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This is a list of enemies found in Oracle of Ages.



Main article: Armos

Armos are stationary statues that don't do anything unless a switch is triggered. However, not all Armos come to life. There are only two ways to defeat these armored foes; a bomb can be hurled at them, which can be hard to place correctly since they move around so much, or just whack them with the Magic Boomerang twice. The latter is obviously much easier. If Link has Biggoron's Sword, which is only obtained by a secret, then Link can simply walk up and slash these monsters to do away with them.


Main article: Beetle (Enemy)

These are easily the weakest and least possible threat to Link in the game. These enemies are not encountered regularly, but instead are only dug up from the ground. With very low defense, attack, and speed, these enemies only have the element of surprise on their side whenever you dig these enemies up from underneath soft earth. Just simply avoid it whenever it pops out from under the ground and slash at it to get rid of it easily.

Buzz Blob

Main article: Buzz Blob

Not to be confused with ChuChus, these electrical blobs slide along at a very slow pace and aren't that hard to avoid if Link is in an open area. Due to their slow speed, they are hard to get around if Link is in a small area where there is not much room to maneuver. Do not attempt to strike this enemy with the sword, as Link will be electrocuted causing a large amount of damage. The only option is use the slingshot. If Link sprinkles a mystery seed on a buzz blob, it will become a Cukeman.


Main article: Crow

These birds are very unpredictable creatures and swoop down without notice. Don't get too close to them or Link's reaction will be much too late. Hit them with the sword or another weapon to take them out as they charge towards Link.


Main article: Cukeman

Cukeman are not encountered by normal means in the game, but instead are only found by sprinkling a mystery seed on a Buzz Blob. These creatures look strangely like trees and have two large eyes and slide around like the Buzz Blobs. Despite their different form, they are no different than the Buzz Blobs other than the aspect of their appearance and a little something else. If stunned with the boomerang, Link can talk to them and they say a pointless phrase which usually isn't very helpful. Be careful when doing this though, because they still cause damage as normal. To defeat them just use the same tactics as for the Buzz Blob, with the seed shooter being the safest method.


Darknut (Blue)
Darknut (Red)
Main article: Darknut

Darknuts commonly appear in a few Zelda games and are easily some of the most-feared enemies. Some darknuts charge at Link on sight and repeatedly attack him, giving him a tough time to strike. Defend and strike is the only way to take out these ruthless enemies. For their arrow-shooting counterparts, just defend occasionally against a well-aimed arrow and slice at them. Using the boomerang to freeze them is also a great strategy for defeating them.

Red Darknuts are a bit easier than the Blue Darknuts. For the sword-wielding ones, just defend against their charges and slice away from the side. For the arrow-shooting ones, defend against the arrows and run up and try to get in a few slashes to finish them off. The boomerang works well in freezing the darknuts, allowing for an easy kill.

Fire Pokey

Main article: Fire Pokey

Fire Pokey are tall enemies composed entirely of Fire and two black eyes. They stay in one place and sway around, occasionally firing fireballs at Link to damage him. Try to defend against the fireballs and run up for a few quick slashes against this enemy to dispose of it without harm.


Main article: Ghini

These ghosts resemble Poes from other Zelda games. These creatures can float through the walls, thus making them a tough target to hit at times. They can be a challenging enemy as they take many hits to defeat.

Goponga Flower

Main article: Goponga Flower

Goponga Flowers are sometimes found in shallow waters, such as those outside of the Poison Moth's Lair. These flowers are rooted to the ground, so they cannot move. They simply shoot fireballs at Link from a distance and try to hit him with them. The easiest way to defeat them is by throwing the boomerang, which will only take one hit.


Main article: Keese

These are common enemies in the Zelda series often found flying around in caves and dungeons. They are possibly the most common enemy in the game. They can be rather annoying when in large groups or when facing tougher enemies. Try taking them out from a distance with the boomerang once so they aren't a problem when fighting tougher enemies. They are also tough targets since they can fly over gaps and "go through" the walls. A slash with the sword also finishes these enemies off.


