Goron Quiz

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Goron Quiz



Acquire Southeastern Sea Chart


Speak with all Gorons on Goron Island


Answer 6 Questions


Access to Goron Temple

The Goron Quiz is a main quest objective found in Phantom Hourglass. Located on Goron Island, Link will need to complete the quiz given by Biggoron in order to prove his worth as a member of the Goron Tribe. It is only then that Biggoron will allow Link to visit the north side of the island to reach the Goron Temple in search of the Pure Metal, Crimsonine. Before Link can take the quiz, he will need to speak with every single Goron located on the island.

There are a total of 12 possible questions that Biggoron will ask you, but you will only need to answer 6 of them. The first three questions are always the same, but sometimes asked in a different order. There are then three different possible questions for Question 4, Question 5, and Question 6. The chart below has all 12-questions.

Question No. Question Answer
1-3 How many Gorons live on this island? 14
1-3 How many homes are on this island? 6
1-3 The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at? Ship
4 Easy one, stranger! What number question is this?! 4
4 What color were the odd creatures on the cliff? Yellow
4 How many Goron Children are on the island? 6
5 How many Gorons are in their homes right now? 7
5 How many Rupees have you won so far? Easy! 46
5 How many Gorons are outside right now? 7
6 How many rocks are in this home? 3
6 What is on this spot? Chest
6 Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults? 4

After completing the Goron Quiz, Biggoron will ask for membership dues, equally the amount of 146 rupees. This is the exact same number of rupees that you just won by completing the Goron Quiz. However, when you return to Biggoron after completing the Goron Temple and acquiring the Crimsonine, he will reward you with a Big Red Rupee which is worth 200 rupees.


  • Although there is a question that asks what number question it is, as well as one that asks how many rupees you have earned up to this point, these questions are always in the same spot. Thus, despite seemingly like they'd have variable answers, the correct response is always Question #4 and 46 Rupees.