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Boomerangs are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. They work by returning to Link after he has thrown them every time, making them very versatile. They can be used in many different ways, such as picking up items, or stun and even defeat enemies, or to hit distant switches, and much more.

The Legend of Zelda

The Boomerang makes its debut in The Legend of Zelda. Link can use it by assigning it to the B Slot and pressing that button to throw it. It can damage smaller enemies,[1] such as Keese, and stun all other enemies,[2] like Goriyas. After being thrown, it only travels half the screen, making it very inconvenient. It is found in the first dungeon of the game, The Eagle. Later on in the game, Link gets an upgrade to the Boomerang, entitled the Magical Boomerang. This upgrade is found in the second dungeon, The Moon. It travels much further than the original Boomerang,[3] making it a much better weapon in combat.

A Link to the Past

The Boomerang has weak destructive power, but it has the ability to stun most enemies for a short period of time. The Boomerang is the item of choice when walking about Hyrule because you can use it to quickly retrieve items such as Hearts, Rupees, Arrows and Bombs.

"Link can't throw the Blue Boomerang too far, but he'll be able to retrieve items within a short distance."

"Blue Boomerang
Link will pick up the Blue Boomerang in Hyrule Castle.

Boomerang sprite from A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, the Boomerang can be found in Hyrule Castle. It does the same thing it did in The Legend of Zelda: paralyze enemies and bring items from afar. It also has an upgrade, a red version, which can make the rounds launched by pressing the D-Pad. In the GBA version, the Boomerang can do things that it previously did not like mowing the lawn when released, etc.

Link's Awakening

Boomerang model from Link's Awakening for Switch

In Link's Awakening, the Boomerang appears as the final item in the trading sequence. It is given to Link by the Secret Goriya at Toronbo Shores in exchange for the item on his B button.[4][5] However, he cannot accept certain items, such as a sword or shield.[6] If Link returns to the Goriya after trading for the Boomerang, he will beg to have it back and offer Link's old item.[7] In the Nintendo Switch remake, he will sell the previous item back for money, rather than requiring the Boomerang.

With the Boomerang, Link can easily defeat several enemies that previously were much more difficult, such as DethI, the final form of The Shadow Nightmares, who can be defeated with one shot from the Boomerang.

Ocarina of Time

The Boomerang in Ocarina of Time is very similar to Boomerangs from previous titles, except it is in 3D. It can stun enemies, grab stuff, etc. It can be found Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, the third Dungeon of the game. It is one of the many items Link loses the ability to use while in the future. The Hookshot replaces the Boomerang while Link is an adult, though it is much more useful, and much easier to control.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Link can obtain the Boomerang from the Subrosian Dance Hall in Subrosia after dancing with its inhabitants with the correct pattern. Its uses are similar to Ocarina of Time's.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, the Boomerang is obtained from the Goron Shooting Gallery or Target Carts in Rolling Ridge. Link must earn at least 400 points in the Goron Shooting Gallery mini-game or hit all targets in Target Carts, at which point the owner gives Link the Boomerang.[8] It is not required to complete the game.

Four Swords

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Four Swords Adventures

The Boomerang can be found in various stages in Four Swords Adventures. It can be thrown to pick up Force Gems and other items as well as stun enemies. The Level 2 Boomerang can be obtained from a Great Fairy Fountain and can be thrown faster than the original version.[9]

The Wind Waker

The Boomerang in The Wind Waker is the first one to be able to lock on to multiple targets at once; five to be exact. Link finds it in the Forbidden Woods, after defeating the mini-boss Mothula.

The Minish Cap

Boomerang sprite from The Minish Cap

There are two Boomerangs in The Minish Cap. The regular Boomerang works like in previous Zelda games - Link can purchase it from Stockwell's Shop in Hyrule Town for 300 Rupees.

The Magical Boomerang can be obtained after Tingle's sidequest and fusing Kinstones. It can be controlled with the D-Pad, and is found in a Secret Grotto inNorth Hyrule Field.

Twilight Princess

Gale Boomerang model from Twilight Princess
Main article: Gale Boomerang

In Twilight Princess, Link gets the Gale Boomerang in the first dungeon, the Forest Temple, after defeating the Mini-Boss of the Forest Temple, the possessed baboon leader Ook. The Gale Boomerang is different from the ones found in other games in that it generates a small tornado around it as it flies. Link can lock on to up to five targets before throwing, which it will hit in series before returning to him.

