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Fire Keese are a variation of the standard Zelda enemies, the Keese. They are basically the same thing, the only difference is a Fire Keese is incased with fire, therefore harming Link upon contact.


A Link to the Past

Fire Keese ALttP.gif
While very similar to the Fire Keese, the Blazing Bats are seen in A Link to the Past and are summoned by Ganon in the battle against Link for the Triforce.

Link's Awakening

Like previously, while not known as the Fire Keese, the Blazing Bats play the same role as the previous game in Link's Awakening where they are summoned by Nightmare's Ganon form.

Ocarina of Time


Fire Keese
Destroy it before it flies into
you! If you don't, its flames will
burn up your Deku Shield!

Fire Keese make their first debut in Ocarina of Time and can be found in Dodongo's Cavern and the Fire Temple. If they attack Link, their fire will go out, and they can dive into another torch to light up again. They will burn up Link's Deku Shield.

Majora's Mask


Don't tell me you don't know about
the Fire Keese! Defeat it before
it swoops down on you.
I do not want to roast!

Fire Keese act the same as Ocarina of Time.

Oracle of Seasons/Ages

Fire Keese appear in the Sword & Shield Maze and Skull Dungeon in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, respectively. Due to their higher flight path, Roc's Feather or Roc's Cape may be necessary for Link to defeat Fire Keese.

The Wind Waker

Fire Keese behave as in most previous games. They appear in Dragon Roost Cavern, caves and various areas in the Great Sea.

Twilight Princess

Fire Keese in Twilight Princess appear fairly often. They can be found in the Goron Mines, and in some dark caverns that can be accessed in the overworld. They are easily defeated with a swing of Link's sword. Like in Ocarina of Time, if Link has the Ordon Shield or the Wooden Shield equiped when he gets hit by them, it will burn up and he will lose it. This won't happen with the Hylian Shield.

Phantom Hourglass

Fire Keese are first encountered in the Temple of Fire and must be defeated with a ranged weapon such as the Bow or Boomerang.

Spirit Tracks

Fire Keese must be defeated with a ranged weapon such as the Bow, Boomerang or Whip. Fire Keese respawn infinitely by some fire pits.

Skyward Sword


Target lock: Fire Keese

Found near volcanoes, these monsters
are attracted to dark places, such as
caves. Constantly under combustion,
they will burn anything on contact.
They often gather in colonies, are
active at night, and sleep in the day.
Those who come too close and awaken
them often fall victim to attack.

Fire Keese are a fiery variety of Keese and act similarly to their ordinary counterparts. If they get too close, they will burn Link and damage his Wooden Shield.

Tri Force Heroes

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Breath of the Wild

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