2nd Potion

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2nd Potion
2nd Potion Official Artwork




68 Rupees


Restores all of Link's Hearts. Can be used twice.


"Drink this and all of Link's LIFE hearts will turn red. Red water turns blue when Link sips it. Drink the blue water and that's the last of the water."

The 2nd Potion, also known as the Red Water of Life, is one of two types of Potion from The Legend of Zelda, the other being the Blue Water of Life. When Link drinks from the 2nd Potion, it restores all of Link's Hearts. Drinking the potion also cures Link of a Jinx that is placed on him by Red Bubbles. After Link uses the 2nd Potion once, it changes into a Blue Water of Life Potion where it can be used a second time.

"Water of Life can be a tremendous help to you. By drinking it, you can turn all white hearts to red hearts. There are two kinds of water: red and blue. When you drink red water, it turns blue and when you drink blue water, it disappears. Water is for sale, but sometimes it is also free."

The Legend of Zelda Tips and Tactics Strategy Guide.[2]


Link can purchase this potion from the many Potion Shops found throughout the Overworld. However, the Old Woman found in these Potion Shops will not speak to Link. Link must first obtain the Letter from the Old Man. After showing this letter to the Old Woman, the Potions then become available for sale.

Each Potion Shop sells a 2nd Potion for 68 Rupees and a Blue Water of Life Potion for 40 Rupees. Considering the 2nd Potion offers two uses of the Potion, it is a better deal as it comes out to 34 Rupees per use. If Link has a single Blue Water of Life Potion in his inventory, he can purchase a second Life Potion for 40 Rupees and this causes the Potion to change into a 2nd Potion.

In other caves found throughout the Overworld, Link encounters an Old Man who offers Link the choice to take a Heart Container or take a 2nd Potion. Considering Link cannot purchase the Heart Containers anywhere, it is strongly advised that he grabs the Heart Container in all of these instances.

Potion Shop Locations

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There are 7 Potion Shop locations in the main quest, with 9 locations in the Second Quest.