Tears of the Kingdom Memories

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Tears of the Kingdom Memories

This is a list of the memories from Tears of the Kingdom. There are eighteen cutscenes, primarily showing what happens to Zelda after she disappears in "The Awakening".

  • The first memory shows Link and Zelda taking the Master Sword from Korok Forest once more, shortly before the events of the game, and is triggered by Link speaking to the Great Deku Tree for the first time after saving Korok Forest.
  • The second memory is, uniquely, a cutscene shown "live" as part of the opening to the game, rather than a flashback; and is only a "memory" so that it can be replayed at will from the Adventure Log.
  • 12 more of the memories are part of The Dragon's Tears quest, where Link must find small pools of water within features called geoglyphs which trigger memories of what happened to Zelda after she disappeared at the start of the game.
  • Three of the other four memories are part of the same narrative as the "Dragon's Tear" memories, but are not part of that quest and are triggered by events elsewhere in the game.
  • The final memory is triggered by Link retrieving the Master Sword from the head of the Light Dragon.

Memory #01 - The Master Sword's Power

The Master Sword's Power - TotK Memory.png
Main article: The Master Sword's Power

"Link recovers the Master Sword in the Lost Woods after it's been restored. Zelda is astonished to learn from the Deku Tree that the Master Sword will become even stronger when flooded with sacred power."

— In-game description

Memory #02 - The Awakening

The Awakening - TotK Memory.png
Main article: The Awakening

"While investigating the mysterious gloom under Hyrule Castle, Link and Zelda encounter a mummy that attacks them. Events spiral out of control when the Master Sword shatters, Zelda falls into the depths of the earth, and Link, gripped by a mysterious arm, is enveloped in light."

— In-game description

Memory #03 - Where Am I?, Tear of the Dragon #1

Where Am I - TotK Memory.png
Main article: Where Am I?

"After disappearing into the depths under the castle, Zelda wakes up and meets two strangers who introduce themselves as King Rauru and Queen Sonia. She's left startled by a suspicion that she's heard those names before."

— In-game description

Memory #04 - An Unfamiliar World, Tear of the Dragon #2

An Unfamiliar World - TotK Memory.png
Main article: An Unfamiliar World

"Looking out across the world she's found herself in, Zelda realizes she's traveled to the ancient past and questions how she can get back to her own time. Sonia offers some helpful thoughts, but it's Rauru who realizes his older sister, Mineru, might know a way Zelda can travel forward in time."

— In-game description

Memory #05 - Mineru's Counsel, Tear of the Dragon #3

Mineru's Counsel - TotK Memory.png
Main article: Mineru's Counsel

"After examining the Purah Pad, Mineru accepts that Zelda is from a different time and explains the only way she might get to the future is by using draconification. It's a forbidden act, however, because Zelda would need to sacrifice her sense of self. Rauru tells a disappointed Zelda to speak with Sonia and learn more about her power over time itself."

— In-game description

Memory #06 - The Gerudo Assault, Tear of the Dragon #4

The Gerudo Assault - TotK Memory.png
Main article: The Gerudo Assault

"The Gerudo chief, Ganondorf, in his push to conquer Hyrule, uses a swarm of Molduga to assault the castle. When Rauru uses his powers to unleash an attack that destroys the swarm, Ganondorf notices the Zonai secret stone on Rauru's right hand. The sight of it draws a sinister smile from Ganondorf."

— In-game description

Memory #07 - A Show of Fealty, Tear of the Dragon #5

A Show of Fealty - TotK Memory.png
Main article: A Show of Fealty

"Invited before the court of Hyrule, Ganondorf kneels before King Rauru and pledges his fealty—while concealing a smile that says otherwise. Still, Zelda is uneasy, and tells Rauru that she's certain the chief has treachery on his mind. Rauru assures her that he's been fully aware of it."

— In-game description

Memory #08 - Zelda and Sonia, Tear of the Dragon #6

Zelda and Sonia - TotK Memory.png
Main article: Zelda and Sonia

"When Zelda speaks with Sonia to learn how to use her own time powers, she's surprised by the queen's techniques. Sonia then speaks with Zelda about everything she must be struggling with, and the princess then mentions Link. Rauru has never heard of him before, and as Zelda explains who he is, her faith in her friend and hero shines."

