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This article is about the princess from Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom. For other versions of the character, see Zelda.
Princess Zelda
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Key art of Zelda from Tears of the Kingdom


Burgeoning Scholar, Princess
Princess of Hyrule
Sage of Time




Member of






King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule (father)
Rauru (ancestor)
Sonia (ancestor)
Sacred Princess (ancestor)



Princess Zelda is the daughter of King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, and the last known member of the Royal Family of Hyrule in the Era of the Wilds, from Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

Early years

Zelda appears in Breath of the Wild, once again as the princess of Hyrule. From a young age, Zelda was scholarly and interested in research. This eventually transformed into a passion with the discovery of the Guardians and the Divine Beasts early in her life.

After her mother died when Zelda was six years old, the duty fell upon the princess to discover the power of the Goddess Hylia that slept within her. This proved to be difficult, however, for varying reasons. Zelda was often more interested in discovering the secrets of the ancient Sheikah technology, from the Guardians, to the Divine Beasts, and the Shrine of Trials that were scattered all over Hyrule. One day, the King confronted her about wasting her time on the Sheikah technology when she should have been using it to awaken her power. After this moment, Zelda loses hope, and spends even more of her time praying to the Goddesses.


Furthermore, Zelda's power did not awaken easily, regardless of the steps she took to do so. With each passing day, she became increasingly frustrated with her inability to prevent the impending doom of Calamity Ganon's return. This frustration was also fueled by her relationship with Link. After Link was chosen to wield the Master Sword, and was appointed as Zelda's protector by the King himself, Zelda believed that Link's path as the chosen hero was of relative ease. Compared to the continual failures in fulfilling her role, Link always achieved anything he set his mind to. Early on their relationship, Zelda often told Link that she did not need his protection, and that she preferred to be left alone to continue her research.

After Link bravely defended Zelda from the Yiga Clan in the Gerudo Desert, she began to open up to Link. Zelda realized that Link struggled with his role as well, in that all of Hyrule was watching him and expecting him to be the fearless hero that would defeat Ganon when he returned. After this revelation Zelda started to appreciated Link's presence and company, realizing that the two weren't so different after all.

Zelda's Ceremonial Robes concept art

Calamity Ganon's return

When Calamity Ganon finally returned, Zelda still had not awoken the power deep inside her. The plans she created as the leader of the Champions began to rapidly unravel. All four Champions, many of Hyrule's residents, and her father died soon after Ganon's takeover. Ganon took control of the Divine Beasts and Guardians and used them to annihilate Central Hyrule. With nowhere left to turn, Zelda was on the run with Link, trying to recover any ground they could. The two were heavily outmatched, however, and were trapped by a Guardian Stalker on Blatchery Plain in West Necluda. With his last breaths, Link, still trying to protect Zelda, confronted the Guardian. Zelda however, managed to find the courage to confront the Guardian herself and protect Link in the face of evil. By doing so she finally unlocked her power and used it to destroy many Guardians within the nearby area.

All was not well though, as Link soon collapsed to the ground and died in Zelda's arms. When she had finally lost all hope, the Master Sword began to glow with a blue aura and spoke to the Princess. The voice speaking to her was Fi, who indicated that Link could still be saved if he was taken to the Shrine of Resurrection. After Link began his slumber, Zelda traveled to the Korok Forest and placed the Master Sword in its pedestal to wait for its master to return in one hundred years. She then made her way back to Hyrule Castle, and used her newfound power to contain Ganon until Link's return.

Saving Hyrule

Once one hundred years had passed, Link was awoken by Zelda's voice in the Shrine of Resurrection. She informed Link that her power to contain Ganon within the Castle was weakening, and soon she would no longer be able to contain the evil. After the King's spirit informed Link of how to approach the new world, Zelda watched over Link as he wrested the Divine Beasts from Ganon's control. Combined with the power of these beasts and the Master Sword, Link returned to Hyrule Castle as Zelda's power finally gave way and Ganon broke free of his prison.

Upon defeating Calamity Ganon's initial form, Ganon transformed into Dark Beast Ganon in a field in front of Hyrule Castle. To combat this pure form of malice and evil, Zelda presented Link with the Bow of Light. With Zelda's help to contain the Beast, Link used the Bow of Light to weaken Ganon as much as possible. Zelda then sealed Ganon away, allowing Link and Zelda to finally fulfill their roles in Hyrule's destiny.