Leever (Blue)
Leever (Red)
Main article: Leever

Just like red leevers these guys pop out from under the ground, but with a twist of coming out of the water too. Not only that, but instead of traveling in a straight direction they can move left and right and up and down at will. Be careful when moving around because these guys usually pop up around places where Link is bound to go.

Red Leevers pop out from under the ground at random locations on the screen. They usually appear above ground for a few seconds before returning underground and popping up elsewhere. Be careful as they usually appear with other enemies. They only travel in straight directions and try to bump into Link. Move out of the way and slash them a couple of times to defeat these enemies.

Like Like

Main article: Like Like

Like Likes are some of the most annoying enemies in the Zelda series and are known to devour a certain item of Link's. Since there is only one chance to obtain almost every item in the game, it only devours Link's shield when he comes in contact with one. This requires purchasing a new one. It is best to avoid these creatures and if Link must battle them, the boomerang will freeze them.


Lynel (Blue)
Lynel (Red)
Main article: Lynel

These are easily the most challenging enemies in the game. Referred to as Fire Cats in the booklet, these wolves charge up at Link and deal some massive damage, and once they start pounding him it's hard to get them off. Defend with the shield and run up for some quick slices to finish them off. Beware, as only the Mirror Shield (Lv. 3) can block their spears. They have a rather good sense of aim with their spears as well, so watch out.

Red lynel act the same as the blue lynel and do the same damage with each attack. The only difference is that they take one less hit to take down. Once they see Link they tend to charge at him, and their spears, just like the blue lynel, can go through walls. To defeat them, walk up to them and start slashing away. Use the boomerang to freeze them, making for a much easier kill.


Moblin (Sworded)
Moblin Pig (Blue)
Moblin Pig (Red)
Main article: Moblin

These moblins are common enemies inside and outside of dungeons throughout the game. They either fire an arrow at Link or throw their boomerang. Link can guard against their projectiles using the shield. Run up to the moblin and slash with the sword.

Sworded Moblins are almost exactly like the Red Moblin, only some wield swords and none of them wield boomerangs. They have stronger defense power and take one more hit to defeat. When one with a sword spots Link, it will charge at him. Defend against the attack and slice at it with the sword a couple times to defeat it. For the arrow-wielders just guard against the arrows using the shield, and then run in for a couple sword slashes.

Blue Pig Moblins are a variation of the blue moblin. For sword wielding moblin pigs, guard against their charge when they see Link, and get in a couple whacks with the sword from the side. For the ones that fire arrows, simply block against the projectile and slash away. While similar to their blue moblin counterparts, the blue pig moblin takes one less hit to defeat.

Red moblin pigs are a variation of the red moblins. They have the same attributes and act the same, and unlike red moblins, also wield swords like the blue ones. To defeat the sword-wielders guard against their charges with the shield and then slash from the side where they aren't holding their sword. For the other types of pig moblins, guard against the projectiles that are aimed at Link and run up for a quick slash. While similar to their red moblin counterparts, the red pig moblin takes one less hit to defeat.


Octorok (Blue)
Octorok (Red)
Main article: Octorok

The octorok is one of the most common enemies in the Zelda series. They are found wandering about the land and shoots rocks at Link from a distance. They don't pose much of a problem as they also have almost no sense of aim. Run up and slash at them with the sword to defeat them.

Blue Octoroks are a bit different than their counterpart, the red Octoroks. They move the same and they have the same attacks but are different in damage and defense. Block their rocks with the shield or avoid them and hit them with the sword a couple of times to finish them off.


Main article: Pincer

These enemies hide in shallow water and in holes in various places. If there are eyes peeking out of a small puddle or a hole, make sure to move away quickly to avoid the pincer's lunge towards Link. Roc's Feather or Cape is also a good tool for avoiding them. When they pop out slash the sword a few times to do them in. It sometimes is difficult to slash at them without getting hit, so the better strategy is to just avoid pincers whenever possible.

