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Touching Book




Obtained from


Can be traded for the Magic Oar

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Livre Emouvant (Touching Book)
Spain Español Libro Conmovedor (Touching Book)
Germany Deutsch Schundroman (Trashy Novel)
Italy Italiana Libro Commovente (Touching Book)

"You got a Touching Book! It's a sad story."

— In-Game Description

The Touching Book is the ninth item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Ages. It is a book about a sad story.[1][2]

The Touching Book can be acquired from Dekadin, a small boy who lives by himself in a small house within Lynna Village in the Past. Dekadin is very depressed, and wishes to laugh until he forgets everything, at which point he'd be happy.[3] Link can then tell him the Funny Joke, which Dekadin says was so funny he forgot to laugh.[4] Dekadin thanks Link for trying to make him laugh by offering him any book on his bookshelf,[4] and Link picks out the Touching Book.

The Touching Book can be used to acquire the tenth item of the trading sequence, the Magic Oar. The Touching Book is traded to Maple, who can be found at certain trigger points within Labrynna. If Link bumps into Maple with the Touching Book in hand, she notices it,[5] and easily identifies it as the Touching Book, saying that she was supposed to take it to Syrup.[6] She hastly asks Link why he has it, and then asks to read it.[6] While reading, Maple lets out random noises, including sobs and tears.[7] After thanking Link, Maple gives him the Magic Oar, saying it's the first one she made, but Syrup never complimented her on it.[8]



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