Breath of the Wild Walkthrough Guide


Our Breath of the Wild Guide is still under construction. As the game is not scheduled to release until March 2017 at the earliest, this guide will serve as a placeholder for what will eventually become are full Breath of the Wild Walkthrough. At the moment, the guide covers everything that we’ve seen from the E3 2016 demo, which consists of the first couple hours of gameplay.

Welcome to our Breath of the Wild Walkthrough, covering the upcoming Legend of Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch. At this time this is just a placeholder page for what will become the Breath of the Wild Guide. Like all our other guides, this will be a comprehensive guide through the entirety of the main quest, with additional guides covering the side-quests and collectibles. The Breath of the Wild Walkthrough will include a detailed text guide, along with a wealth of screenshots and videos to help guide you along your way.

Unlike prior games in series, Breath of the Wild is much more open-world, which means it is far less linear and players will be able to complete things in the order of their choosing. With that said, we will still provide our walkthrough in a recommended order of completion once we get our hands on the game, with supplementary guides available for the additional content.

Until the Breath of the Walkthrough is ready to launch, this page will serve as a hub for everything we know about the game, as well as links to various screenshots, artwork, and videos. Thus far, here is a bullet point list of what we know about the game.

The game was first shown at E3 2014, and again at the Game Awards in 2014. It didn’t get a full reveal until E3 of 2016 where is was playable on the show floor. The playable demo was limited to the Great Plateau region of the game, which serves as the opening area of Link’s quest. Since E3, we have received some small subsequent details about the game, but nothing firm in terms of the the order of progression of the game. Below you can find some of the initial reveal trailers and gameplay videos.

Breath of the Wild Trailer from The Nintendo Switch Presentation

Breath of the Wild Trailer from The Game Awards 2016

Breath of the Wild Trailer from E3 2016

GameXplain Analysis Video of all the Footage from E3 2016