River Zora

Main article: River Zora

These zora are found in the rivers throughout the game and peek their heads above the surface and shoot fireballs at Link. If they are close enough to the surface, Link can slash them with his sword, otherwise he can shoot a seed or use the boomerang to defeat them. Most the time it is better to avoid trying to defeat a river zora as it can be tedious to do so.

Sand Crab

Main article: Sand Crab

Sand Crabs, as depicted by their name, are crabs that typically wander around in the sand. Usually these places are pretty small and hard to navigate through, so they can be hard to avoid at times. Take a slash at them with the sword to do away with these pests quickly.

Spiny Beetle

Spiny Beetle (Bush)
Spiny Beetle (Stone)
Main article: Spiny Beetle

Some Spiny Beetles are found hiding under pieces of grass. They have a great advantage when it comes to surprise, so watch out for them in areas with a lot of grass in certain dungeons. If they come in big groups it can be hard to get past them. They are possible to be detected before they come out of hiding; look for a clump of grass that has a slightly different background - it will be sure to contain one of them. To defeat them just slash at them with the sword.

Some Spiny Beetles hide underneath stones. Once again, they have the element of surprise in their favor when they rush Link, so watch out for them in some areas. To defeat them it's not as simple at the grass Spiny Beetles with the sword. Instead, Link needs to use the Power Bracelet/Glove to lift up the stone before he can slash it with the sword.


Tektite (Blue)
Tektite (Orange)
Main article: Tektite

Tektites are a common enemy in the Zelda series. They are weird looking enemies with two legs that hop around dungeons and try to hit Link. Try to evade their jump and strike when they land to take out these enemies. They usually appear in groups of both orange and blue Tektites.

Blue tektites are just like their counterparts, the orange tektites, only they have better defense. To defeat these enemies evade their jump, allow them to land, and then run up for a quick strike. It is sometimes hard to land in both strikes without another tektite hitting Link, as they tend to be in groups of both blue and orange tektites.

Water Tektite

Main article: Water Tektite

As explained by the name, water tektites slide around on the surface of the water, like most tektites in Zelda games do. They can be pretty annoying so, if possible, lure it to the edge of the water and slash at it to defeat it. If that is not possible, avoid them by diving in the water underneath them.



Main article: Anti-Fairy

Anti-Faeries rebound off of walls and bump into Link to cause him damage. Trying to use any weapon except the boomerang is pointless, as they do not even falter the enemy. Get in a good aim with the boomerang and toss to defeat this enemy.


Main article: Arm-Mimic

Arm Mimics are scarce enemies and can be very annoying whenever encountered. Whichever way you move, they mirror Link's every step. If Link walks up, then they walk down. If Link walks left, then they walk right. To get rid of these pesky creatures, either back them into a wall, or move carefully so that they will slowly move towards Link. Slash away a few times with the sword to get rid of them.

Ball and Chain Soldier

Main article: Ball and Chain Soldier

Ball and Chain Soldiers, like their name says, are soldiers who wield ball and chains, swing them above their heads, and then hurl them at Link in an attempt to hurt him. They are somewhat easier to avoid in bigger areas, as their weapons only travel straight and don't bend. Whenever the soldier throws its ball and chain, move out of the way and move in from the side and slash at him. Don't attempt to take multiple slashes at once, as they will retract their ball and chain and start swinging it rather quickly. With a bit of patience these tough enemies should be no problem. Another strategy would be to use bombs. This might be a little better, as Link can stay out of range of the enemy's weapon range that way.


Bari OoA.png
Main article: Bari

These jellyfish are only found underwater. Whenever they light up they are charging electricity, which means Link shouldn't strike them with any weapon that makes direct contact. To defeat them, Link must wait until they stop charging electricity and take a swipe at them with the sword. Much like Zol split, Bari will split into two smaller jellyfish known as Biri.


