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Power Glove

The Power Glove is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series. It is a type of handwear that increases the strength of Link. With the added strength, Link can lift objects that he previously could not. It is similar to the Power Bracelet, as well as the Titan's Mitt.

A Link to the Past


In A Link to the Past, the Power Glove is found within the Desert Palace, serving as the main item of that dungeon. It is found within a Big Chest, meaning Link required the Big Key in order to obtain the Glove. The chest can be within the room in the far northwest corner of the first floor of the dungeon.

With the Power Glove on, Link can lift the white rocks that appear across Hyrule, opening up passageways, hidden entrances, and more. This includes the large and small variations. The Power Glove is required to complete the game, as Link cannot access the second floor of the Desert Palace without it.

Later on in the game, Link receives a more powerful version of the Power Glove, called the Titan's Mitt. This item, found within the fourth Dark World dungeon, Thieves' Town, can be used to lift all different kinds of rock, including the dark green ones which were unliftable with the Power Glove. This mitt, along with the Power Glove, is required to complete the game.

Ancient Stone Tablets

The Power Glove is located in Level 5 of Ancient Stone Tablets, available in Week 3. It functions exactly as it did in A Link to the Past, and replaces the Worn-Out Glove.

Oracle of Ages

OoA Power Glove.png

In Oracle of Ages, the Power Glove is found in the Ancient Tomb. It is an upgrade to the Power Bracelet, allowing Link to lift larger and heavier items. Specifically, he can now lift the big blue statues that are common within this dungeon.

A Link Between Worlds


In A Link Between Worlds, the Power Glove is given to Link by Rosso in the Miner's House once he completes the Eastern Palace. They allow Link to lift small gray stones. The Titan's Mitt is an upgrade to the Power Gloves that will allow Link to lift the larger gray stones. They can be found in the Desert Palace.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Hyrule Warriors

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Cadence of Hyrule


In Cadence of Hyrule, the Power Glove is a required permanent item given to the heroes by Barriara in Gerudo Village after waking her. The Power Glove is needed in order to enter Gerudo Ruins. When used, players can pick up and throw most overworld objects as well as the blocks summoned by the Cane of Somaria. It is one of the seven items in the game that has no conditions for use.