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Can be traded for the Stink Bag

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Papier (Paper)
Spain Español Sobres (Envelopes)
Germany Deutsch Briefset (Letter set)
Italy Italiana Cartabella (Beautiful Card)

"You got Stationery! Who will you write to?"

— In-Game Description

The Stationery is the second item of the trading sequence in Oracle of Ages. According to its description, the Stationery is a fine sheet of paper which Link can use to write somebody a letter.[1][2]

The Stationery can be obtained from the Postman within the Post Office of Lynna Village in the Past. The Post Office is a small building near the steps that lead up to Ambi's Palace. Inside, Link finds the Postman standing in a corner beside a table. Link can talk to him to find out that the Postman is in a bit of a dilemma; he wants to deliver the mail on time, but he doesn't know what time it is.[3] Link can then show him the Poe Clock,[4], which the Postman is delighted to see, as it tells time.[5] In exchange, he gives Link the Stationery and then rushes out of the office,[5] presumably to deliver mail.

The Stationery can be used to acquire the third item of the sequence, the Stink Bag. This trade occurs with ???, a mysterious hand that can be found within the Toilet in west Lynna Village in the Past. Once approached inside the Toilet, ??? asks Link for paper,[6] although not specifying why it needs it. Link can give ??? the Stationery,[7] which ??? gladly accepts.[8] After a few seconds of muttering random things,[9][10] ??? gives Link the Stink Bag.[11]



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