Great Fairy's Tears

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Great Fairy's Tears
Fairy tears.png




Restores health completely, temporary increase in strength

The Great Fairy's Tears can be found in Jovani's humble abode on the south road in Castle Town. Once Link has gathered 20 Poe Souls and returns to see Jovani in wolf form, he will be rewarded with a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears. The Great Fairy's Tears have the same exact effect as that of the Rare Chu Jelly and can also be found after clearing all floors of the Cave of Ordeals in the Gerudo Desert.

Unlike the Rare Chu Jelly, more than one can be held in a bottle at a time. In fact, if one desires to complete the Cave of Ordeals more than once, the Great Fairy's Tears will be available at the end every time. The concoction is purple and difficult to obtain. When Link drinks it, his body will temporarily become a yellow tint, signaling that the potion is temporarily giving Link more power in his blade, but it won't last very long.