Tornado Rod

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Tornado Rod




50 Rupees
800 Rupees


Lifting Link and throwing objects into the air

The Tornado Rod is a type of Rod found in A Link Between Worlds. After Ravio's Shop opens, Link can rent the Tornado Rod for 50 Rupees along with other items, but if Link has not completed the House of Gales, Ravio decreases the price of the Tornado Rod to 20 Rupees. After Ravio lets him purchase items, the Tornado Rod costs 800 Rupees to purchase it, and if Link first purchases the Tornado Rod, it gets a discount of 400 Rupees. Once Link has bought it, he can upgrade it to the Nice Tornado Rod after finding ten lost Maiamai and giving them to Mother Maiamai.

With it, Link can launch himself into the air and cause enemies to become dazed for a few seconds. While in the air, he cannot move. Also, it can blow objects such as Tornado Tiles up into the air. Similarly to the Bow and the Eastern Palace, the Tornado Rod is required to access and explore the House of Gales where the Pendant of Wisdom resides.


  • In the first phase of the final battle, the Tornado Rod will damage Yuga when used. This is the only time the Tornado Rod can be used to defeat enemies.