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The Magical Sword is a recurring Item in The Legend of Zelda series.


The Legend of Zelda


In The Legend of Zelda, the Magical Sword can be found in a Cave in the northeast corner of the Graveyard, underneath a tombstone; In the Second Quest, however, it is located in the northern mountains, one screen left from the White Sword. Inside the cave, Link will find an Old Man, who will give him the Magical Sword if he has at least twelve Heart Containers.

The Magical Sword replaces the White Sword once obtained. It is the strongest sword in the game, dealing double damage compared to the White Sword (quadruple damage compared to the base Sword), which makes most enemies incredibly easy to defeat.[2]

The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, Link uses the Magical Sword as his default weapon, having kept it following the events of the previous game.[3] It can be used to attack enemies, pick up items with its stabs, and fire Sword Beams when Link is at full health; Link can also use the Fire Spell to augment his Sword Beams. Link can increase the Sword's strength by levelling up his Attack stat, and unlock new techniques to use with the Sword.

Other appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Captain N: The Game Master

While not explicitly referred to as the Magical Sword, in Captain N: The Game Master, Link uses a sword similar to the Magical Sword as his main weapon.

BS The Legend of Zelda

"I wonder if you know about the Magical Sword. It is a stronger sword than the White Sword. An old man at the base of the rocky mountain found the Magical Sword. You should get it by any means... Hero, the Evil King is after the Magical Sword and Red Ring. You will not be able to obtain them if the Evil King finds them. Do not let the two pass to his hands. It'd be terrible if he has them!"

In BS The Legend of Zelda, the Magical Sword is available for only ten minutes during Week 4, between 25 and 35 past the hour, before Ganon takes it to prevent the hero from obtaining it. It is found in a cave beside a lake, one screen west of Level 7, though accessible only from the south rather than east. As in The Legend of Zelda, it is easily the most powerful sword in the game.

SoulCalibur II

"Good at penetrating defenses, but weak against impact."

— Character Profile description

In SoulCalibur II, the Magical Sword (called the Magic Sword in this game) is one of the weapons that Link can use. It can be obtained in the Weapon Master Mode, by purchasing it from the Aldebaran Shop, Algol Shop, Pollux Shop, or Merak Shop for 3,000 Gold. When equipped, it is paired with the Magical Shield. The sword deals 40% chip damage to blocking opponents, compared to the normal 10%, but the shield is weaker against physical impact.

Its design is loosely based on the Magical Sword from the instruction booklet for The Legend of Zelda, which can be seen in the blue and red grip. It also incorporates the Triforce design on the cross-guard, as introduced in The Adventure of Link.

Weapon Cost (Gold) Attributes Description
Magic Sword & Magic Shield
3,000 Causes 40% block damage
Weak against physical impact
Ancient arms hidden deep in an underground tomb. This powerful sword holds an enchantment that counters the forces of darkness, and its holy aura allows it to deliver damage to the enemy even without making physical contact. The shield is enchanted with a spell that protects its user from enemy magic, but the actual shield itself is quite old and is weak against physical impact.

Hyrule Warriors

Main article: Hylian Sword

In Hyrule Warriors, the Magical Sword is the Level 3 variation of the Hylian Sword. It is based on the design from The Adventure of Link and is wielded alongside the Magical Shield, but both feature a red, gold, and black color scheme, compared to the silver and red of the original game, which better reflects its color scheme in The Legend of Zelda.

Additionally, an 8-Bit Magical Sword, based on its appearance in The Legend of Zelda, appears as a variation of the Naginata. In the Wii U version, it is added with the Majora's Mask Pack DLC, while in Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, it is a cosmetic appearance for the Crackling Naginata when "8-Bit Weapons" is turned on.



  • In prototypes for The Legend of Zelda, the Magical Sword required eight Heart Containers instead of twelve.
  • The Magical Sword is commonly seen as the precursor to the Master Sword.


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