Silver Lynel

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Silver Lynel
Silver Lynel.jpg
Silver Lynel from Breath of the Wild


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"Silver Lynels are not to be trifled with. They have been influenced by Ganon's fiendish magic, so they are the strongest among the Lynel species, surpassing even the strength of those with white manes. The Term "silver" denotes not only their color but also their rarity. The purple stripes help them to stand out even more."

— In-Game Description

The Silver Lynel are the most lethal of all the Lynel found in Breath of the Wild's standard mode. They are bolstered by Ganon's evil magic like the other silver variations of enemies, such as the Silver Moblin. Usually mistaken as a White-Maned Lynel, despite the color pattern on the silver one being inverted from the White-Maned Lynel. As Link progresses through the game, many of the Lynels across Hyrule will be upgraded to the Silver kind. They have a chance to drop rare materials, including Star Fragments.


They have the same moveset as other Lynels, although its attacks do a lot more damage. Watch out if it roars; it'll charge up and do an explosive attack in a very wide area around it. The best strategy is to just run as fast as you can away, or get a quick head-shot to cancel the attack, since if it hits it will most likely kill you outright. A good tactic to take one down is to use a powerful bow and a lot of arrows, just keep shooting it in the head until it dies, since most of its attacks are charge attacks that can be canceled if you hit him in the head. Attempting to shoot a Lynel from a distance is usually a very poor idea, as it will shoot elemental arrows at you, including Shock Arrows, which afflict critical damage, and if more than one projectile hits at once, you might die outright on the spot.

Another very worthwhile tactic is to equip a very strong heavy weapon, and a bow that fires multiple arrows. Use the bow to cancel its attacks and stun it, then run up to it as fast as you can. Run behind it, and mount the Lynel. You have a brief window of attack, so mash the attack button. The type of weapon does not affect the speed of attack, and the weapon itself does not take durability damage. With this tactic, you can deal tons of damage from a powerful two-handed weapon, and never have to worry about durability loss or breakage. This also is relatively safe, because face shots are made easier with the multiple arrows firing off at once.

Recoverable Materials
Lynel Horn.pngLynel Horn Lynel Hoof.pngLynel Hoof Lynel Guts.pngLynel Guts Topaz.pngTopaz
Ruby.pngRuby Sapphire.pngSapphire Diamond.pngDiamond Star-fragment.pngStar Fragment
Carried Weapons
Savage-lynel-sword.pngSavage Lynel Sword Flameblade.pngFlameblade Savage-lynel-crusher.pngSavage Lynel Crusher Savage Lynel Spear.pngSavage Lynel Spear
Savage-lynel-shield.pngSavage Lynel Shield Savage Lynel Bow.pngSavage Lynel Bow