Blatchery Plain

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Blatchery Plain

Blatchery Plain is a location in Breath of the Wild.


Found at the east end of the Dueling Peaks region, the plain is located just west of Fort Hateno and northeast of the Dueling Peaks Stable. The Ash Swamp can be found just to the west and is part of the plain, with the Bubinga Forest bordering to the south, and the Squabble River bordering to the east. The plain is an open and bumpy field with tall grass all around.

The Blatchery Plain is the sight of the battle that took place during the Great Calamity. Hyrule made its last stand, with Fort Hateno serving as a final barrier, preventing the Guardians from attacking further east into the Hateno region. Link fell in battle at the Blatchery Plain and Zelda's powers had awoken, using them to destroy all the Guardians found throughout the plain. The remains of these guardians can be found throughout the region and Link can examine them to find Ancient Materials.

Horses can be found roaming around on the plain. There are also a few Red Bokoblin hiding in the tall grass, as well as a full Bokoblin camp near the center of the plain. If all the Bokoblin are defeated at the camp, Link can acquire an Opal gem from the treasure chest. To the northeast, near fort and on the north side of the path, there is a lone Decayed Guardian that will activate when Link comes near. In the plains there are some Spicy Peppers and Hyrule Herbs growing about, right alongside the tall grass.

There are many travelers that will use the road, traveling from the Dueling Peaks Stable, through Fort Hateno, and all the way to Hateno Village. Agus, Celessa, Joute, and Toma all make this same route.