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Listed below are the locations of twenty Stamp Stations that are found within Spirit Tracks. For a full context of when each of them can be acquired, check out the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough, as we have them listed by when they can first be reached.

There are a few rewards to filling up the Stamp Book, which are listed below.

1. Shield of Antiquity - 10 Stamps Required. This was the Shield used in Phantom Hourglass, and cannot be eaten by Like Likes.
2. Engineer's Clothes - 15 Stamps Required. Link gets to wear his Engineer's Clothes again!
3. Swordman's Scroll - 20 Stamps Required. Link gains the ability to use the Great Spin Attack!

Realm Station Required Items How to acquire
Forest Aboda Village None Once Link gets the Stamp Book from Niko, he'll find this station within Aboda Village. It is at the north end of the village, just to the west of Alfonzo's House.
Forest Whittleton Village None Walk to the northeast part of Whittleton and head upwards to reach a deeper part of the village. The Stamp Station is located just to the north next to some leaves.
Forest Forest Sanctuary None The Stamp Station is located near the middle of the map. Use the switch that is on the higher platform to extend a bridge to the west, which will allow Link to reach the stamp station.
Forest Forest Temple Whirlwind Located at the northeast part of the first floor of the temple. Link can use the whirlwind to blow away the purple fog, which will reveal a path to the Stamp Station.
Snow Anouki Village None This one is somewhat hidden at the east part of the village behind the trees. From the train station, Link can run east and north, maneuvering around the trees to reach the Stamp Station.
Snow Snow Sanctuary None This one is located at the west part of the map. As you make your way towards the Snow Sanctuary you'll see a narrow staircase. Climb up to reach the stamp station.
Snow Snow Temple Boomerang This one is located in the northeast part of the Basement First Floor. It is in the room where there is a large water mass, filled with several Octives and five torches. Link can use the boomerang on the ice torch to create a bridge of ice to the northeast corner. Then, run across the ice to get to the Stamp Station.
Snow Wellspring Station Boomerang After obtaining the Boomerang, head over to the Wellspring Station. There is a large lake of water to the north of the area. Link can stand behind Ferrus's house and use the boomerang on the ice torch. Create a path so that Link can run across the ice. Afterwards, Link can run over to the Stamp Station located just west of the ice torch.
Forest Castle Town Bombs After purchasing the bombs from Beedle, head back to Castle Town. Place a bomb to break the blocks at the northeast end of the map. Run north and then all the way west to find the Stamp Station.
Forest Trading Post Bombs After bringing the Bridge Worker to the Trading Post, Link will have access to the cave at the west end of the map. Link can enter this cave and avoid the Like Like enemies along the way. Before exiting the cave to the north, look to the west and Link will see the Stamp Station across the water. There is a block that is in the way to reaching the stamp station. Link can use a bomb to blow up the block and then jump on over to the stamp station.
Ocean Ocean Temple Bombs, Whip Next to the staircase at the north end of the second floor of the dungeon, Link will find cracks in the walls. Link can bomb the one on the right to reach a hidden northern section of the 2nd floor. Defeat the enemies and then run north, where there is a switch on the right side. Trace a path with the Boomerang to hit the switch and this will cause a wooden post to be extended on the west side of the room.

Run back south and then head west and bomb the other crackable wall. On the west side of this hidden part of the map, Link can use the whip on a series of wooden poles to cross the large gap. At the north part of the room, pull out the whip and tug on the fish statue to open a door to the right.

Now wait patiently for the moving platform to move to the west. Use the whip on the wooden pole and time it so that Link lands on the moving platform. Allow the platform to move to the east and then walk north to reach the Stamp Station.

Ocean Ocean Sanctuary Song of Birds, Whip After getting the whip from the Ocean Temple, return to the Ocean Sanctuary and run all the way to the entrance of Carben's lair. Play the Song of Birds on the Spirit Flute to summon a bird. Latch on with the Whip and Link will be taken to the Stamp Station.
Ocean Papuchia Village Song of Birds, Whip Run on over to where Carben was playing with his bird friends. Play the Song of Birds and then latch onto the bird that comes by. The bird will take Link over to the island to the east. From here, run south to reach the southern part of Papuchia Village.

There are a number of birds in this area that Link can latch on to with his whip. Use the birds to hop from island to island and head over to the southwest part of the map. If there are no birds around, play the Song of Birds to summon one. Once Link reaches the southwest island, stamp the Stamp Book at the Stamp Station.

Fire Goron Village Whip Run to the west part of the Goron Village. The stamp station is located at the northwest corner of the map, but Link will first need to navigate his way to the southwest corner. Maneuver around the rolling boulders to reach it. Use the whip and swing across the gap using the two wooden poles. Run northward and use the whip on another wooden pole to reach the northwest part of the map. Once Link lands, slash away at the pesky Fire Babas. Run to the northwest part of the area, defeating all the fire babas that are in the way. The Stamp Station is located here.
Fire Fire Sanctuary Boomerang In the center area of the Fire Sanctuary, there are numerous Fire Babas and fire torches. Defeat all the fire babas and then light up all of the torches. Lighting up the northern torches creates a bridge in the center of the map. However, lighting up all the torches to the south will create two additional bridges.

Climb the steps and cross the bridge that leads to the west part of the map. Run northward and cross the long bridge that extends to the east. Just across the bridge is where the Stamp Station waits.

Fire Fire Temple Bow This one is found within the Basement First Floor of the Fire Temple. It is found in the room that Link will ride around in a circle while in a cart. After Link successfully solves the puzzle of hitting the wall switches in the proper order (2, 1, 4, 3), he will be able to reach the cart stop in the center of the room.

If Link jumps back on the cart from here, he will now move clockwise around the room. When passing the southwest corner of the room, aim an arrow to the hidden area at the southwest corner of the room where there will be a switch. It may take a few tries but if Link hits the switch while moving around the room, the rail will switch and Link will end up at the northwest corner of the room. Use the Stamp Station here to stamp the Stamp Book.

Ocean Pirate Hideout Song of Birds, Whip Link will first need to acquire the 16th Force Gem, which will cause the Ocean Rail Map to glow and new Spirit Tracks to form. Complete this force gem quest by bringing at least ten units of Mega Ice from Wellspring Station to the Fish Merchant in Papuchia Village. This will allow Link to reach the Pirate Hideout.

Upon arriving at the Pirate Hideout, run to the east and a Stamp Station on the higher ledge will appear. Pull out the Spirit Flute and play the Song of Birds. Latch onto the bird with the whip and it will take Link to the higher platform with the Stamp Station.

Sand Sand Temple Sand Wand Located at the northern section of the Basement First Floor. Head north from entrance to the floor and use the Gerune in this room to open the door to the right. Run north and there will be a large section of sand. Link can use the Sand Wand to create a path, where he can walk to the left, up, and then right to reach the Stamp Station.
Sand Sand Sanctuary Cuccos Link will first need to acquire the 20th Force Gem by bringing cuccos from the Castle Town merchant to Rael, the Lokomo at the Sand Sanctuary. After doing this, grab one of the cuccos and use it to float over to the small islands at the southeast part of the map, where the Stamp Station is located.
Tower of Spirits Tower of Spirits None After completing the Sand Temple and making the final entry into the Tower of Spirits, run all the way to the top of the building. The 20th and final Stamp Station is located outside at the very top of the Tower of Spirits.