Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Run ahead and you’ll see a boulder moving down the ramp. Use your Stasis ability to freeze the boulder in time. Either freeze it at the very top of the ramp, or after it has cleared the path, so to give yourself room to run up.

Turn to the right and you’ll find another boulder, but this one is a metal one. Grab it with Magnesis and just put it to the side for now. Run to the top of the steps and open the treasure chest to get a Knight’s Broadsword.

Run back down and grab the ball with Magnesis again. Return to the first ramp we came up, but hold the Magnesis ball toward the top of the ramp. This will prevent the other boulder from rolling down and hurting you. Make your way back to the bottom of the ramp and explore the area opposite of where the starting point is. If you look to the ceiling, you will see four boulders. Use Magnesis to crash the metal ball through the boulders, causing a treasure chest to drop down below. Open it up to get a Ruby.

Carry the metal ball back up the first ramp and this time take the path to the left. There are a number of balls that are continuously falling down. Just use Magnesis and make your way up the ramp. The metal ball will push all the other balls ahead, allowing you safe passage up the monk. Speak with Mo’a Keet and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.