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Administrators are ranked members that are in charge of maintaining the wiki and moderating it. They can delete pages, rollback edits, mark edits as patrolled, ban users, lock pages from editing, and more.

If you have any questions regarding the Wiki, that are not answered in our FAQ, it is often suggested and recommended that you ask one of the active administrators listed below.

Current Administrators
Name Discussion Page Status Personal Sig
Sanityormadness User talk:Sanityormadness Active
Charitwo User talk:Charitwo Active
Emma User talk:Emma Active Emma (Talk)
Heroine of Time User talk:Heroine of Time Active
Josh User talk:Josh Active ~Josh (Talk)
Locke User talk:Locke Active << Locke(T·C) >>
Mases User talk:Mases Active
Former Administrators
Name Discussion Page Status Personal Sig
Axle the Beast User talk:Axle the Beast Retired
David User talk:David Retired ~David (Talk)
fused_shadows User talk:Fused shadows Retired fused_shadows Complete Fused Shadow.png (T|C|U)