once forcing him to ground, the battle with Rebonack is like that against another Blue Iron Knuckle.


Main article: Carock

Carock awaits Link at the end of the Maze Island Palace. Unlike other bosses, he is invulnerable to sword attacks, even when powered up by the Fire Spell. Like other Wizards, Carock must have his own magic turned against him by using the Reflect Spell. Squatting in the corner with the Shield Spell active will quickly bring about the fiend's demise.


Main article: Gooma

Gooma resides deep within the Palace on the Sea. His ball and chain strikes with tremendous power and his spike helmet makes him invulnerable to Downward Thrust. Unlike Horsehead or Jermafenser, Gooma's body is not heavily armored and is vulnerable to attack. A slightly unconventional strategy utilizing patience and the Jump Spell yields an easier victory. As Link draws near, Gooma will begin swinging his giant weapon. The activated Jump Spell alleviates the timing required to effectively dodge, and a leap straight in the air often puts Link at Gooma's feet, where an easy strike against the boss' body is possible before jumping away to safety.


Main article: Barba

Defending the last crystal statue is Barba inside of the Three-Eye Rock Palace. A giant dragon-like snake, Barba rises from one of three lava pools and shoots fire from his mouth at Link. Unfortified, his shield does not repel this attack, activating the Reflect Spell will allow Link to stop the stream of fire. In order to damage Barba, Link must strike it in the head with his sword by leaping after the beast has attacked, or wait to slash as Barba descends back into the fiery pit.


Main article: Thunderbird

Before Link is allowed into the Triforce chamber, he must face off against the fearsome Thunderbird. In order to even damage the beast, Link must cast Thunder to expose the boss' face, its only weak point. Thunderbird flies above the chamber, spewing an ever quickening stream of fireballs that are unleashed faster as it takes more damage.

Link's Shadow

Main article: Dark Link (The Adventure of Link)

Just when Link thinks that the Triforce of Courage is finally his, he must face off against one final opponent: his own shadow. The doppelganger uses all of Link's conventional attacks in a relentless assault. The most effective strategy is defensive - press forward towards the shadows while swinging the sword as rapidly as possible. It will prevent the fiend from striking you via a duck-thrust and you will safely step under him when he eventually jumps over you. After a time, Link's attacks will begin to land and the battle will eventually end with almost no damage taken.