Biri OoA.png
Main article: Biri

These jellyfish are smaller than Bari, and are encountered whenever splitting a Bari into two. Rarely appearing without the presence of a Bari which has been defeated, these enemies simply swim around under the water and bump into Link to cause him damage. Unlike Bari, Biri don't charge themselves with electricity in an attempt to shock Link. Swim over to them and slash them with the sword to defeat them.


Main article: Bubble

Bubbles are floating skulls with red "bubbles" floating around the outside of it. They bounce off of walls and try to bump into Link, which causes him damage and disable the use of his weapons for a limited amount of time. There is no way to defeat this enemy and it can be very annoying when there are several enemies to battle at once. Simply try to avoid this enemy whenever it appears.


Main article: Kyandokyan

Candleheads, as clearly expressed by their names, are walking candles. They do some massive damage but are pretty easy to first that is. To defeat a candlehead, just shoot an ember seed at it from the seed shooter and it will dart around the room. They do end up moving rather fast, so be sure to avoid it before it explodes.


Main article: Chaser

These blade traps are different from the others. Whenever Link crosses their path, they start spinning towards him, but not as fast as the other blades trap do. To avoid them, Link must run ahead of them and turn a corner; they will not switch directions but instead keep moving forward. Don't try to defeat these enemies, because just like the other blade traps, these guys are invincible.


Main article: Cheep-Cheep

Cheep Cheep are small fish that swim around waterways and sometimes are hard to navigate around. One sword slash will take care of these pesky fish.

Fire Keese

FireKeese OoX.png
Main article: Fire Keese

As depicted by the name, these are keese, except they are on fire. They do some massive damage, so watch out for them. They come in and swoop down to attack and can be very difficult to take out. After they hit Link they turn to regular keese, but unfortunately if they find and run into a torch they become fire keese again. It's best to avoid these enemies as they are pretty difficult.


Main article: Floormaster

Floormasters are rather annoying enemies that come out of the floor. These monsters only come in blue and they creep around rooms trying to grab Link. If they are successful in doing so, then Link is carried back to the beginning of the dungeon, forced to find his way back to where he was. These enemies are rather slow, but whenever they appear, they appear in large groups and tend to surround Link.


Main article: Gel

Gels are the exact same as the Red Zol, except they are much smaller and merely stick themselves to Link, hindering his movement. Gels do not cause any damage, and will jump off of Link after a little while. They can be taken out easily with just a single swipe of a blade.


Main article: Gibdo

Gibdo are mummies that roam around a few dungeons and attempt to bump into Link. Unlike other enemies, when slashed with a sword they don't falter at all, but instead keep coming towards Link. Since they don't coil back when being hit, be careful and move in and out while slashing away with a sword. The best strategy is to burn their wrappings with an ember seed to reveal an orange stalfos, which is much easier than facing the Gibdo itself.


Main article: Ambi's Guards

Guards are only found in Ambi's Palace late in the game. They roam around the palace, and when they spot Link they charge at him at an amazingly alarming speed. If they hit Link they cause some decent damage and are hard to fend off. It's best to try sneaking around, which isn't always so easy. After quite a few slashes they will hop off out of the room.

Hardhat Beetle

Main article: Hardhat Beetle

These enemies are rather annoying, as there are only two ways to get rid of them. The first way is to repeatedly whack them with the sword until they fall into a pit. The second way, while much easier, cannot be used as often. It consists of pulling one of the magnetic N balls towards Link, and then whacking them with it. This strategy is actually required in areas with no pits handy. Avoiding them is the best way to deal with them, but often they must be killed to open up doors, which can be rather bothersome.

Iron Mask

Iron Mask.png
Main article: Iron Mask

Iron Masks are also called Hiploops, and are not to be confused with the Helmasaur from other games. These enemies have protective iron masks around their faces, making them invincible from the front. The masks can however be pulled off with the Magnetic Gloves, making them vulnerable from the front. To defeat these enemies without the Magnetic Gloves, move to the back of the body and slash with the sword once.


