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In Twilight Princess there are three pieces of equipment that can be upgraded: the Bomb Bag, the Quiver, and the Wallet. Link can also obtain two additional outfits, which have advantages and disadvantages. Each piece of equipment, along with its additional upgrades, are listed below.


Original Wallet

Main article: Wallet

Location: Ordon Village

The first Wallet will be available to Link immediately upon beginning the game at Ordon Village. In the GameCube and Wii versions it holds 300 rupees. This was changed to a max of 500 rupees in Twilight Princess HD.

Big Wallet

Main article: Big Wallet#Twilight Princess

Location: Agitha's Castle

After clearing the Twilight from Lanayru Province, head over to Castle Town, and into Agitha's Castle. When Link speaks with her, she'll ask him to collect Golden Bugs for her. Find one Golden Bug across Hyrule and give it to her. She will give Link the first wallet upgrade, the Big Wallet, which will hold up to 600 rupees (1000 in Twilight Princess HD).

Giant Wallet

Main article: Giant Wallet#Twilight Princess

Location: Agitha's Castle

There are 24 Golden Bugs across Hyrule. Take them to Agitha's Castle as you find them for 50 rupees for the first bug in a pair or 100 rupees for the second. Once she has the complete set, she will give Link the second wallet upgrade, the Giant Wallet. This holds up to 1,000 rupees (2000 in Twilight Princess HD).

Colossal Wallet (HD only, amiibo-exclusive)

Colossal Wallet - TPHD.png
Main article: Colossal Wallet

Location: Cave of Shadows

Note: This only exists in Twilight Princess HD and requires the Wolf Link amiibo. Note that it is a progressive upgrade - the Cave of Shadows can be done before collecting the Golden Bug rewards from Agitha. If so, completing it will give him the Big or Giant Wallet, and the Agitha reward(s) will be upgraded so the final wallet from her is the Colossal Wallet.

Scanning the Wolf Link amiibo sends Link to the Cave of Shadows, a version of the Cave of Ordeals he must complete in wolf form. Successfully overcoming all forty floors will earn him the Colossal Wallet, which holds up to 9999 rupees.

This can only be done on the third attempt. The first time, Wolf Link cannot go beyond the sixth floor, and the second time he is forced to stop at floor twenty.


Original Quiver

Main article: Quiver#Twilight Princess

Location: Goron Mines

In the Goron Mines, after defeating the mini-boss Dangoro, Link will enter a room containing the Bow and Arrow. It will come with the first Quiver, which can hold up to 30 arrows.

Big Quiver

Main article: Big Quiver#Twilight Princess

Location: STAR Tent

After clearing the Twilight from Lanayru Province, head over to Castle Town, and into the STAR Game. The goal of this game is to collect all of the stars in less than 30 seconds. The Clawshot can be used to move around the cage, and to collect the different stars. Once completed, Link will receive the second upgrade, the Big Quiver, which will hold 60 arrows.

Giant Quiver

Main article: Giant Quiver

Location: STAR Tent

After clearing the City in the Sky, and finding the Double Clawshots, head back over to the STAR Game in Castle Town. This time there are even more stars to collect in the game. Use the Double Clawshots to get around the cage, progressing from bottom to top. Complete the game in under 90 seconds to receive the final upgrade, the Giant Quiver, which will hold 100 arrows.

Bomb Bag

First Bomb Bag

Bomb Bag (Twilight Princess).png
Main article: Bomb Bag#Twilight Princess

Location: Barnes Bombs

After clearing the Goron Mines, head over to Barnes Bombs in Kakariko Village. For 120 rupees Link can purchase the first Bomb Bag, already filled with regular Bombs.

Zora's River Bomb Bag

Bomb Bag (Twilight Princess).png
Main article: Bomb Bag#Zora's River Bomb Bag

Location: Boat Rental Cabin

After clearing the Twilight from Lanayru Province, head over to Upper Zora's River. When Link speaks with Iza, who is next to the house above the river, she'll invite him in to help her with a problem. Bomb the boulders inside with a bomb arrow, and she'll have him hop in the boat to help clear some more down the river. Before beginning, she'll give Link the second Bomb Bag, which he can keep after successfully unblocking the river; allowing him to carry either a second type of bomb or double the number of standard bombs.

Molten Shard Bomb Bag

Bomb Bag (Twilight Princess).png
Main article: Bomb Bag#Molten Shard Bomb Bag

Location: Zora's Throne Room

After clearing the Twilight from Lanayru Province, head over to Zora's Domain. (If Link can't change to wolf form, go to the northernmost point of Hyrule Field, and through a cave that leads to Zora's Domain. Bomb the boulders on the way up to get to the top.)

Once inside the throne room, equip the Zora Armor and Iron Boots, and sink to the bottom. There, the formerly-Molten Shard Midna and Link used to unfreeze Zora's Domain sits, which can be blown up with a Water Bomb. Inside is a rather confused Goron, who will give Link the third Bomb Bag, allowing him to carry up to three different bomb types.

Giant Bomb Bag

Main article: Giant Bomb Bag

Location: Iza's Rapid Ride

After clearing Zora's River for Iza, Link can go back and see her again. With the way clear, Iza's Rapid Ride is open for business. The goal is to shoot down 25 pots that are strewn across the river, with yellow pots being worth +1, red being worth +2, and hitting a wall resulting in -1. At least 25 out of 30 points are required to win the game.

If successful, at the bottom of the river Link will receive the Giant Bomb Bag, an upgrade that doubles the capacity of all his existing bomb bags.


Zora Armor

Zora Armor.png
Main article: Zora Armor#Twilight Princess

Location: King Zora's Grave

Link is directed to the Zora Armor's hiding place by Queen Rutela's ghost in thanks for escorting Prince Ralis safely to Renado for treatment.

It allows Link to survive underwater, but he takes double damage from fire and ice attacks while wearing it.

Magic Armor

Main article: Magic Armor

Location: Malo Mart (Castle Town Location)

The magic armor requires a series of tasks to obtain.

  1. Donate 1,000 rupees to Gor Ebizo in the Kakariko Village Malo Mart to help restore the bridge to Castle Town.
  2. (Optional) Accept Gor Liggs' mission and bring the barrel of Hot Spring Water to his son, the Goron at the bridge. Throw the barrel of water on him and he will give Link a Piece of Heart.
  3. Return to Malo Mart and donate 200 rupees (if Gor Liggs' son was refreshed with Hot Spring Water, otherwise 2000 rupees).
  4. Wait until the Postman brings a letter talking about the new Malo Mart in Castle Town.
  5. The Magic Armor can now be purchased for 598 rupees in Castle Town Malo Mart.

The Magic Armor makes Link invincible while worn at the cost of rupees, both as a constant drain and a larger penalty when hit. If Link runs out of rupees; the protection will end, it will become dark and act like Iron Boots.