In a post-credits scene, Zelda is shown to be surveying the land of Hyrule with Link, hopeful that the two can restore the country to its former glory.

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Age of Calamity

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"The princess of Hyrule, in whose veins flows the blood of the goddess. She is devoted to researching ancient technology and awakening her sacred power."



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Tears of the Kingdom

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"The heir to a power that imprisons darkness. She sacrificed her freedom over 100 years ago to keep Calamity Ganon sealed away and prevent him from further destroying Hyrule. After Link helped free her from that long duty, she committed herself to rebuilding and restoring Hyrule-but has now gone missing."

— In-game description

After being freed from the need to keep Calamity Ganon at bay, Zelda settles down in Hateno Village, founding the Hateno School there with Symin's help. She also tasks Hudson Construction with rebuilding Hyrule, and involves herself in various other projects, including the discovery of Dondons.


Zelda first appears in the prologue to Tears of the Kingdom. She is exploring the Beneath Hyrule Castle area with Link, after Gloom has started to appear and afflict nearby Hylians. When the two find the Zonai murals along the walls of the passage, in the Forgotten Foundation, she is initially excited to learn of Hyrule's founding's that correlate with her studies. After venturing further into the area they discover the the mummified Ganondorf being held down by a strange arm in the Imprisoning Chamber. When the arm holding him falls to the ground, a stone falls towards Zelda, which she picks up. Ganondorf soon comes to life, , ravages Link's health and recognises her. She barely has time to wonder what is going on, before Ganondorf lifts Hyrule Castle into the air, along with destroying the cavern they are in. Zelda falls with the crumbling ground, and disappears into a bright light.

The Era of Hyrule's Founding

From her perspective, she appears in the distant past of Hyrule, where she meets the Zonai King Rauru and his Hylian wife Queen Sonia, the first King and Queen of Hyrule. They take her in, and together with the king's sister Mineru, explain the "secret stone" she found, and the time power she possesses - boosted by the stone - which sent her into the distant past. With no way back to the present - save the forbidden act of draconification, which would turn her into an immortal dragon at the cost of identity death - she reluctantly settles into the past and becomes close to the ancient royals, especially Sonia, who helps guide her in the use of the time power she shares.

However, the Ganondorf of the past intercedes, and despite Zelda's warnings, Rauru accepts his vow of fealty, thinking it better to keep him close. He is proven wrong when a sting operation conducted by Zelda and Sonia, where a copy of Zelda controlled by Ganondorf attempts to kill Sonia and is exposed by the royals, ends in tragedy. Ganondorf kills Sonia and takes her secret stone, redubbing himself the "Demon King". Zelda uses the Purah Pad to warp herself, the dying Sonia and the angry Rauru away before the Demon King can kill them. As the Demon King's Army beats back Hyrule's army, and looks toward total triumph, Rauru recruits a group of sages from the leaders of the major Hyrulean races, and gives them secret stones. Joined by Zelda as the Sage of Time, and Mineru as the Sage of Spirit, the group of six sages swears fealty to Rauru. In the final battle, Rauru sacrifices himself to keep Ganondorf contained for thousands of years, until the events which led to Zelda travelling back in time. While Zelda and most of the sages survive, Mineru is mortally wounded.

In the aftermath, Zelda finds herself drawn to the back of the Temple of Time, where the Decayed Master Sword appears from a time rift. The voice in the sword explains to her that Link survived Ganondorf's attack. Knowing this, and with the sword in hand, Zelda comes to a decision. She goes to Mineru and tells her she intends to draconify herself, so that her sacred power can allow the Master Sword to repair itself and increase its power, giving Link a chance in the present day when Ganondorf revives. Sick as she is, the Zonai sage objects, but relents when she sees she can't talk Zelda out of it and agrees to help. Zelda then travels to the other four sages, begging that they ensure their descendents help Link when the time comes.

Before Mineru's body dies, she uses her power as the sage of spirit to separate her ghost from her body, and enters the Purah Pad. Zelda then gives the Purah Pad to a Steward Construct for Link, and swallows the stone. She just has time to grab the Master Sword and wish for Ganondorf's destruction before transforming into the Light Dragon, which travels high into the sky, the Master Sword embedded in its head, to pass the millenia. As it does so, eleven Dragon's Tears fall from its eyes, landing across Hyrule.