Main article: Mini-Moldorm

Moldorm has been a staple enemy throughout the Zelda series. In the Oracle of Seasons, there are mini versions of a Moldorm snake, which are simply known as a mini moldorm. They move around the room at a fast speed and try to bump into Link. It usually is not too hard to dodge their attacks. Run out of the way and slash at them a few times to defeat these little Moldorms.


Main article: Peahat

Peahats are also a very common enemy in the Zelda series.These enemies fly around dungeons and cannot be hit while they are doing so. Most of their path is random but they occasionally dive towards Link. Wait until they land on the ground and then quickly strike at them.

Pols Voice

Main article: Pols Voice

Pols Voice look like rabbits and hop around the room that they inhabit in an attempt to bump into Link. They are fairly fast whenever they jump, so it's sometimes best to keep moving around the room whenever there are Pols Voice present. These enemies cannot be defeated by normal means, but instead, can be defeated by the flutes that are obtained from either Moosh, Ricky, or Dimitri.


Main article: Rope

These snake enemies have appeared in a few Zelda games before and are known to charge on sight. Sometimes these enemies are dug up from the dirt thus giving less reaction time to their quick movement. They are common enemies in dungeons and only take one swipe of the sword to defeat. They usually are great sources for spare rupees and recovery hearts, so defeat them whenever possible.

Shrouded Stalfos

Main article: Shrouded Stalfos

These Stalfos are covered in cloaks and wander around dungeons either shooting arrows at Link or wielding a sword. For the sword shrouded stalfos, block when they come at Link and strike when the chance appears. For the arrow-shooting ones, guard against their arrows which are pretty well-aimed and then take them out with the sword.


Main article: Spark

Sparks are electrical enemies that can be very pesky as they usually appear in rooms with very little running space. They scroll along the edges of blocks and walls in a set path, and will not chase after Link. To defeat them hit them with the boomerang, which will leave them with a fairy in its place, making them good for recovering hearts.

Spiked Beetle

Main article: Spiked Beetle

These enemies only reside in a few dungeons. As soon as they see Link they charge at him over and over again, so it's almost impossible to continually avoid them. To defeat them, block their charge with the shield, which will cause them to flip over into a defenseless position. The shovel can also be used at the exact moment before they ram Link. Whack at the upside down spiked beetle with the sword to defeat it.


Stalfos (Blue)
Stalfos (Orange)
Main article: Stalfos

Stalfos are common enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. The blue variation in this game are some of the easiest enemies encountered. They simply waddle around a few dungeons and attempt to bump into Link. They can sometimes be annoying in groups with different enemies. Walk up to them and slash away with the sword.

Orange Stalfos are a bit more difficult than the blue. Not only do they move at a fast pace and try to bump into Link to damage him, but they also throw bones from a distance, which can hurt him. As a bonus, they also jump away from Link when he tries to hit them with the sword. To defeat them, back them against the wall and repeatedly slash at them until able to hit them.


Main article: Wallmaster

Wallmasters are sort of like Floormasters, except they only come in red and drop from the ceiling rather than the floor. Whenever they drop from the ceiling, the shadow that they cast will appear along with a noise that they make. If they are successful in grabbing Link he will be sent back to the beginning of the dungeon with no damage. Whenever they hit the ground they are vulnerable, but if defeated they keep coming back, making it impossible to get rid of them for good.


Wizzrobe (Blue)
Wizzrobe (Green)
Wizzrobe (Red)
Main article: Wizzrobe

Wizzrobe are common magic-using enemies in the Zelda series. These guys can float through walls and can't be hit while they are "invisible." It's best to charge past them and don't even try to kill them. They shoot their magic beams in straight lines up, down, left or right. They never shoot diagonally, so standing on a diagonal from them and slashing away is a good way to limit the damage.

