Power Bracelet

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Power Bracelet
Link's Awakening Power Bracelet Artwork.png
Artwork from Link's Awakening



The Legend of Zelda
East of the Graveyard under an Armos
Link's Awakening
Bottle Grotto
Face Shrine
Oracle of Seasons
Snake's Remains
Oracle of Ages
Spirit's Grave
The Wind Waker
Fire Mountain
Four Swords Adventures
The Minish Cap
Hyrule Town Sewers


Allows Link the ability to lift and push large objects


The Power Bracelet is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series. This item gives Link unheard of strength, allowing him to lift and/or pull large objects that were simply too heavy before. There are many appearances of the Power Bracelet, and of many similar objects with different names, like the Handy Glove from The Adventure of Link.


The Legend of Zelda

Power Bracelet Sprite (LoZ).png

The Power Bracelet makes it debut in The Legend of Zelda. It can be found under an Armos statue in the area east of the Graveyard, and can be obtained as soon as Link has the courage to try and pass through the Graveyard. In this game, the Power Bracelet gives Link the strength to move some of the snail-like rocks found in the Overworld.[1] Underneath these rocks are staircases that lead to a secret cave. Inside, Link finds the Old Man, and three more staircases. The Old Man tells Link to take anyone he wants.[2] Each staircase leads to a certain location in the Overworld. Basically, the Power Bracelet allows Link to access the Warping system of the game. It is not required to complete the game.

The Adventure of Link

Main article: Handy Glove

In The Adventure of Link, the Power Bracelet appears under a different name. It is called the Handy Glove and has a much different purpose than its use in the original The Legend of Zelda. In this game, the item helps Link break through various blocks with his sword that could be found around Hyrule.

A Link to the Past

Main article: Power Glove

In A Link to the Past, the Power Bracelet takes the form of a glove once again, only this time it is called the Power Glove. In this game, the Power Glove allows Link the ability to lift heavy objects and then throw them away, often clearing obstacles.

Link's Awakening

Power Bracelet L-1 Sprite.gif

In Link's Awakening, the Power Bracelet has two levels to the item now. The first level of the item can be found at Bottle Grotto. This version of the Power Bracelet allows Link to be able to pick up objects such as pots, skulls, rocks, etc. It can also be used to open certain doors by throwing an object at that closed door. The upgraded version of the Power Bracelet is found in the Face Shrine. This version of the Power Bracelet allows Link to be able to pick up large statues that are bigger than himself, along with really heavy objects, like the iron ball used in Eagle's Tower.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Link obtains three Power Bracelet-like objects.

Goron's Bracelet

Main article: Goron's Bracelet

The Goron's Bracelet is a variation of the Power Bracelet that is obtained by young Link from Darunia in Goron City. It allows Link to pick up Bomb Flowers, which are useful until obtaining the Bomb Bag.


Silver Gauntlets
Main article: Silver Gauntlets

The Silver Gauntlets are special gloves that allows adult Link to move large blocks in the game. They are found in the Spirit Temple as young Link, and can only be equipped by adult Link.

Golden Gauntlets

Main article: Golden Gauntlets

The Golden Gauntlets are an upgraded version of the Silver Gauntlets. They are found in Ganon's Castle and allows Link to lift large, black stones that block the way and then toss them away.

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

Power Bracelet OOX.png

In Oracle of Seasons, the Power Bracelet serves much of the same purpose as it did in Link's Awakening. It is found in the second dungeon, Snake's Remains. In Oracle of Ages, the Power Bracelet serves the same purpose as it does in Oracle of Seasons, yet it does not lack its second upgrade. It is found in the first dungeon, Spirit's Grave. It receives an upgrade, the Power Glove, in the eight dungeon, Ancient Tomb.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, the Power Bracelets are found inside Fire Mountain. Once Link obtains them, they are equipped at all times. They are needed in order for Link to gain access to the Earth Temple. In this game, the Power Bracelets allow Link to lift heavy headstone shaped stones and other heavy objects, specifically Link the pig. They also allow him to lift some bombable rocks.

Four Swords Adventures

Power Bracelet (FSA).png

In Four Swords Adventures, the Power Bracelet can be found in certain stages where it is needed to proceed. Also, in addition to large rocks, the Power Bracelet also allows all the Links to pick up and throw large trees.

The Minish Cap

TMC Power Bracelets Sprite.png

In The Minish Cap, a pair of Power Bracelets can be found in the Hyrule Town Sewers, after Link becomes Minish-sized. These bracelets allow Link to lift objects in his Minish size that could normally be picked up by normal Link.



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