A Mysterious Figure

Once Link awakens on the Great Sky Island, he is given the Purah Pad by a Steward Construct, who says it is from Zelda. He is led to believe that Zelda can be found in the Temple of Time. This begins the Find Princess Zelda Main Quest. After opening the door to the Temple, he obtains a Recall ability from her presence, and uses it to complete another shrine. This allows Link to venture into the area behind the Temple, where he places a glowing Master Sword into a ball of light. This transfers the sword to Zelda, in the distant past. He hears Zelda's voice telling him he must find her.

After conferring with Purah, Link travels to the crew investigating the floating Hyrule Castle. There they see Zelda, who mysteriously ascends into the sky and disappears. Purah then advises Link to investigate the four Regional Phenomena, strange reports that come from each major area of Hyrule. At each of these locations, the local residents will report that they have interacted with Zelda. Her presence usually causes detrimental effects, or she doesn't seem to be her normal self. Many times during Link's investigation Zelda appears in front of him, but she disappears before she can be reached.

When Link helps to resolve one of these afflictions in each area, a former Sage will tell a story of the Imprisoning War that was first fought against Ganondorf. Rauru and six other Sages, including Zelda as the Sage of Time, attempted to defeat Ganondorf. They were unable to, and Rauru opted to sacrifice his life to keep Ganondorf sealed underneath Hyrule Castle. After resolving all the Regional Phenomena, those at Lookout Landing see Zelda up at the Castle floating in the sky. Once Link makes his way there, he chases her around the Castle. As he almost reaches her each time, she is replaced by monsters. She finally appears at the Sanctum, and is explained by Ganondorf to be a fake meant to distract them while he regains his power.

Past Zelda

Putting the pieces together, Link, the sages and Purah realise that the woman who looked like Zelda in the visions of the sages' ancestors was their Zelda, and she is trapped in the past. They also realise there was one more sage - Mineru.

As instructed by Purah, Link goes searching for the fifth sage. When he finds a Zonai Relic on Dragonhead Island, it wakes Mineru's voice in the Purah Pad, who has him put together a Mineru's Construct to hold her consciousness. After recovering her secret stone, she explains what happened to Rauru and Zelda. Mineru recounts the Imprisoning War, and notes her experiences with Zelda eons ago. Zelda used her Recall ability to distract Ganondorf, which allowed Rauru to seal him away. When Link transferred the Master Sword to her in the past, she looked for a way to restore it back to its former state. The only way she could was with a method forbidden by the Zonai, but Zelda was firm in her decision and committed to it. Mineru promised Zelda that she would aid Link, even as a spirit, when the time came. She asks Link to find the Master Sword somewhere out in Hyrule.

Link finds the Master Sword impaled into the head of the Light Dragon while it is flying around Hyrule. If he has enough Stamina, he will be able to pull the Sword out. This causes him to experience a vision of Zelda, who tells him that the Master Sword is the key to destroying the Demon King. She imparted her strength into the Sword, and hoped it would reach him in the future.

Saving Hyrule

After Link has nearly defeated Ganondorf, the Demon King will consume his Secret Stone, which transforms him into the Demon Dragon. The Light Dragon will come to aid Link, and the two work together to defeat the Demon Dragon, and finally destroy Ganondorf. Afterwards, Rauru and Sonia appear beside Link. They, along with Rauru's former arm, infuse their power into the Light Dragon, who becomes Zelda. As Link and Zelda fall to the ground, Link reaches her and saves her. Zelda awakes in Link's arms, feeling that she'd been "sleeping" her entire time as the Light Dragon. Happy to see the Master Sword reached Link, she realises he was able to eradicate Ganondorf. She looks forward to telling Link about her adventures, and all of the people that she met in the early days of Hyrule. This completes the Find Princess Zelda main quest.

In an ending scene that can be found only after completing all Main Quests, Link, Purah, Mineru, and all living Sages appear in the Sky at the location where Link transferred the Master Sword to Zelda. The Sages pledge their allegiance and support to Zelda. Mineru disappears for a final time, having completed the task she had originally promised Zelda she would uphold. Zelda promises that she will always work towards the vision of Hyrule that King Rauru, Queen Sonia, and the original Sages had wished for - a land of peace for all time.

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