Green Wizzrobe are a bit different than the others. They appear in the ground as little stubs sticking out of the ground and then materialize into the Wizzrobe itself and fire magic at Link. These are by far the easiest version of the Wizzrobe. They always form in the same place but change positions when Link leaves and reenter the area again. Just stand diagonally from them and when they appear, slash away with the sword.

Red Wizzrobe is similar to the Green Wizzrobe, only it has a stronger defense. They appear and disappear but unlike the Green versions, they appear in various parts of the screen rather than one stationary block. It is best to avoid them when possible, but if it necessary to defeat them, stand diagonally from them and slash away with the sword.


Zol (Green)
Zol (Red)
Main article: Zol

Zol are jelly-like creatures that hop around and try to ram into Link. They are common enemies in dungeons and caves. Whenever Links hits them they split into two smaller creatures that are known as Gels. After obtaining the Noble Sword, Zol can be taken out with one quick slice without the worry of splitting into two Gels.

Green Zol are exactly like the Red Zol except for the fact that they don't split into smaller Gel when defeated. Just like the Red Zol they hop toward Link and try to ram into him. Swipe once with the sword and it's over.



Beamos OoX.png
Main article: Beamos

Beamos are small statues that jut out of the ground and have one big eyeball on the front of it. The eye scans the room for anybody who shouldn't be there. Since they are invincible and cannot by defeated by any means whatsoever, Link must simply run past them. Whenever the eye scans across Link it will shoot a beam out which will knock him backwards and cause damage. The beam is quite annoying but luckily it is not hard to avoid. Equip Roc's Feather and just jump over the laser to avoid it. Alternatively, if Link has the mirror shield, it will block the laser beam.

Blade Trap

Blade Trap (Blue)
Blade Trap (Green)
Giant Blade Trap (Orange)
Main article: Blade Trap

These traps are common in quite a few Zelda games and are often known to be quite the nuisance. Whenever Link walks towards them they speed out across the room in an attempt to hit him. Since they are invincible, there is no point in trying to damage them. To avoid them, just walk up towards them and when they begin to retract after they charge at Link they will move slower, giving him time to run past them. Roc's Feather is a good tool for dodging these traps, as Link might need to do in a few dungeons to get some puzzles solved.

Green blade traps are like the Blue Blade Traps with one exception. When they charge at Link they don't collide or slow down to retract. When Link walks towards them they charge straight out and criss-cross each other's paths and keep going until they hit the wall. Since they don't stop and retract, Link has to rush through to avoid these enemies.

Giant orange blade traps are huge and follow a set path. To avoid them, Link must make sure he doesn't stay in the way of the path and run to avoid it. It does some great damage, so make sure that he doesn't come in contact with it.


Main article: Boulder

Boulders are more a trap rather than an enemy. Found on Restoration Wall near Symmetry City, they fall from holes at the top of the wall and try to hurt Link when he is climbing it. They can be quite pesky, especially if Link has lower heart levels. Just try to steer out of the way to avoid these boulders since they cannot be defeated.

Flying Tile

Tile OoX.png
Main article: Flying Tile

Tiles are floor tiles that stick out from the rest of the room, and when Link enters the room, they start flying at him one by one. They can be defeated by a simple slash of the sword as they draw near, or Link can simply avoid them as they fly at you, causing them to break against the wall. They appear with other enemies in the room, so they can be very tedious at times. One strategy is to stand at a side or corner of the room facing the tiles and just hold out the shield. The shield will break the tiles and will not cause Link harm.

Spiked Thwomp

Main article: Spiked Thwomp

This enemy hangs in the air waiting to slam down upon the person that attempts to cross underneath it. Do not attempt to defeat this enemy, as it is pointless. To avoid it, simply walk towards it and run back, which will cause Thomp to come crash to the floor. As it retracts upwards, it goes much slower allowing Link to run across. For many puzzles Link will have to jump on top of Thomp to get across certain gaps.