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Master Mode is the more challenging version of Breath of the Wild. It is included as a part of the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass, and has many additional features which increase the difficulty.


  • Most enemies are tiered up to the next level, i.e. Red Bokoblins in Regular Mode will be present as Blue Bokoblins in Master Mode
  • A new tier of enemy is unlocked: Golden. These enemies act in a similar way to Silver enemies, but have an increased amount of health
  • New Sky Platforms are in place, where enemies will attack from wooden platforms in the air
  • Health of enemies will regenerate over time
  • Guardians may delay their attacks, making it more difficult to parry
  • Only one autosave spot is available
  • A new loading screen is put in place, featuring a dark orange and text reading Master Mode
  • A small Triforce is present at all times in the bottom left of the screen

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