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Artwork from Game Manual




100 Rupees
60 Rupees


Luring Enemies to the Food[1]
Feeding the Hungry Goriya


The Food, also known as the Enemy Bait, is an obtainable item in The Legend of Zelda. It can be bought at the Item Shops found around Hyrule, at the price of 60 or 100 Rupees, depending on the shop. All shops that sell Food are ran by the Merchant.


The Food has two uses, and only one is required to complete the game.


Main article: Goriya

The Food's primary use is to feed a hungry Goriya that will not move to let Link through in the seventh dungeon in The Legend of Zelda. He simply stands there and grumbles at Link.[2] By feeding the Goriya the Food, it gets out of Link's way, allowing him to continue further into the dungeon.

Distracting Enemies

Link can use the Food to distract enemies. By placing it down on a screen full of enemies, they are all distracted by the Food,[1] and immediately forget about Link and go to the Food. Link can then use this opportunity to either run away to the next screen or use it as an easy chance to defeat all the enemies. The choice is up to Link. This is a completely optional use of dealing with enemies, but is quite effective and not a waste because the food can be used until it is given to the hungry goriya.



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