Phantom Hourglass

Boomerang model from Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, Link receives the Boomerang in the first temple, the Temple of Fire. Instead of just launching the Boomerang as in previous Zelda titles, it follows a line drawn on the touchscreen of the Nintendo DS. If a torch is out and is next to a lighted torch, Link can route the boomerang to the extinguished torch through the lit one, and it will cause the Boomerang to catch fire and ignite the torch.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Link wins the Boomerang in the second temple, Snow Temple. To control the Boomerang, he can do the same thing as in Phantom Hourglass; draw a line on the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS, and it will follow the same route.

Often there are enemies that cannot be hit from the front, so Link must draw a path with the boomerang and hit the enemy on its backside in order to stun it. While some enemies can be defeated with one hit of the boomerang, many others will only be stunned. This will, however, give Link an opportunity to finish them off with his sword. The boomerang is also capable of equipping fire and ice along its way. If Link targets a lit torch and then an enemy, the boomerang will carry the fire and can burn the enemy that Link targets. Link can use the boomerang on ice torches and then send it over water, which will cause the water to freeze and ice platforms to appear that Link can walk over.

The boomerang is very commonly used to hit switches or other objects in order to solve puzzles. At times Link might need to hit several objects consecutively in a certain order to solve a puzzle and open a closed door, or to access a treasure chest. Other times Link must hit a distant object in order to create a bridge, or to lower or raise a platform to allow him to access new areas.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, the Boomerang is a rentable, and later purchasable item that can be found at any point in Ravio's Shop after completing the Eastern Palace. It can be used to stun enemies, cut grass, grab items, and flip switches, similarly to most other Zelda games. After Link purchases it permanently from Ravio for 800 Rupees, it can be upgraded by Mother Maiamai by collecting ten baby Maiamai. This turns it into the Nice Boomerang, which functions the same, but with increased speed, and a triple throw.

The Boomerang is the only rentable item in A Link Between Worlds not connected to any of the main dungeons.

Tri Force Heroes

The Boomerang appears as an available item in many stages, beginning with the first section of the Volcano, the Blazing Trail. Like in past games, it can be used to stun or defeat enemies, hit switches, and retrieve distant items, including other Links.

The boomerang can also be used to transfer fire between torches, similarly to its use in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. It can be upgraded by wearing the Boomeranger costume, which grants it increased range, size, and damage output, as well as the ability to carry two items at once.

Breath of the Wild

See also: Giant Boomerang, Lizal Boomerang, Lizal Forked Boomerang, Lizal Tri-Boomerang, Lizalfos Arm, and Sea-Breeze Boomerang
Boomerang icon from Breath of the Wild

Many types of boomerang appear in Breath of the Wild , including a basic Boomerang, Giant Boomerang, Lizal Boomerang, and more. This weapon can be used as a sword, through means of melee attacks, but can also be thrown like a traditional boomerang. If it hits a solid object, it will lose all momentum and drop to the ground. In order to retrieve a boomerang after it has been thrown, the player must hit the A button as it nears Link. In the case of this not happening, it will keep going for a small distance and drop to the ground, where it can be picked up. The standard Boomerang can be found in the Pumaag Nitae Shrine.

Age of Calamity

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Boomerang icon from Age of Calamity

The Boomerang in Age of Calamity is used by Link in his One-Handed Weapon moveset.

Non-Canon Appearances

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BS The Legend of Zelda

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Boomerang sprite from BS The Legend of Zelda
See also: Magical Boomerang and Special Boomerang

The Boomerang is found early in both Level 2 of MAP1 and Level 2 of MAP2 by killing all the Goriyas in the second room of each dungeon. It stuns most basic enemies, but kills Keese and Gels outright; and can also be used to collect items out of reach.

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, the Boomerang is a sub-weapon that can be unlocked in The Sorceress of the Valley scenario from Legend Mode. The Boomerang functions like it does in other Zelda games, stunning enemies and being a key weapon against Manhandla. If the player character picks up a power-up for the Boomerang, it becomes the Gale Boomerang, sending out tornados that stun multiple enemies.

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