— In-game description

Memory #09 - Sonia Is Caught by Treachery, Tear of the Dragon #7

Sonia Is Caught by Treachery - TotK Memory.png
Main article: Sonia Is Caught by Treachery

"Sonia meets with Zelda in private, and when the princess is revealed to be a creature under Ganondorf's command, Sonia and the real Zelda address the threat with confidence. The false Zelda laughs eerily and vanishes in a mist of gloom. In that moment, Ganondorf steps up behind Sonia and catches the queen by surprise. She falls victim to the scheme."

— In-game description

Memory #10 - Birth of the Demon King, Tear of the Dragon #8

Birth of the Demon King - TotK Memory.png
Main article: Birth of the Demon King

"With the secret stone he took from Sonia, Ganondorf turns into the Demon King. The gloom that issues from his body creates countless monsters that howl across the world. Rauru goes to Sonia's side to help his fallen queen. Though furious at Ganondorf, he knows the Demon King is too powerful to confront at that moment. He retreats with Zelda."

— In-game description

Memory #11 - The Demon King's Army

The Demon King's Army - TotK Memory.png
Main article: The Demon King's Army (Memory)

"Having turned into the Demon King, Ganondorf uses his terrifying power to cover the world in gloom and send his army of monsters across Hyrule, attacking the peoples of all territories who oppose him."

— In-game description

Memory #12 - The Sages' Vow, Tear of the Dragon #9

The Sages' Vow - TotK Memory.png
Main article: The Sages' Vow

"Backed into a corner by the attacks in all parts of Hyrule, leaders facing the Demon King's forces gather at Rauru's call. He gives each a Zonai secret stone, making them sages with powers amplified by the stones. All of the sages raise their voices as one, pledging to fight with King Rauru to the end."

— In-game description

Memory #13 - A King's Duty, Tear of the Dragon #10

A King's Duty - TotK Memory.png
Main article: A King's Duty

"On the eve of battle, Zelda tells Rauru that in her future, she's seen that the Demon King is alive, and that it means they won't defeat him the next day. Rauru says that he will still do what he must, even at the cost of his life. If they fail, their last line of defense will be the knight in the future, who wields the sword that seals the darkness."

— In-game description

Memory #14 - The Imprisoning War

The Imprisoning War - TotK Memory.png
Main article: The Imprisoning War

"In the battle against Demon King Ganondorf, King Rauru realizes that he and his allies have found themselves in a fatal moment. Knowing he is at fault for Ganondorf's rise in Hyrule and for the theft of the secret stone, Rauru risks his life to imprison the tyrant."

— In-game description

Memory #15 - A Master Sword in Time, Tear of the Dragon #11

A Master Sword in Time - TotK Memory.png
Main article: A Master Sword in Time

"As Zelda worries about the Demon King breaking free in the future, a decayed Master Sword appears before her, delivering the news to Zelda that Link is safe in her time. This helps Zelda realize the reason behind her traveling to the ancient days of Hyrule—she finally knows what she must do."

— In-game description

Memory #16 - Critical Decisions

Critical Decisions - TotK Memory.png
Main article: Critical Decisions

"Zelda informs Mineru that she has come up with a plan to restore the Master Sword by performing an act that Mineru herself has said is expressly forbidden. It will consume Zelda's sense of self, but the princess insists that she will make this ultimate sacrifice. Mineru is gravely opposed, but promises to help to the best of her abilities."

— In-game description

Memory #17 - Tears of the Dragon, Tear of the Dragon #12

Tears of the Dragon - TotK Memory.png
Main article: Tears of the Dragon

"After leaving the Purah Pad in Mineru's care, Zelda swallows the secret stone, holding a hope for Link's future in her heart. As bright light washes over her, Zelda transforms into the Light Dragon, roaring as she ascends into the sky. Tears fall from her eyes and rain from the heavens as the Light Dragon vanishes into an expanse of clouds."

— In-game description

Memory #18 - Zelda's Wish

Zelda's Wish - TotK Memory.png
Main article: Zelda's Wish

"Zelda clutches the decayed Master Sword close to her chest and calls to Link, hoping that the sword, which she's suffusing with new power, can find a way to him somehow."

— In-game description