Twilight Princess Poe Souls

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Twilight Princess features 60 Imp Poes spread across Hyrule. Unlike Poes in other games, Imp Poes can only be fought when Link is in his wolf form and using his senses. The first Poe is available after completing the third dungeon in the game, the Lakebed Temple.

When Link has collected 20 Poe Souls, he can give them to Jovani in exchange for a Bottle filled with Great Fairy's Tears. If Link manages to collect all 60 Poe Souls and deliver them to Jovani, he can get 200 Rupees from Jovani's cat, Gengle, each time he speaks to it.

Below is a listing of each Poe Soul's location, the conditions to obtaining, and a short description of how to obtain it.

Poe Soul Locations

Location Maps