4.1 Getting to Level 3

There is nothing new to do in the Overworld at this point, so onward to the next dungeon. The third dungeon is located not far from the starting screen. Just head up a screen, left four screens, down a screen, and right a screen. For many players, if you are just wandering about the Overworld, it is possible that The Manji is the first dungeon you might come across.

It is a considerable step up in difficulty in comparison to the first two dungeons, so I do recommend picking up a potion. The nearest potion shop is one screen left, one screen up, and one screen right of the dungeon.

4.2 The Manji


Once you enter, head through the door at the left.


Here you will encounter a new enemy known as a Zol. If you have the upgraded White Sword, a single hit will defeat a Zol. If you still have the basic Wooden Sword, one hit will cause the enemies to split into smaller Gel enemies. Grab the key and head up a screen.


Five more Zols can be found here. Defeat them all, grab the key, and head up a screen.


Here you will encounter one of the tougher enemies in the game, the Darknut. Its large shield will deflect any attacks from the front, so you will need to strike the enemy from the side or at its back. Try to walk up to Darknuts from their side, rather than straight on. Alternatively, you can use bombs to damage them, but you’ll find yourself quickly running out. Once you defeat the Darknuts some Bombs will be left as a reward.

The wall on the right can be blasted open with a Bomb and it serves as a shortcut to get to the dungeon boss. However, we still need to acquire the dungeon item, so instead progress through the door to the left.



Defeat or avoid the enemy Keese and grab the Compass in the center of the room. Use a key to head through the locked door to the left.


The door at the bottom of the room is closed and will only open if you defeat the five Darknuts. You can travel up a screen to reach a room with a key, but it is completely unnecessary to do so. Defeat the Darknuts and head down a screen.


This room is loaded with Darknuts, and if you do defeat them all bombs will be left in the center of the room as a reward. It’s completely unnecessary to risk trying to fight them all off, so when you get a chance, quickly make a move towards the staircase in the room.


Defeat the Keese and climb over to get the dungeon item, the Raft. This will allow us to travel across the water in certain portions of the Overworld.

Backtrack up the stairs and then head up a screen, right two screens, and then up a screen.


Defeat the three Zols in this room and snag the key. Now you can head upward if you’d like, as it will lead to an Old Man who gives you advice about getting the upgraded sword on top of the Waterfall. Heading north also leads to a Key, but if you never head north, you don’t need to worry about it. Use a key and head through the locked door on the right.



This room has the Dungeon Map, which is an odd placement as it is right near the dungeon boss. The boss is one room to the right and if you place a bomb against the wall you can get there from here. Otherwise, just travel down a screen.


Defeat the three Darknuts and then progress onward to the right.




Here you will encounter an enemy Bubble. You may have run into one of these enemies in one of the earlier optional rooms. If they come into contact with you, it will prevent you from using your sword for a few moments. They also cannot be defeated, so just try to avoid them the best you can. Defeat the three Keese and two Zol that are in this room and grab the rupees that are left behind. Walk up a screen to take on the dungeon boss.

Manhandla is a much more difficult boss than the two previous ones we fought. It has four heads and it will move around the room, shooting out fireballs that cannot be blocked. Avoid the fireballs and strike the heads of the enemy. After a head has fallen off, Manhandla will begin to move much more rapidly around the room, making him much more difficult to avoid. Alternatively, the best method to defeating Manhandla is with Bombs. If a Bomb blows up it will destroy every head nearby. A perfectly placed bomb can defeat Manhanla with a single explosion. Repeat this process until Manhandla has been defeated.

After defeating him, grab the Heart Container that is left behind to increase your overall life meter.


Walk to the center of the room and grab the third shard of the Triforce of Wisdom.


    I BEAT IT WITH 1 BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I beat it with zero 💁🏽‍♂️

  • DaRabbitsMeFavy

    Arrows ftw

  • Jayden

    I beat it with about 2-3
    I didnt count so i estimated

  • Plague78

    Any idea why this dungeon is in the shape of a swastik?

  • Josh

    It is in a shape of a Manji, not a swastika. The Manji is a symbol of temples in Buddhism and predates recent use by thousands of years.

  • Tex Texadecimal

    Also, on a Japanese IME you can type it with, まんじ = 卍

  • Jew

    Maybe it was a manji thousands of years ago, but today it is a swastika.

  • Josh

    It is only considered to have bad connotations in the Western World. Asian countries still associate it with religion rather than activities in Europe during the 20th century, which is why Japan had no issue creating a dungeon based off of it.

  • Rin Haruka

    No idea what a swastik is but a Manji is a bird I think. So think of those old carvings you sometimes see and the top becomes a head the sides become wings and the bottom is the tail.